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The ultimate membership to grow your blog!


Imagine if...

…you had an easy to follow plan to grow a successful blog created by a blogger with over a decade of experience.

How awesome would that be?!

That’s where the Site Scaling System comes in.

Training + Resources

In the Site Scaling System there are over 40 video lessons, tutorials, guides, planners, templates and resources strategically designed to help you grow your blog.

Community support

In the membership we have an exclusive members only Facebook community. Here you can connect and collaborate with other members, ask questions and grow your blogging tribe.

Guided Mentorship

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert in your corner? Each month I host a video Q&A where I answer your specific blogging questions. You don’t have to feel in the dark anymore! 

I started my first blog in 2012 and have loved it ever since.

I have a unique perspective because I’ve worked in many angles of the blogging sphere. I have six blogs, have worked as a brand manager coordinating collaborations with bloggers and influencers and have done blog coaching for 5+ years.

The step-by-step lessons in this membership are a culmination of everything I wish I’d known when I started over a decade ago. 

What is included?

The Site Scaling System is designed for new bloggers working towards making their first $500/month.

Want a preview of the trainings and resources that are inside? Here’s what you can expect.

Module one: Setting Up Your Blog

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Module Two: Plugins

A computer mockup of a WordPress video tutorial

Module Three: Content Creation

A computer mockup of a blogging tutorial

Module Four: Designing Social Media Graphics

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Module FIVE: Traffic Strategies

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Module Six: Email List Building

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Module Seven: Make Money Blogging

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“I would highly recommend this to anyone hoping to start up a new blog…

I started my blog a little under a year ago and I cannot believe how much this has helped me! There were so many more things I learned that I never even realized I could be doing to help my blog gain even more viewership and subscribers!!

McKinzie does an excellent job taking you through everything from helping you set up your blog from scratch to showing you how you can generate an income using your blog. The visuals she uses throughout make everything really easy to understand and follow. I can’t wait to implement everything I learned.

I would highly recommend this to anyone hoping to start up a new blog or anyone wanting to help improve the growth and success of an existing blog as well!



Who Is Your Mentor?

A photo of a woman with light brown hair smiling

Hey friend! I’m McKinzie.

I’ve been blogging for 12 years and in that time I have cracked the code!

You might have found me on one of my six sites, including where I teach how to build profitable blogs and businesses online.

Running my blogs has allowed me to do some really cool things including being featured on sites like…

logos of sites featured on

It also has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined. 

Since I began blogging I’ve been able to retire my husband from his corporate job so we can work on our businesses full-time and homeschool our children.

We have two young kiddos (plus one on the way!) and being able to make memories together as a little family has been such a blessing.

Do I really know what I’m talking about?

It’s no secret that the online world is teeming with ‘gurus’ claiming to teach the art of blogging.

Yet, surprisingly, many have never actually tasted success outside their ‘how to blog’ workshops.

While their intentions might be good, I firmly believe there’s much greater value in learning from those who are actively navigating the blogging battlefield daily, not just selling dreams wrapped in high-priced packages.

So, why listen to me?

I’m not here to merely preach; I’m here to show you the fruits of real, in-the-trenches blogging.

Below, you’ll find not just words, but tangible proof of my journey—actual earnings screenshots from my sites:

screenshot of amazon affiliates

(Screenshot from: Amazon Associates)

screenshot of mediavine earnings

(Screenshot from: Mediavine)

Does blogging still work? 

Here is a site that I began actively scaling in December 2023. 

It qualified for Mediavine by the end of March 2024 and now is doing over five-figures per month in ad revenue alone. 

a screenshot of mediavine earnings for March-May 2-24

(Screenshot from: Mediavine)

Earnings Disclaimer: The income figures presented are those of our actual revenue and are provided for illustrative purposes only. This program does not imply or guarantee any level of income or earnings. Your results will vary significantly based on your individual skills, effort, and other factors. Success in any endeavor requires dedication and hard work, and there are no shortcuts to achieving financial success.

I’ve been at this for over a decade, not just surviving but thriving. 

And now, I’m here to share what I’ve learned, not from the sidelines, but from the very heart of the action.

So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the world of blogging with someone who’s actually walked the walk, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s embark on this journey together, and turn your passion into profit, one post at a time.

Membership Bonuses

In addition to all the lessons I outlined above I’ve prepared even more bonus resources for you! Being a Site Scaling System member has it’s perks! 

Monthly Q&A

Value: $300

Computer mockup of a video of a woman in a pink shirt

Imagine having a seasoned blogging expert at your beck and call, ready to shine a light on your most perplexing questions. 

That’s exactly what you get with our monthly video Q&A sessions! Hosted by me, these sessions are your golden ticket to personalized, actionable advice.

Private Members Only COmmunity

Value: $297

a mockup of a computer with teal and gray speech bubbles on the screen

Here, you’ll connect with fellow bloggers, exchange invaluable insights, and find answers to your burning questions. 

It’s more than a group—it’s your blogging tribe, ready to celebrate your wins and guide you through challenges.

Whether you’re seeking advice, feedback, or just a bit of encouragement, this vibrant community is your go-to resource.

Blogging Planner

Value: $27

a mockup of pages of a blogging planner

Discover the power of organized blogging with our customized blogging planner. 

Tailored to streamline your content creation, this planner is your key to unlocking optimal blogging results. 

Strategically plan, track, and analyze your posts to achieve your blogging goals with unparalleled efficiency.

50 Stock Photos

Value: $97

a mockup of beautiful photographs in teal and pink colors.

Elevate your blog’s aesthetic with our collection of 50 free feminine stock photos. 

Curated to add elegance and charm to your content, these high-quality images are perfect for enhancing your blog’s visual appeal and engaging your audience.

Pinterest Graphic Templates

Value: $17

A computer mockup of Pinterest graphic templates with a pin icon

Boost your Pinterest presence with our 5 custom-made, clickable graphic templates.

Designed to captivate and engage, these templates are your key to driving more traffic to your blog with visually appealing, easy-to-customize graphics that make your pins stand out in the crowd.

from our Past students...

“This is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop with everything you need for your new blog!

This is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop with everything you need for your new blog! McKinzie provides clear steps, definitions of confusing terms, tons of tips, and helpful worksheets and organizers. Starting a new blog is an exciting but daunting task.

This helped me with every step of starting my blog – from brainstorming to publishing to promoting. Get the best possible start to your blogging journey!



“This will literally launch a new blogger YEARS ahead of the curve…”

I SO wish I had [this] when I was first starting out my blog, and will be sharing this with every new mommy blogger I meet! 

Beyond that, even as an experienced blogger, I took away SO many actionable strategies and ideas that I never thought to do! McKinzie has taken out hours upon hours of time a new mom blogger would have to spend figuring everything out on her own, and synthesized it into an easy to understand and implement guide. 

This will literally launch a new blogger YEARS ahead of the curve, and help her to start getting those page view and dollars rolling in!


taylor made mama

“No other [program] that I’ve found does this!”

McKinzie’s [membership] is a fantastic resource for bloggers that are just starting out. I loved the tutorial videos that walked through how to create different assets and the skills you need as a new blogger.

No other [program] that I’ve found does this! This provides huge value, additional support when you need it, includes downloadable templates and cheat sheets to get you going in the right direction! 

Thank you McKinzie!



“This answered the questions I’ve had for so long…”

This is so helpful for the beginner blogger! McKinzie is very thorough and goes into the details that I would have overlooked, had I started a blog on my own.

This has answered the questions I’ve had for so long, that have held me back from taking the plunge and starting my blog. Thank you!



“Includes everything I wish I’d had when I started blogging…”

I’m so impressed with McKinzie’s [program]! She’s included everything you need to start a blog, how to promote it, and how to monetize it, all with easy to understand instructions.

Her bonus material alone is well worth the price.

This includes everything I wish I’d had when I started blogging, plus she’s put a low price tag on it to make it an easy purchase for new bloggers. Love it!



You might be thinking...

“Is this membership for me?” 

“Will utilizing this course guarantee my blog will be successful?” 

or “How will I know if this will work for me?”

Those are all reasonable questions you should be asking! 

It shows that you take your investments and yourself seriously. It also tells me you are dedicated to your passion for blogging.

You. Are. Committed!

Treating your blog like a business is one of the first steps in reaching your financial dreams. 

Success isn’t going to come overnight.

But what if you can work smarter not harder?

Now you have someone with experience and resources ready to guide you toward your goals for a successful, money-making blog.

There’s no guarantees in life. But one thing I know is that deep-down, you are a risk-taker!

You wouldn’t be contemplating a starting a blog, let alone a business, all while juggling family life, and the endless to-do lists that goes with it if you weren’t.

You know how to prioritize, how to make the most of your time, and get the most bang for your buck!

When you employ the tools and trainings laid out in this membership, you will be armed to knock your blog out of the park!

So, are you ready? 

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