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Direct Sales Application




UPDATE: The first round application is now closed. Thank you for your amazing response. If you would like to be considered for the next round please fill out the application below and you will be added to the waitlist. XO – McKinzie

I’m so excited that you want to apply to join my team and be part of the direct sales intensive training! This is an opportunity that can quite literally change your life. 

In the last seven months I have generated a full-time income via my sales and team with SeneGence International (LipSense), I have qualified for a car, a trip to Costa Rica and now have so much more time to focus on my family. 

If you are thinking, “why should I choose McKinzie to be my sponsor & trainer?” Great question. 

1. I am the #2 recruiter in the entire company (the #1 person has a show on TLC and a massive audience and she only beat me by 2 recruits) and I want to share all of my strategies with you.

2. I’ve personally sponsored over 300 women in this business, so I have tons of trainings, systems in place, and support for my team. 

3. This is my full-time job so I am 100% invested in helping you grow.

4. I am creative in how I help my team. I am constantly trying new ways to help YOU succeed, and I am much more involved than many of the other leaders. 

5. I’ve worked in blogging and online marketing for over five years and I have tons of strategies that will help you build this business effectively and stand out from the competition. 

If you are thinking, “why SeneGence (LipSense)?” Another great question. 

1. It is in the “momentum” stage for direct sales. That means rapid growth and HUGE potential. By hitting “momentum” it means that SeneGence has proven itself as a long lasting company, has generated millions of dollars in sales and is growing exponentially. The people that join direct sales companies during the “momentum” stage are the ones that have the potential to be millionaires in a few years (I’m not exaggerating).

2. It is a viral product. It has what I call the “shock and awe” factor. Women are floored when they see lipstick that doesn’t budge or smudge. This makes for great videos, blog posts, and advertising campaigns, because the product literally elicits, “whoa” when people first see it. 

3. The compensation plan is super generous. If you want more information about the compensation plan as well as answers to some of the frequently asked questions click here to download a new distributor packet that I created





Are you ready to jump in?

If you are selected as one of the five winners there will be a few things expected of you, 

1. You can commit to the weekly one-on-one call with me for four weeks so we can create a strategy for you and your blog (these calls will start the first week of September)

2. You will sign up as a distributor on my team with SeneGence International (You can read more about the company here and here (The signup fee for the company is $55 + shipping for your packet).  

3. You will implement the strategies taught in the calls to your LipSense/SeneGence business in a timely manner. If you are not putting in the work and building your business I have the right to discontinue coaching you and will select a new member to take your place. 


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