How To Become A LipSense Distributor
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How To Become A LipSense Distributor

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Social media graphic of tubes of lip gloss and tulips with text how to become a Lip Sense distributor

UPDATE PLEASE READ – March 2020: I get a lot of emails asking if I am still a LipSense distributor. I am, but I no longer am actively building a team. 

What I recommend instead: ⬇️

I am also now affiliated with another cosmetics company that is growing much more quickly and I honestly feel has more potential for growth. 

The products are much more affordable, very high-quality, meet European standards.

If you would like to read more you can read this post I wrote on my other blog here

If you landed on this page by accident and want to order LipSense check out this post about where to buy LipSense.

Want to stay at home with your kiddos and still build a profitable business?

Then SeneGence is the answer for you. With LipSense’s increasing popularity products are flying off the shelves. I literally have complete strangers contact me on social media to buy every week. What other direct sales company is like that?!

I decided to write this post on how to become a LipSense distributor because I am frequently asked how to get started. I wanted to share a little bit with you about my journey, the compensation plan for SeneGence and how you can sign up and start selling in five minutes!


Back in early 2015, I was blessed to become a mom to an amazing little boy. I had always dreamed that I would get to be a stay at home mom for my kids, but right before my due date that was seeming less and less possible.

In the third trimester of my pregnancy, the industry my husband worked in began to struggle. At my husband’s company everyone’s pay was cut by 30% and after six rounds of layoffs that year 60% of the workforce was laid off.

Saying we were scared was an understatement.

All of the sudden I had to find a way to help financially contribute or there was no way that I could stay at home with our little boy. Instead of caving to the stress, I took action and started my own business. In fact in the first year as a mom, I started THREE profitable businesses.

Image of young couple with young boy outside
Now my passion is empowering women by showing them how they can start their own businesses too!

I have now started five profitable businesses including being a LipSense distributor. So you maybe wondering how does LipSense compare to the other businesses I’ve started?

The investment is way lower to get started (Only $55!)

You can start making a profit so much faster!

There isn’t a ton of inventory you have to carry

And there is way more support because you have a sponsor that can guide you and coach you!

My first-month selling I sold over $2,000 worth of product without pressuring my friends or family one bit! Want to know how? I teach all of the girls on my team how to leverage social media and effective in-person marketing strategies to build profitable businesses without being salesy.


Here are five of my favorite things about being a LipSense distributor,

1. 20-50% off all orders. A makeup lovers DREAM!
2. It is only $55 to sign up! You can start your own business for the cost of a nice date night!
3. The income potential is HUGE! This company is growing so fast right now that you have the opportunity to capitalize on that growth and make a full-time income.
4. You can earn free trips 🌴 a free car 🚙 and free products 💄
5. It is an easy sale. With my marketing strategies, I have people COMING TO ME for a sale. I never have to hound people down in order to make a sale.


Here is a little bit of information about SeneGence’s generous compensation plan,

It costs $55 to become a LipSense distributor. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. It’s $55 once a year. Period. (Plus, when you signup on my team I will ship you a free LipSense color. Yay for FREE makeup!).

You automatically get 20% off all product and up to 50% depending on how much you spend! So you can become a distributor just to purchase product for yourself, or you can go about this to make money!! And the money is amazing. Like I said in my first month I sold over $2,000 worth of product and I was just getting started (*this takes hard work and is not promised to everyone).

Flatlay of tubes of Lipsense and bouquet of colorful roses
LipSense is seriously so fun to sell! A lipstick that doesn’t come off? I’m not kidding, all your neighbors, friends, and family are going to want you to order them some. If you want to be serious about it you could have Facebook parties, rent a booth out at bridal fairs, and the list goes on and on!!! So it really just depends on what you want to do with it and how much money you want to make!

If you become a part of my team I’m going to give loads of marketing advice and tips on how to sell without being salesy. I’ve started five profitable businesses and have worked for over 5.5 years in the online marketing industry and I have so many tricks up my sleeve. I can’t wait to mentor you and help you build a business you love!

So if you are ready to get moving on it already, follow the steps below to get started. And if you are still interested but have more questions, leave a comment on this post or shoot me an email at


• Go to

• Under Find a Sponsor enter in my ID # 236376 where it says “By Sponsor Distributor ID” then hit “Search”  Screenshot of SeneGence Distributors with Find a Sponsor text

• Verify that it says “McKinzie Bean” (that’s me!!) is your sponsor – then click “Yes, I want to assign this sponsor – that means I get to train you and help coach you in your business!

Screenshot of SeneGence graphic with text sponsor confirmation
• Click to continue and it will then take you to a new screen where you will enter in all of your contact information

Screenshot of SeneGence form with text your information• Select you want an individual account (you can change to a business later if you set up an LLC for example)

• When it asks for a fictitious business name you’ll put your first and last name! (This is the name they’ll make the commission checks out to).

• Once you’ve completed this page you will be able to choose if you would like one of the new distributor kits. These are completely optional, but are highly discounted and a great way to start your business!

Graphic with pictures of LipSense Kits with text new distributor kit optionsSTEP 2

I’ll get an email from SeneGence that you joined my team and I will help you get started! I have a private Facebook group for my team where I coach my girls on how to implement marketing strategy, social media and best practices for business. (I actually do business coaching where I teach women to build businesses online and for that I charge over $100 an hour, but you get access to me for FREE!)

P.S. As a welcome gift you will receive a free color from me when you sign up under me and place your first order!

I can’t wait to chat with you about your goals and where you want to take your business!

Do you have any other questions about how to become a LipSense distributor?

If so, please enter your name and email below and I will send a packet that has more information and answers to the frequently asked questions!

You also can send me an email at! Talk to you soon!


McKinzie Bean
McKinzie is a mom of two, and a personal finance enthusiast. She loves teaching other moms how to save money, make money, and take control of their financial situation. She has started five profitable businesses and in college, she double-majored in Financial Planning and Psychology. You may have seen her in publications like Forbes, The US Chamber of Commerce, Yahoo Finance,, The Penny Hoarder, & more.

41 thoughts on “How To Become A LipSense Distributor”

  1. Hi… I’m 62 retired and a widow. I live on my social security check each month which sometimes can be tight. Luckily I live on property at my daughters house and have everything I need. I’m looking to make that little extra money each month to do things and not worry about what I’m spending. My daughter was a Lularoe distributor at one time and I was apart of the daily business and also helped with her lives so I know some of the sales angles. I would love to get this business started and would hope that it does well. I would like to know what comes in the start up kit and what supplies I would need to get started.

    1. Hi Cyndi!

      That is great that you already have experience with direct sales that will help you out a lot! There is a place on this page where you can enter in your name and email and I’ll send you more info about getting started and answers many of the FAQs. There are multiple kits available starting from under $100 to over $1,000 depending on what you need and if you want to sell just the LipSense or if you want to sell the other products in the SeneGence line.

      As far as supplies go, I recommend starting with a few testers (you can get these in one of the kits). That is really all you need to start. Eventually, you can add on things like business cards, mailers for shipping, etc. but overall there is very little that you need upfront 🙂

  2. Hey! I am 21 and would love to sell. I love makeup and would love to. sell it. I have a couple questions though. When you sign up how exactly do you sell? do you order the product for customers or are you given a link as a distributor to give to customers to order from? How much profit do you make off of a sale? Do you send the products of yourself?

      1. Hi Lori!

        I’m so glad that you are interested in becoming a LipSense distributor 🙂 If you enter your name and email in the form above. I’ll send you some more info including a packet that answers the FAQ.

        XO –


    1. Hi Pamela!

      All of the trainings for our team are done online 🙂 We have team members all across the United States as well as LipSense distributors in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and the UK.

  3. Courtney Thompson

    My name is Courtney Thompson. I work a full time job currently three days a week for 12 hours each day, but the pay I am making just is not cutting it. I am only looking for a couple extra hundred bi-weekly, nothing huge. I am just worried that I will end up spending more money than I am making. I also am not very good at selling things like this. Is it worth it for me?

    1. Hey Courtney!

      I think it is totally reasonable for anyone to make that kind of money as a LipSense distributor. There is some selling involved but people love this product so once you build up a client base you will have a lot of repeat customers. I have many that buy from me over and over every month.

      One thing that you could do is do a pre-sale. That way you aren’t out any extra money. You promote the products and collect orders and then do one big bulk order all at once. This helps you hit a bigger discount tier and then you aren’t out any money getting started. That is what I did to get started!

      1. Hi Mckinzie!
        Thank you for all the information. I would be interested in signing up as a distributor under you. Is it possible knowing I am located in Canada?
        Also would I still have access to a free color?
        Lastly, would I get access to pricing in CAD currency or would it be better to signup under a local distributor.
        Thank you in advance 🙂

        1. Hey Debby!

          Yes, you can still sign up to become a LipSense distributor in Canada. I have multiple girls on the team that have signed up from Canada 🙂

          Your pricing would be in CAD.

          For the free color incentive, we would have to figure something else out for you since we are not allowed to ship products outside of our own country.

          I would love to answer any questions you have about becoming a SeneGence distributor in Canada! Things are really growing in Canada right now 🙂



  4. Hi, my name is Shureka and I was wondering if you would coach me on how to grow my jewelry business(paparazzi accessories) please. I would love to get your advice on how to re-launch myself and get others excited about what I have to offer.

  5. I’ve been studying and reading up on your page for days now and I’m super good at selling & a people person. I’m ready to get started now :)!!!! I’m really excited. So I can remain home with my babygirl that I haven’t left since she was born and she’s a year old now so let’s get started!!!!

  6. Can you do this business completely online? I have always been a “back-office” type and lack the personality to do person to person selling. Thanks…

  7. I would like to know what percentage I would make based on retail I sell. I am very interested but want to make sure it is going to be worth my time investment. thank you, Kim

    1. Hey Kim!

      As a SeneGence distributor, you get 20-50% on your orders. The amount is based on the volume that you order that month. If you enter your name and email on the form here on this page I’ll send you more information including answers to the LipSense Distributor FAQs.



      1. I would love to know more information about signing up. I have recently switched from foundation to the tinted moisturizer and I can not stop telling people how much I love the products.

  8. i want to sign up for sensegence.what do u get in the kit when u sign up .and tell me how n what to do and how to start the buisssness. ty

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Awesome, I would love to help you become a SeneGence distributor 🙂 There are multiple kit options you can choose when signing up. The kits are optional and there are kits starting at $75 all the way up to over $1,000. It just depends on what products you want to sell and how much you want to invest.

      Once you’ve joined the team I have a ton of resources put together to help you get started and grow your new business!




        1. Hi Amanda there are multiple kit options you can choose from when you sign up as a SeneGence distributor. The sign up fee is $55 + tax/shipping. The kits are completely optional and start at $75. How much you make as a LipSense distributor is totally up to you. If you just want to make $100 on the side you just need to sell a few colors a month. If you want to make more you can be more active on social media, improve your marketing strategy, sell at vendor events, build a team etc. I know many girls on our team that make $200 a month and there are girls on our team that make over $2000 a month. It depends on your own skills and abilities as well as the time you are willing to put in 🙂

    2. I was wondering what other direct sales companies you work for? I am currently doing color street and have a ft job and two kids and a whole circus that comes along with it. I am not looking to blow it up but so many people have asked me about it and I can’t keep it a secret lol. Let me know what you’re thoughts are I don’t want to be a direct sales slut lol

      1. Hey!

        If you are already getting lots of questions I would say go for it. You don’t have to go hardcore but still can make a profit on the side. I totally understand what you mean about spreading yourself between too many companies. In general, I recommend sticking with 1-2. More than that and your impact with promoting them becomes less effective.

        1. Hi there, I’m in Canada, I’ve been hearing you, but where r these ladies that sell lip sense in Canada? Cuz I’m on Social media an I can’t find one person!!!!

          1. Hey Jennifer! There aren’t as many LipSense distributors in Canada so it is an even better opportunity. If you can’t find anyone that sells LipSense that is a great signal that there is a need in your area. Let me know if you need any help signing up 🙂

    1. Hey Rebecca! There is a form on this page where you can enter your email and I’ll send over a packet with more info 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions about becoming a LipSense distributor 🙂

  9. Hey McKinzie. I have a full time job and have been using lip sense for years. My husband and I own a hair salon and was I was thinking of setting up a display there and selling it as a distributor. One of our hairdresssers was doing that but she has now moved away. I’m not really involved in social media, so I was wondering if you would give me your thoughts and advice. Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Daniella!

      I think that would give you a huge advantage as a distributor. You can sell to customers in your salon and demo while you are doing hair if they want to try it. It gives you a solid base for potential customers and recruits if you decide to build a team 🙂 I know a lot of ladies that do mostly in-person work for their LipSense businesses and do really well. Let me know if you have any other questions!



  10. Rebecca Apecho

    Hi, I would like to start up this business under you. But my issue Is that is it possible for me given the fact that am from Africa ,Uganda. Please email me all the information. Thank you

  11. I use the products, but the woman I purchase from isn’t interested in signing anybody up. I would like to join but I don’t know anyone as a sponsor and I didn’t want to pick a random person. Would I be able to sign up under you? I live in Indiana, I have a full time job but I’m looking to build something for myself and hopefully be able to build this into full time. Thank you.

  12. Hi I’m Montana I live in Colorado and right now I am out of work and looking for something that I can do so that I can continue with my college education. I have a little bit of experience in sales, I have never done makeup though I love it, and would love to make that my business I am very interested in SeneGence however I do have some questions. Based on one sale how much do you make? Is the 55$ a fee to join, or is that the cost of your smallest kit? Would you say its better to get a business kit or to just start with an individual account? You said that some people are making thousands of dollars in a month, is that through a business account or an individual account? And I am also interested to learn more about the potentially free trips, car and products. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hey Montana!

      Great questions! You make 20-50% off the sale depending on the volume you purchase for the month.

      The $55 is the fee to join SeneGence – it is a yearly fee. There are also kits you can purchase but it is optional.

      The accounts are all the same. You would only register as a business if you had an LLC or something. If you sign up as an individual (which most do) and then form an LLC later you can have them switch it over.

      The trips and cars you can earn based on the volume that you sell as well as recruiting a team and helping them sell too. The free products you can earn in the beginning are called your “Fast Starts” and those are when you purchase a certain volume in your first 30, 60, and 90 days.

  13. Hi. I’m Holly in Wisconsin. I can’t find a Lipsense distributor in my area, and I’m looking for a little extra income. So, this seems perfect for me. Can you send me more information? Thanks!

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