21 Free Productivity Tools For Bloggers
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21 Free Productivity Tools For Bloggers

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Have you ever had a day with an extra long to-do list, but it seems like nothing actually gets done?

We all have! So many times the projects pile on or distractions keep popping up (ahem, I mean you social media notifications). As mamas, we are busy and have to maximize every minute, and these will help you do just that 😊 .

After using these tools I have noticed a significant increase in my productivity and I waste way less time! It is amazing how much more you can accomplish when you focus and block out the distractions.

Here are some of my favorite apps to help you be more productive as a mommy blogger. 

1-3-5 List

This app will help you determine which tasks to prioritize and complete. Aside from helping you achieve your goals, this will also prevent you from trying to take on all tasks all at once so you don’t end up failing or giving up.


This is one of my favorite project management tools. You can outline tasks, upload files, make notes and organize your calendar. If you are a visual person like me it makes it so much easier to be able to see all of your projects outlined on one calendar.

I try to map out my calendar one week at a time. That way in the morning when I wake up I can look at my calendar and I immediately know what I need to work on that day. No more guessing or getting distracted!



This app will make it seem like you are in your fave local coffee shop, listening to your favorite playlist and getting those creative juices flowing (this will start playing the coffee shop sound when you click on the link, so if you have a little one sleeping near your turn your volume off first).


This cloud storage tool allows you to access your files from any device. This means you wouldn’t need to use a USB or email files just to get your important data. Since it is on a cloud, your files are backed up online and you wouldn’t need to worry about losing your precious data for when you have any accidents and mishaps with your laptop.


This app can be placed in your browser and is good for when you would need to be reminded to return to your work. If you are browsing pages like Facebook or Twitter, you could easily get distracted by a lot of things and by setting a timer, you can stay on track.


When you’re working with a group or a team, things could get pretty hectic. Evernote will help you with assigning tasks, setting up reminders, and saving notes for all the members to be on the same page. You will be able to exchange ideas and get everything done in a smooth flow.

Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator

If you are going to use only one of these tools use this one. Facebook is one of the biggest time-wasters and it is one of the sites that can draw us in the worst. This chrome extension will block it so you can’t see your newsfeed and instead it is replaced with an inspiring quote.

You can still access your notifications, messages, and groups, but the main newsfeed won’t show up when you log in. I do a lot of my business on Facebook and I can’t tell you how many hours this has already saved me!



This might make me sound bad, but…I really hate proofreading, especially when I’m trying to finish up a blog post really late at night and my brain is feeling a little mushy. When it’s one in the morning and I miss the difference between to and too Grammarly will catch my little mistakes.

Inbox by Gmail

You can have your inbox sorted out and streamlined to prioritize your most important tasks so you can act on them asap. You can separate those that can be for later and you can even set a reminder to help you get back to that email at the proper time. You no longer have to spend your mornings sorting out your inbox. How awesome is that?!


Tired of remembering all your passwords? This app will store all of them for you in a ‘vault’ so everything is found in one place and you can easily log into multiple accounts with great ease. It will also help you create better passwords.



Having a lot on your plate can thwart off productivity since you don’t know where to start and have too much on your mind. With this app, you can organize your thoughts, goals, and objectives to make it clearer and even edit them to help you complete your tasks.


This app sends you a daily goal complete with motivational images and quotes to give you that inspiration to get things done and achieve your goals.


You can create your own mix of background noises for those cases when you need music and sound to help you focus and boost productivity.


You will be forced to make time for those tasks that you have to complete with this app and the help of Google calendar.


Pomodoro Keepers

If you are working four hours straight, you probably get burned out and tired. By working in small bursts of time with some breaks, you can accomplish more and still feel energized and not drained out. This app has the timers to help you with these breaks and increments.

Rescue Time

This app will track down which websites you spend a lot of time on. It will also let you know which times during the day are you most unproductive. You can then schedule your breaks to fall around this time and optimize your work day.

Simple Habit

If stress is starting to get to you, you can take advantage of this app to keep you back on track. With meditation, you can relax, center your attention, and get rid of any anxieties.

Stay Focusd

This is a Google Chrome extension that will lock you out of your favorite sites so that you can keep from being distracted and it will also help you finish your work faster.


It predicts words and phrases in English and even in other languages to make email and texting from your mobile device really fast.


You can now have your active tabs stored in customized folders so that all the open tabs won’t distract you, but you can still have them ready for when you need to use them.


This app looks through your inbox and searches for those newsletters that you are subscribed to that you never open. If you don’t ever read them, then there is no point in keeping them all in your inbox. You can easily mass unsubscribe from newsletters you are no longer interested in.

Have you tried any of these tools? Which are your favorites?

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