21 Best Restaurant Coupon Apps To Save Money
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21 Best Restaurant Coupon Apps To Save Money

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If you want to score discounts and big savings when you eat out, then you’ll love these restaurant coupons apps.

Finally! Restaurants understood the importance and convenience of these mobile apps to get more customers in their doors. More offers and discounts mean more savings for us, the customers.

It’s a win-win situation.

Simply download them on your phone and get access to all the details.

If you want to save money on food, these restaurant coupons apps are your best friends.

Looking for the best restaurant coupons apps?

A lot of us are guilty of spending a little more than our budget allows. One of the most overlooked aspects of the regular expenditures is on food.

Do you dine out too often?

In my previous post on household budget percentages, I mentioned you should limit your food costs to around 10 to 15 percent of your monthly budget. This amount covers your groceries as well as eating out in restaurants and indulging on fast-food.

Based on the figure, are you spending a lot of money on food?

There’s no denying food is one of the biggest costs that eats a big chunk of the monthly budget. What makes the amount bigger is eating out.

Would you believe Americans splurge more on dining out than buying groceries?

Are you guilty of eating out more often than your budget permits?

Not to worry. There are a lot of ways to remedy that.

First, you can try to cook your meals. It’s a practical alternative to buying fast-food.

What makes ordered food more expensive is that you’re paying other people to prepare and cook it for you. Plus, restaurants are looking to make a profit.

So you’re essentially paying for someone’s salary and contributing to the food establishment’s income when you dine or order out.

If you take both factors out of the equation, you’ll be paying less. This is why cooking your own food is much cheaper. Your cost will be limited to your ingredients.

Once in a while, you may want to treat yourself or your family to a nice evening at a posh place. A little too often will cause a big dent in your monthly budget, won’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s the good news.

There are plenty of restaurant coupons apps to help you minimize your costs of dining out.

And if you play often, you might win something free.

That’s right, you can score freebies if you rack enough points with your coupon apps for restaurants.

After all, food tastes a lot better when it’s free.

Check out these restaurant coupons apps.

When it comes to cutting back on your food spending, these restaurant coupons apps can help you.

You get to enjoy a great dining experience for a less expensive price.

1. Groupon

Want to score as much as 50 percent off your restaurant bill?

You’ll love the wonderful deals at Groupon. It has international coverage that lets you in on the best offers. The larger the metropolitan area, the better the deals.

Groupon lets you discover the best restaurants and awesome dining experiences. Plus, you can treat yourself to great deals at the movies, spa, and amusement parks.

Want to grab a $50 for only $15 or score a $100 massage for only $25?

Groupon is a great website that gives you the best daily deals and awesome discounts. No wonder it’s a heavy favorite and highly popular among consumers.

But there’s more in Groupon.

Did you know you can also use it for purchases on Amazon, Target, and Walmart?

You can subscribe to Groupon’s email alerts to get updates on your favorite brands and stores. Get even more discounts when you also use Groupon Bucks on qualifying purchases.

Groupon also features the best activities. You can filter your search by the different categories, which include kid’s activities, sports and outdoors, tickets and events, and nightlife.

There’s also an interactive map that lets you see the selection of participating restaurants and shops in your city.

2. Restaurant.com

At Restaurant.com, you get a lot of options and a ton of savings. It’s the best place to get all the best deals.

There are over 187,000 participating restaurants and retailers. So you can be sure you’ll get huge discounts and awesome promos from these establishments.

Not sure where to go?

Restaurant.com also features over 3.5 million verified diner reviews to help you decide which places to go to.

This discount food app lets you in on the best restaurants. From your local hole-in-the-wall down the street to the wonderful out-of-town resto that serves the best delicacy.

Every day, Restaurant.com offers 500,000 great deals that let you save up to 50 percent off your bill.

All offers are always available and never expire, that’s the Restaurant.com guarantee.

If you want to make the right choice, trust Restaurant.com to connect you with the best restaurants and diners.

And if you get its restaurant discounts app, you get exclusive offers that aren’t usually available online. The app also lets you redeem gift certificates on your phone.

With the Restaurant.com app, simply search for deals offered by restaurants near you. Select your choice of restaurant and its certificate value. When you get to the restaurant, simply present it to get the discount off your final bill.

3. Scoutmob

Taking the world of eCommerce and discount food apps by storm is Scoutmob.

This Atlanta-based company features great deals to food and drinks at local venues and shops.

Founded in 2010, Scoutmob is an offshoot of another company in Atlanta that offers customized WiFi accounts to businesses in the area.

Thanks to an influx of investments, Scoutmob launched Shoppe, an online marketplace that features locally produced goods.

Today, Scoutmob is one of the best location-based discount food apps. And there’s more that it has to offer. Aside from food, it also features great deals on clothing, accessories, and home goods.

4. Blackboard Eats

Launched in 2009, Blackboard Eats caters to people in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. And it’s looking to expand further.

For food lovers who are looking to score on great deals and exclusive offers, Blackboard Eats features handpicked delights. This discount food app provides a wonderful escape to fabulous restaurants.

Want to experience the moving ambiance and excitement of a plush place?

Get into Blackboard Eats. It’s a neat app to get discounts off your bill.

Looking for fast food restaurant coupon apps?

Do you have a thing for fast-food?

Then you’ll love these.

5. McDonald’s

Are you a frequent customer at McDonald’s?

You can score a good handful of coupons through its app. Redeem them at the register to get yourself awesome breakfast items or sandwiches. There are also deals that offer free large fries and a “buy one get one” McCafe.

Speaking of McCafe, coffee drinkers will love the new McCafe Punchcard. It’s a new feature built into the McDonald’s app. For every five McCafe items you buy, you get a free McCafe item.

6. Burger King

Want to take a look at what McDonald’s rival has to offer?

Check out Burger King’s app. It has a nice feature that lets you load money onto it so you can pay directly from your account.

The Burger King app currently has 13 coupons and all of them are highly competitive.

7. Taco Bell

Do you want special discounts and promos at Taco Bell?

With the Taco Bell app, you can check out great deals and order your food from your phone. You can even customize what’s on the menu.

The Taco Bell app also has a game feature.

Introducing the Taco Bell Explore game. Connect the app with your social media accounts and get free puzzle pieces from time to time. If you complete the whole picture, you earn awesome rewards.

8. Starbucks

Hey, Starbucks addicts! Want to score big discounts and other cool rewards from your favorite coffee chain?

Check out the new Starbucks app. It features updates to its rewards program. Get the app on your phone and earn free Starbucks.

9. Dunkin’ Donuts

Not to go into a debate here but Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best donuts in the world (sorry, Krispy Kreme fans).

So if you want to check out great offers and freebies from DD, make sure you have the app in your phone. You can also use it to get updates on exclusive deals. Plus, it keeps tabs on your points as well.

Want to save money on donuts and coffee?

The DD app is a very solid one.

10. Krispy Kreme

OK, to be fair, Krispy Kreme offers awesome rewards and freebies too.

After you sign up for the KK app, you get a free donut. You also get another free one on your birthday.

And after so many purchases, you can earn a whole box of donuts plus beverages too—all for free.

11. Domino’s

Are you craving for pizza?

Get the latest deals and awesome promos with the Domino’s app. It has an added feature that lets you track where your pizza is.

12. Papa John’s

Want more choices for your pizza?

Get hold of Papa John’s app for available deals at dropped prices.

And if you rack up 7,000 pizzas purchased using your Papa John’s Rewards account, you get one free.

Want more restaurant coupons apps?

Looking to score discounts on your next food trip?

Get your tasty snacks and cool deals with these awesome apps.

13. 7-Eleven

With over 57,000 locations in 17 countries, 7-Eleven is the big daddy of them all.

But because a lot of competitors are popping up all over the U.S., 7-Eleven deems it necessary to up the ante. For this reason, it’s coming up with a really awesome app.

You can get pretty good deals when you use 7-Eleven’s app. For instance, if you want buy six beverages from one store, you get one free. And there are more offers and promos.

14. Auntie Anne’s

Are you in the mood for pretzels?

Get the app and earn points for rewards.

With the myAuntieAnne’s Pretzel Perks, you can get free pretzels. And since this app is tied with the brand’s reward program, you can score more freebies when you unlock achievements.

15. Baja Fresh

Want to satisfy your cravings for tacos?

You can get a free taco with any purchase when you use its app. For your free taco, you can take a pick from any of the following choices: Americano Taco, Carnitas Baja, or Chicken Taco.

16. Buffalo Wild Wings

Hungry for chicken wings?

Earn points and redeem them for free stuff when you download and use Buffalo Wild Wings’ app.

Every time you check in the store, you can earn 10 points. And for every $10 you spend, you also earn 100 points.

One of the free stuff you can get is a loaded ice cream, which is for 250 points.

17. Chick-Fil-A

Can’t get enough of chicken?

You can earn a free chicken sandwich and more if you download the app.

Chick-Fil-A gives out freebies periodically just because. You can also earn free food when you buy stuff from them using the app.

And if you connect your app to the cow calendar card, you can look forward to more freebies every month.

18. Chili’s

Want free salsa and chips?

Sign up for Chili’s app and get free food and an additional 60 points within 48 hours.

You can also earn one point for every $2 you spend. Rack up the points and redeem them for more free food.

19. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Do you want to get a free drink?

Satisfy your coffee cravings by signing up with the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf app. Then enter your friend’s referral code to earn yourself a free beverage after you made your first purchase.

The more referral codes you have, the more opportunities for free drinks.

You also get to have a free drink on your birthday when you sign up for the app. Plus, you earn one point for every dollar you spend.

And if you rack up 50 points, you get to have a free beverage or pastry.

When you reach 300 points, you unlock the Platinum level. That’s when you can earn free drinks and pastries for every 40 points.

20. Red Lobster

Get the My Red Lobster Rewards app and earn points for every dollar you spend. You’ll start getting cool rewards when you reach 125 points. Signing up for the app alone will get you 75 points.

21. TGIFridays

Want to get a free appetizer or dessert at TGIFridays?

Sign up for the app to earn your freebies.

For every dollar you spend, you also earn points. Rack them up to 50 to get a free dessert. Or you can withhold it up to 80 points and use it to redeem a free burger or sandwich.

Have you tried any of these restaurant coupons apps?

If you’re looking to save money when you eat or order takeouts, these restaurant coupons apps will come handy.

The more points you earn, the more chances of getting freebies and other cool stuff.

What is your favorite restaurant coupon app?

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