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Make Extra $ As A SAHM With These 10 Freelance Services

You have talent! It could be in art, finance, crafts, cooking…you name it. There is something that YOU are great at and you can earn a living from it. It’s amazing how many job ideas you can come up with that you can do around your neighborhood and locale. It’s even more amazing how many more jobs you can do online!

Online jobs are the most convenient and inexpensive way to work from home. All you need is the internet and a laptop or desktop. If you browse through online job sites, you will be astounded by the number of jobs posted and with so much variety.

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How To Set A Budget As A Freelancer

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”-Dave Ramsey

Have you ever wondered where your income has gone? Where did you spend it or what did you spend it on? Almost all of us have gone through this at some point in our lives, but there comes a time when we have to stop spending carelessly and start budgeting.

It’s time to grow up! Gone are the days of not having to worry about paying bills and other necessities yourself. Budgeting takes time, responsibility and a lot of patience. It’s not as simple as just putting money in the bank, there is a lot of planning and prioritizing that needs to be done by you and/or your family.

Some may have a steady income, but there are many who don’t. Either way, you have to learn how to budget your money wisely. There are freelancers and those who earn based on commission have additional budgeting challenges as you are never sure how much you will be earning or when you will be paid.

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The Ultimate Guide To Amazon FBA

Becoming an Amazon Seller is one of the easiest businesses you can start. Overall, there is a relatively small investment upfront, you have the backing of a big brand like Amazon and you can literally get started today. Here are some commonly asked questions and products that will help you get started.


Ultimately, you have an online store that is run by Amazon. You find products at a discounted rate (clearance, stacking sales, thrifting, ect.), ship them to Amazon and mark them up to the prices they are currently selling for. When a customer purchases one of your items Amazon ships your item from their warehouse. Amazon then takes a cut for storing, shipping and marketing your product. You receive the remaining profit.

This really is a super easy business model, and can be really rewarding to run! It is much easier to start than an independent e-commerce site because you have the traffic and credibility of Amazon.

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How I Started 3 Businesses My First Year As A Stay At Home Mom

Today I am giving you a little background on how I started three profitable businesses my first year as a SAHM. I want you to know that YOU can do this too. Turn your passion into paychecks!

My sweet boy Tyler was born in April of 2015. During this period, I was going to school full-time and adjusting to motherhood. I now was one busy mama. After finals ended things began to feel quiet. I had become used to the hustle. I loved my baby, but I needed something more. I felt the stir crazy sinking in.