How to Conquer Facebook Groups and Attract New Clients
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How to Conquer Facebook Groups and Attract New Clients

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Hey Lovelies!

McKinzie here. Today I have a special treat for you. One of my biz besties Miranda Nahmias is going to take over and teach you how to rock Facebook groups and find new clients.

Miranda is such a pro and she is dropping some serious knowledge bombs in this post. I know you are dying to dig in so I will turn the time over to Miranda. Xo.

As an online business owner or blogger, if you want to attract new clients, Facebook groups are where it’s at. When I was first getting started as a virtual assistant, Facebook groups was where I found almost 100% of my new clients.

As a mentor to other virtual assistants, I know that many of you service-based business owners struggle with finding potential clients. And if you don’t have clients, you can’t make money. So let’s solve this problem for you right now.

Today I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that hard to attract new clients! All you have to do is take advantage of Facebook groups that are already in existence and discover hundreds of people that are interested in hiring someone just like you.

How to Conquer Facebook Groups and Attract New Clients

Step #1: Finding the Right Facebook Groups

If you want to join Facebook groups to attract new clients, it makes sense that finding the right Facebook groups to join is a crucial step.

Firstly, here are a few of my favorite pitch-friendly groups:

Being Boss

Gamechanger Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Now it’s time to go above and beyond and join even more specific groups that are filled to the brim with your potential clients. For example, let’s say McKinzie is interested in finding targeted Facebook groups so that she could promote her free Pinterest course.

As she states in her About page, McKinzie’s target audience is “moms that want to run their own business and create income streams by monetizing their passion.”

So we are specifically looking for mom business owners, or bloggers who are moms.

To find relevant groups for McKinzie to promote her course in, I would simply take those keywords and search Facebook for groups related to those.

Screenshot of how to search for facebook groups with text mom bloggers

Now, not all of those groups are going to be good for McKinzie to join. We probably want to focus on groups that are non-location specific (unless there is a group for McKinzie’s hometown/state), and groups that have at least 50 members.

We will also need to exclude groups that are otherwise inappropriate, such as the group, Single Mom Bloggers, as this doesn’t really apply to McKinzie specifically.

But, even after following those rules and excluding about 80% of the groups from that search, we still have a TON of potential groups for her, including:

Graphic with images of introductory post blueprint and button with text click herere to get your blueprint

Step #2: How to Introduce Yourself Strategically

After you’ve found some relevant Facebook groups for your niche, it’s time to introduce yourself! Some groups have strict no-promo rules, but many of them make an exception for your very first post, in which you introduce yourself and your blog/business to the other members.

It’s important not to waste this opportunity, and take advantage of the chance to promote yourself a little bit. Make yourself seem likable and relatable, and also give people a taste of what types of services you offer.

Here’s an example of the type of post that would be awesome to use as a sort-of template to attract new clients when you introduce yourself in these new Facebook groups. Heather Jabornik, creator of cult perfume Candy Ass, is a genius at these types of posts. Use hers for inspiration!

Screenshot of Facebook post with picture of woman with text about introducing herself

As you can see in the screenshot, Heather mentions her services at the beginning and her perfume at the end. So she has already taken advantage of two opportunities to mention her business, both without being sleazy or shoving it in your face.

Next, she strategically inserts some of her quirky personality into the post, allowing you to get to know her on a more intimate level. Throughout the post, she mentions painting her toenails, her upcoming marriage, her love of dying her hair, and her gluten-free lifestyle.

She also takes the opportunity to ask some questions about saving money, which results in an awesome response to her post and achieving her multiple comments from 14 different people, allowing her even more of a chance to network with them, this time on a one-on-one level in the comment section below.

Although this isn’t specifically an introductory post, you can use these strategies to craft your own similar post that also introduces yourself to the group.

Step #3: How to Participate in Promo Threads

One of my favorite parts about the many Facebook groups out there is that a lot of them post promo threads at least once per week.

What’s a promo thread? A promo thread is a thread specifically created in order to allow the group members to promote themselves.

There are a variety of different types of promo threads, but the most popular one is when the group admin allows you to share a link to a recent blog post.

Promo threads are another great way to attract new clients. Consistently participating in the daily threads in your favorite Facebook groups is a good for staying active and letting yourself gain some name recognition.

Posting a link back to your blog in a promo thread allows for increased traffic back to your website. Unlike normal participation in Facebook groups, posting in a promo thread allows you to bring traffic specifically back to your website.

Hopefully, that traffic will include some potential clients! Make sure to include information about your services, and a way to contact you, in a prominent location on your site.

To really up your game with promo threads, include an enticing headline along with your link, as well as a corresponding photo.

Here’s an example of promo posting done right from Solopreneur Babes!

Screenshot of Facebook post with womans picture, name and text Looking for a quick way to boost sales

Step #4: How to Find Potential Clients in a Facebook Group

The last and final step that we’re going to talk about today is how to actually find people in these groups that are interested in hiring you!

In order to specifically attract new clients that are already on the hunt for someone with your services, there are two great ways to go about doing this.

  1. Search the promo threads. In some groups, such as Screw the Nine to Five Community, there is a weekly thread specifically for connecting people with service providers who meet their needs. Each week, scour those threads for people looking for someone like you!
  2. Search for related posts. In each Facebook group, there is actually a search bar that you can use to look up keywords related to your services.

Screenshot of Facebook group cover photo with image of woman with flowers in her hair and text The Badass Solopreneury Society

For example, if you are a web designer, you might search “design” in one of your groups to see all the recent posts including that keyword.

These posts will often include questions from people who could be potential clients. Take this chance to share your knowledge and show off your expertise!

 Screenshot from Facebook of two women's posts and working online

So there you have it! Four step-by-step ways to conquer Facebook groups and use them to attract new clients! Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll be up to ears with clients in no time.

Meanwhile, go the extra mile and download this Facebook Group Introductory Post Blueprint for an even more in-depth look into how to craft your perfect introductory post, including a customizable script!

Graphic with images of introductory post blueprint and button with text click herere to get your blueprint

Headshot of professional woman

A special thanks to Miranda for this fabulous post! If you want more from her check out her WEBSITE       SERVICES         + FREE COURSE

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