Make Extra $ As A SAHM With These 10 Freelance Services
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Make Extra $ As A SAHM With These 10 Freelance Services

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It was Theodore Roosevelt who once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

This statement holds true to everyone and anyone. We have the power and freedom to live the way we want to live. We have the possibilities and means to do so…if we try hard enough to search for it.

In our modern society, there are so many prospects and opportunities to get the most out of life. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t, but all it takes is hard work and perseverance.

One of the most difficult jobs is being a full-time mom. This dedication and devotion to raise your family is many jobs all wrapped up in one. You cook, you clean, you wash, and all the other tasks that come along with it.

You don’t get paid but the rewards are endless. It is considered as one of the most fulfilling jobs, but sometimes it is necessary financially contribute to your family and pursue a career for yourself.

This happened to my family last year when my husband’s company had massive layoffs and cut his pay. I wanted to be able to stay at home with my new baby so that year I started three businesses to help offset our losses.

You have talent! It could be in art, finance, crafts, cooking…you name it. There is something that YOU are great at and you can earn a living from it. It’s amazing how many job ideas you can come up with that you can do around your neighborhood and locale. It’s even more amazing how many more jobs you can do online!

Online jobs are the most convenient and inexpensive way to work from home. All you need is the internet and a laptop or desktop. If you browse through online job sites, you will be astounded by the number of jobs posted and with so much variety.

Here are a few of the most popular online jobs that you can look into.


If you have a way with words, this could be the online job for you. Many companies hire freelance writers to create content for blogs, write articles, or create copy for ads for their businesses or websites.

Writing is a skill that you can gradually improve the more you write. There are many kinds of businesses you can select from that you are most comfortable in writing for. In time you will not only improve on your writing skills, but these jobs can help you learn about a certain topic or market.

Not sure where to start? Check out this FREE five day email course to learn how to create a portfolio, source writing jobs, and pitch companies.


Designing websites and web development take a lot of work and talent. You need to have the eye for design but also learn the technical side for building it. This is one of the most sought-after expertise by businesses. Having an attractive and well-functioning website is critical for marketing their products or services.

You don’t have to be an expert in coding to build a site. Some clients will ask you to build a simple website by using some of the more commercial website providers. I built this site on SquareSpace with very little design experience and I am very pleased with how it turned out.


Blogging can be a huge money-making business these days. Bloggers earn by promoting products, services and even events. Blogging is also a great launching pad to advertise your own product or service.

With all of the responsibilities that come along with blogging it can become overwhelming fast! Some professionals and popular bloggers have so many things happening on their plates that extra help would be required. This is where you come in!

You may do a wide variety of tasks like writing, scheduling, graphics, photography and other things for them.  I have been working as a social media manager and virtual assistant for over a year and a half and it is incredibly rewarding!

If you think you would be a great virtual assistant check out Gina Horkey’s free course Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Career In this course, she shares her secrets for finding clients, how much to charge and 125+ different services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.


Teaching is another wonderful way to earn a living online. Your knowledge or a skill that you could teach. There are many things you can be hired to teach.

One of the most common ones is to teach English. Some of the countries that have a high demand on online English tutors at the moment are South Korea, China, Japan and the Gulf Arab States. That is a huge market you can tap in to.

Other than teaching English, virtual tutors can teach on other subjects as well. This can be anything from design, using a program, financial management and many other things.


You may be an aspiring writer, and writing Ebooks is a great way to pursue this dream. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start your career as a writer. A lot of companies are open to reviewing and publishing works from freelance writers. You have the freedom to write in any genre, from self-help books, cookbooks, fantasy, fiction or non-fiction.

With the tools available today you even could self-publish your book. If you are graphic design-inclined you may need to hire out for the cover and design but once that is completed you can sell your book on your website or get approved for a platform like Amazon.

Here are examples of non-online freelance jobs that you can delve into.


If you are an animal person you can earn from pet sitting almost every day. Your neighborhood or your local park may need dog walkers or simply people to take care of their pets while they are gone.

It is easy to market yourself through ads or even word of mouth. If you’re confident enough to have these pets around your kids and possibly in your home then this is could be quite a fun freelance job.

Bonus: Dog walking can even help you get some exercise (heaven knows I still need to lose some of that baby weight)!


If you are a great cook then you can try your hand at catering. You can cater for parties and functions, but it doesn’t have to be a large scale.

I have a friend that creates gorgeous special events cakes. She makes cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. This is a side hustle she can do while her little girl is napping or independently playing. What’s most important is that you manage your time wisely, have a plan and do not take on more than you can handle.


In addition to catering, you have the option to sell specific products or produce. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly rewarding to garden. If you have a green thumb, you can sell plants, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables at your local markets and fairs.

You can also use your fresh produce or just buy your ingredients and perfect homemade products like preserves, cakes and many other kinds of foods (Make sure to get a food handlers permit and any other necessary licenses in your area before selling your items). Additionally, you can make is soaps, lotions, oils, and even candles.

You can sell these things online as well. There are many great websites and apps that help you sell and market your products. Companies like Amazon and Etsy are the most popular. Etsy is a great resource to get an idea of the market you are looking into. Etsy sellers can also do remarkably well when utilizing traffic from Pinterest.

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If you have a particular skill or are a good teacher, then you can opt to do this. It is easy to market yourself in and around the area you live in. Some parents can hire you to personally tutor their children for school, but you can also teach other things like music, art and even cooking. Here you can flaunt your talents and share it with everyone else.

When I was in high school I taught piano lessons and I made almost three times the hourly wage of my retail job. If you have a skill, teach it!


If you are up for the task, why not try opening a daycare in your own home? Watching other people’s children in addition to taking care of your kids can sound like a daunting task, but in reality, the other little children may help entertain yours.

The activities you plan for your kids can be applied to the other children you are taking care of. As you get the hang of things, this job can be fun and fulfilling. As always, remember to look into regulations in your area before opening any business.

These are a few of many examples of freelance jobs that you can do as a stay at home mom. There are many, many…MANY more if you get a little creative.

Remember that anything is possible with a little hard work, perseverance, and creativity. It doesn’t matter if you are working at an office or right inside your home, you can reach your goal that will make you happy and make your family happy as well. You’ve got this mama!

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