The Best Free Blogging Courses To Grow Your Blog!
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The Best Free Blogging Courses To Grow Your Blog!

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Where are my blogging course junkies at? 

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I love taking online courses. 

I try to be really strategic with my investments (the most important investment is creating a strong site and choosing a good host) on my blog and sometimes it just isn’t in the budget to buy another course. Instead of halting my learning I’ve taken tons of free blogging courses.

In this roundup, I have included my favorite FREE blogging courses that you can take today! 

Here are my top free blogging course picks:

  1. Free Five-Day Pinterest Challenge from Moms Make Cents
  2. Free Blog Launch Blueprint from Moms Make Cents
  3. Free Blog Traffic Bonus from What Mommy Does
  4. Free Five-Day SEO Bootcamp from Stupid Simple SEO
  5. 12 Month Blog Plan from Start A Mom Blog

If you want to rapidly accelerate your growth you can also check out my premium course, Mom Blogging Mentor here.

It’s under $50 and is FULL of value, tips, and tutorials and has had over 1,400 happy students. 


Blog Launch Blueprint – Want an easy to follow guide that shows you exactly how to launch your blog right? Then this one is for you! Learn how to set up your blog, my favorite themes (even a free one!), how to get Pinterest traffic, make money from your site and more!

12 Month Blog Plan – After you’ve launched your blog this plan walks you through your first year as a blogger, step-by-step. It’s a must for all new bloggers.

Free Blog Traffic Bonus – This awesome guide from Lena at What Mommy Does teaches you three essential traffic building tips that helped her grow to 400k+ monthly page views!

Free Five-Day SEO Bootcamp – Mike seriously knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. This free course is a WEALTH of knowledge. If you want to dig into SEO this year, you won’t want to miss this!

How To Promote A Blog Post – This free mini-course teaches you the strategies of promoting your content including Andrea’s foolproof trick for getting others to share your work!

Free 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp – You will notice on this list there are a few different free courses from Scrivs at Dare to Conquer (Billionaire Blog Club). This course, in particular, is packed full of value with 12 days of lessons.

Dare to Conquer Free SEO Course – If you are looking to round out your SEO knowledge after taking the five day SEO bootcamp from Mike that I listed above I would dive into this free challenge from Scrivs. He’s run multiple successful blogs and between the two free SEO courses you will be off to a great start!

Free Time Management For Bloggers – Ever feel like your brain is going a million miles a minute with your blog? Then this time management course is from you. Emily from My Adaptable Career runs this course and will teach you how to crush your overwhelm and manage your time.


Free Five-Day Pinterest Challenge – I couldn’t have a list of the best free blogging courses and not include my course Pinterest Primer! In my free Pinterest course, you will learn how to create a viral pin, the best scheduling tools, + the mistakes that could be stunting your traffic and income from Pinterest.

Instagram Authority –  Want to learn how to create strategic Instagram content, use the best hashtags + promote your products and services on IG without feeling sales-y? Then this course from Alex Tooby is from you. She grew her IG account to over 360k in one year! (To sign up scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your name + email.)

Buzzing Creatives Free Instagram Course – Learn how to write a killer Instagram bio and perform your own Instagram audit.

Facebook SOS – If your reach is dropping and your engagement is non-existent, you might be thinking about jumping ship too — but you don’t have to. Take our FREE Facebook SOS course and soon you’ll be back on the “Facebook rocks” wagon.

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Understanding WordPress – WordPress got you a little intimidated? My favorite WP guru Grayson has loads of tips for you in this free course. Or if you’d rather have him handle the scary stuff you can check out his services here (he is super affordable).

Free Beginner WordPress E-Course – Stumped on the tech side of setting up your blog? This beginner WordPress course gives you 34 action-packed lessons to help you set up your very own WordPress site.

Google Drive For Bloggers – This course from Sweet Tea LLC breaks down how to utilize all of Google Drive features.

Week of Code – This course includes everything from text formatting and font styling to HTML elements and an intro to CSS.


Graphic Design For Beginners – Kimi’s designs always have me like 😍 so I was all over her awesome free design course. This seriously covers everything you need to know about design as a new blogger.

Design Your Own Blog – Learn how to update your blog layout, increase the functionality of your blog, create beautiful graphics and more!

Strong Brand Mini Course – This course is the perfect place to start if you want your brand to be strong, consistent and for it to stand out. Alison the instructor is super fun + the course includes colorful fun adult homework!

Applecart Lane – This free video course will improve your graphic design skills in just 60 minutes!

Free PicMonkey Course – Want to learn how to use the design tool PicMonkey? This course will show you four epic ways to use this tool like, how to remove backgrounds, create gold foil text and more!


List Love – Free Build Your List Training – This free ebook is loaded with information on how to build your email list. Jennifer is seriously a rock star when it comes to email marketing and she is sharing her best strategies in this book on how she got her first 20k email subscribers.

Email Lists For Newbies – Are you not sure what should be sent to your email subscribers? In this course you will learn what you should be sending, the 8 email list mistakes you may be making + the formula to have your emails opened and read.

If you want to learn about all things email marketing these free webinars are packed full of value. They are presented by ConvertKit. Sign up for any that interest you.


Photoshop Just For Bloggers – If you’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop, but are intimidated by all of the functions then check out this course. You will learn about the different toolbars and options + it comes with a free Photoshop template.


Are you ready to make some extra moolah? Then these free courses are for you. Each of these courses teaches a different skill that you can make a full or part-time income from!

Free Affiliate Marketing Course – One of my favorite ways to make money blogging is through affiliate marketing. For a five-day crash course on affiliate marketing check out Scrivs’ free program.

Start Selling On Amazon FBA – In this post, I talked all about how I made money selling on Amazon FBA. Jessica from the Selling Family is where I learned how to start my FBA business. She makes over $100k per year selling on Amazon. Check out her free 7 Day Course which completely explains the Amazon FBA business model and how to leverage Amazon’s traffic to build a thriving business.

Blog Your Way To Passive Income – Learn how to build your email list and create a simple sales funnel to promote ebooks, e-courses or affiliate products.

Dang! I can see your brain growing already. Which of these free blogging courses are you going to start first?

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McKinzie Bean
McKinzie is a mom of two, and a personal finance enthusiast. She loves teaching other moms how to save money, make money, and take control of their financial situation. She has started five profitable businesses and in college, she double-majored in Financial Planning and Psychology. You may have seen her in publications like Forbes, The US Chamber of Commerce, Yahoo Finance,, The Penny Hoarder, & more.

38 thoughts on “The Best Free Blogging Courses To Grow Your Blog!”

  1. hi I enjoy reading your blogs and I am going to take several of the courses you recommended

    I have a great product I would love to promote. I don’t have a clue how to do so. I need help
    thank you

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the great info about all of these free courses. I’m making a go of beginning a WAH side business, but I’ve had a rough start,so these courses will definitely help me. Happy New year and God bless you and your family…

    1. Hey Daniel!

      Thanks so much for commenting! I hope that these courses will help you. Working from home can be a slow build, but once you’ve put in the work up front it can be an asset that pays you for years to come! I hope you have success in your businesses! 🙂 – McKinzie

  3. hey there, went clicking on a few links tonight off this post and some don’t work anymore and Ive been getting a 404 error on a few. May want to look into it and make sure all links are correct. <3

    1. Hi Mira!

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂 People are always changing their links to freebies or modifying their offers and it can be tricky to keep up. Updating this post is on my to-do list!



    2. Hi Mira!

      Just wanted to give you a heads up that I just updated his post. I removed any broken links and added a few new ones that I’ve discovered. I hope you enjoy these free blogging courses! XO- McKinzie

  4. Thank you so much for these courses. I had already enrolled in another course on udemy about SEO which was quite useless. I hope this will help me.


  5. Wow! Great list! I’ve been following you for a while and love your blog. I’m always looking for great new resources. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I took your free Pinterest course and I’ve been consistently applying all the techniques you offer for about 7 months now and my monthly viewers have grown from 200 to 338k a month.

  7. I have been following you for a while, I have also bought couple of your cources they have really helped me grow.. Commenting just to say thanks dear, you are doing a great job 🙂

  8. Thank you McKinzie this is appreciated more than you know!! I hope this gets me started because I’ve been struggling ☺️

  9. Hey,

    Thanks for making this content available. As a novice blogger, I am still trying to get a good understanding on how to do this effectively. Creating quality and engaging content, utilizing social media to create a brand, increasing readership, SEO optimization, and so on is a lot to take on and can be very intimidating without guidance.

  10. Very appreciated I LOVE EVERYTHING about this post and really ALL of your work. Very Motivated, You are a TRUE Inspiration, Thanks McKinzie, you’ve given me that extra push I think I really needed to finally start “MY” BLOG, here soon after my lil one is born (which is literally any minute, of any day now)! Stay Blessed…!

    🙂 >Jacqui Lynn< (:

  11. Thanks for sharing the blogging courses and resources.
    I am new in blogging and your advice will guide me to take first step to make the career in blogging. Recently I have book the domain and have started to write the content for my blog.

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