How To Repeat Social Media Posts With Post Planner
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How To Repeat Social Media Posts With Post Planner

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Social media post with image of clock, peonies laptop and lipstick with text how to easily repeat social media posts and save loads of time

I’ve been using Post Planner to schedule out my social media posts for about two years now.

If you’ve been blogging for a little while (or at least been reading about blogging) you know how it important it is to continue to share your blog posts after they are published.

If you are new to blogging you may be thinking, “Why would I do that? Won’t that be spammy?”

Here are a few reasons why you should keep sharing your posts:

1. Not everyone is going to see your posts –

Maybe you wrote an amazing blog post three months ago, but someone wasn’t following you then. That means they pretty much missed their chance to view that post if you only share it once when it is published!

2. Social media algorithms –

Social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) have algorithms that determine who sees your content in their feed and a lot of the time only a small portion of your followers actually see your post!

Continuing to share your content allows a larger percentage of your audience to view your blog posts!

3. People are busy –

Let’s be real, we are all busy with our lives. If a month ago you posted on your Facebook page about one of your blog posts, chances are I won’t remember it – and if I do remember already seeing that post I won’t be offended or annoyed.

4. It maximizes your impact –

If you are only getting traffic spikes when you publish a new blog post you are always going to be chasing down pageviews.

Recycling your content and maximizing each pieces impact allows you to spend more time creating MORE content. This adds extra value to your readers which they appreciate!

Alright, now that we’ve established why it is okay to repeat your social media posts let’s dig into how to actually do it!

As I write this I am 37 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby #2.

Reasonably after this baby comes I’m going to have my hands full and won’t have time to be constantly scheduling social media posts – that is where recycling my content with Post Planner comes in.

I use Post Planner to repeat my social media posts for Facebook and Twitter. I run Facebook & Twitter pages for both of my blogs plus run multiple Facebook groups.

Using the recycle content feature from Post Planner, I’m able to make sure that my content is still being shared (and threads in my Facebook group are still being posted) even when I am on maternity leave.

PostPlanner has super reasonable prices on their monthly plans starting at $3 a month (although for most users I recommend the “Love Plan” which is $11 a month or $7 a month if billed annually).

How To Repeat Social Media Posts With Post Planner

To get started click here to visit the Post Planner website.

Post Planner screenshot with text increased organic reach and engagement

If you don’t have an account yet, select one of the plans from the main screen (I recommend the Love Plan) and then select your account type and set it up.

Once you have completed the sign-up process login to your Post Planner dashboard.

Next, you will need to connect your social media profiles. On the “Love” Plan you can have up to 10 different social accounts.

Post Planner has a great video tutorial here that shows you how to connect your social media profiles, but essentially you go down to the settings cog in the bottom left corner, then select social profiles, and then connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts

How to Connect Your Social Profiles on Post Planner:

Once you’ve connected your different social media accounts then you can create a sharing plan for when you want your content to go out on different pages.

There are a couple of ways that you can set your posts to repeat:

1. Daily Plan

With the daily plan, you can set which time(s) you want content to go out through the day. Then you add content to your plan and it will pull posts randomly that you have in that queue

This is great because you can easily add more content as you go and it will spread out your blog posts evenly.

For this step go to the left-hand side of the screen and click on “Plan”

Then click on “Add A New Plan”

Screenshot of how to add a new plan in Post Planner

This will bring up all of your connected social profiles.

Select which one(s) you want this specific plan to apply to and then click “Select”

Screenshot of how to select a page to schedule in Post Planner

This will bring up a sample schedule that you can modify that has different posting schedules based on weekdays vs. weekends.

One of the great things about the Post Planner recycle feature is that you can customize your posting schedule by day.

Screenshot of posting times for Moms Make Cents

Want three posts to go out on Tuesday but five on Saturday? No problem!

With the times that Post Planner gives you, you can easily modify them by clicking on the specific time and either using the arrows to change the time or typing in your desired time in the box.

Screenshot of how to set time to post in Post Planner

To delete a time hover over the time and then click the “X” that comes up next to that time.

To add a time click “Add A Time”

Screenshot of how often to schedule post in Post Planner

Once you have your schedule set up then go over to the left-hand side and click on “Post.” Here is where you will create your social media posts that you want to add to your schedule.

First, select the profile that you want this piece of content to be scheduled to and then type in your social media text and link.

Screenshot of how to add a status to a post in Post Planner

Once you have it written make sure to click on the little “Recycle” button. This means it will add it so it is continually repeated! – Don’t skip this step!

Then click “Add to Plan”

Screenshot of how to add a plan in Post Planner

The repeat this step for all of your blog posts. When you have a new blog post go through this same process to add it to your queue of posts to be repeated.

2. Exact Date & Time

If there are certain posts that you want to repeat at a specific time and day you can use this option.

I use this for scheduling posts in my Facebook group Blogging Newbs.

We have daily threads that go out Monday through Friday and this allows me to automatically repeat them for the exact dates and times each week.

You could also do this if you for example want to post a reminder about a weekly Facebook live series you do or a reminder weekly/monthly coaching call. In one of my other Facebook groups I do this as a reminder for a team call we have every Monday.

For this option you do not have to create a “Plan” you can simply schedule the post to go out every day, week, month, etc.

Go to the “Post” tab and then write your social media post then click the arrow next to “Add to Plan” and click on “Schedule Post.”

Screenshot of how to schedule a post in Post Planner

This will bring up more detailed scheduling tools.

Select the date and time you want the first post to go out, then click on the check mark that says “Repeat Post.”

When you check this feature it will let you set it to repeat every day, week, month, etc. You also can set when this content stops re-sharing at a specific date if you want.

Once you have set up how often you want your post to repeat click “Schedule” and your post will be added according to the terms you’ve specified.

This is SUCH a time saver!

Between these two methods on Post Planner you can take day and schedule out all of your content and then it is a set it and forget it system! As you have new posts write them up once plug them into your schedule and boom, you are done.

Do you repeat your post on social media yet?

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