Tip For Massage Envy: How Much Should You Tip?
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Tip For Massage Envy: How Much Should You Tip?

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Wondering how much money should you give as tip for Massage Envy?

Understandably, in the U.S., it is common practice to give a tip for services rendered.

I leave a small amount for waiters for providing me with good service. I also tip my barista.

Do you do that too?

If yes, then it follows you should tip your massage therapist too.

However, here lies the nebulous issue: how much should you give as tip?

But before we get into that, let’s back up a little.

When it comes to massage services, Massage Envy is one of the biggest names today.

The company features a nationwide chain of health and wellness studios, focusing on skin care and massage services

From relaxing facials to soothing Swedish massages, you can expect the best skin treatment and massage services at Massage Envy.

Are you a frequent customer of the establishment or are you looking to make your first visit to the place?

Wondering how much to tip Massage Envy therapists?

How Much To Tip For Massage Envy Massages

Tipping is an accepted form of additional recompense for services rendered.

In restaurants and coffee shops, tips are somewhat expected. Especially if the waiter or barista did a wonderful job of taking care of you.

The same follows in a luxury business such as Massage Envy.

While it is not a written rule, Massage Envy encourages its customers to leave a tip to show appreciation to the massage therapist.

But because it is a form of gratuity, there is no prescribed rate for how much to leave as tip for Massage Envy.

However, some branches provide information on the suggested amount for tipping Massage Envy therapists.

But take note, the operative word here is “suggested.”

So you are free to leave a tip for Massage Envy, the amount of which is left entirely at your discretion. You can be generous or you can be stingy. It’s all up to you.

Want a simple and concise answer to that question?

Yes, tipping tends to be complicated, if not an overwhelming point of issue.

It’s not fun to be rumbling frantically at the end of a beautiful massage, searching your wallet for a few dollars for the tip.

So how much should you leave as a tip for Massage Envy?

Here are straightforward answers on how much to tip at Massage Envy.

First, does your local Massage Envy branch have that one sheet, which contains the rates and the corresponding suggestions for the tip?

That’s the Massage Envy tipping chart.

If your local branch has one, then take the time to scan the content. You can then determine the appropriate amount to give as a tip for Massage Envy therapists in that branch.

With the suggested tip rates, it becomes quite easy to figure out the Massage Envy tipping amounts.

But what if you’re not that lucky, having the Massage Envy tipping chart?

How will you ascertain the right amount to tip for Massage Envy?

Here’s how.

How To Tip At Massage Envy

The company follows a “member” model. What this means is that members of Massage Envy pay a different or lower price than the non-members.

So in determining the right amount to tip for Massage Envy, you will need to look at a couple of things:

  • Your membership status (whether you’re a Massage Envy member or not)
  • Type of service you availed
  • Level of satisfaction you derived from the rendered service

To illustrate, let’s say a one-hour massage will cost a Massage Envy member $60 while a non-member will have to pay $100 for the same service.

In general, tips for luxury services usually fall within the range of 10 to 20 percent of the bill.

So applying the percentage range, members may tip at least $6 to $12. On the other hand, non-members’ tips are between $10 and $20.

However, I would suggest that your tip should be based on the rate a non-member would pay for the same service.

Those figures are just the suggested minimum amounts. You may give more if you think it’s fair.

Don’t forget to tip your massage therapist.

Paying for your massage is one thing; giving extra to your massage therapist is another.

Take care of your massage therapist. Show him or her how much you’ve enjoyed their service by tipping. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.

I hope this post answered your question on how much to tip for Massage Envy therapists.

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  1. Yes, I have seen the sheet. In fact a nasseuse lectured me about it and warned that if I were to Tio below what is suggested word gets around among the masseuse here and I would not get a good massage. In essence, she threatened me that way.

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