12 Legit Apps That Pay You to Walk
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12 Legit Apps That Pay You to Walk

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Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid to walk?

Did you know there are apps that pay you to walk?

Is it really true?

You’re probably wondering, can you get paid for walking? Is there really an app that pays you to walk?

But guess what! There are lots of these apps that pay you to exercise.

Would you look at that? Who would have imagined there would be apps that reward you for exercising? Two or three years ago, I wouldn’t believe if you told me I would get paid for walking.

This makes walking one of the best hobbies that make money.

Looking for ways to get paid to walk?

Then you’ll love these apps that reward you for walking.

Not only do these apps make exercising more fun, but it also gives you the added motivation to get up and get moving.

What’s the motivation?

There are apps that pay you to walk.

That’s right, you make money by walking. It’s that simple. You get that extra push to get moving and reach your fitness goals.

Where to find apps that pay you to walk

In this article, I listed some of the best apps that pay for walking. If you’re looking to reach your number of miles and achieve your fitness goals, these apps will have you moving and walking.

1. SweatCoin

Are you spending too much time on the couch?

Here’s your motivation to go outside your house and walk.

Check out SweatCoin.

Think digital currency and fitness in one app; that’s what you get with SweatCoin. This free app will reward you for sweating it out. You can redeem the rewards in the form of gift cards. Or you can send these to your friends.

So how much do a thousand steps pay?

You earn 0.95 SweatCoins for 1,000 steps.

When doing your walks, you will need to install a GPS tracker on your phone and take it with you. SweatCoins can’t be used with a fitness tracker.

2. Achievement

Not big on walking? Perhaps you’re more into swimming, biking, or running?

Then Achievement is what you need. This fitness app will reward you points on other exercise activities aside from walking. All you need to do is log in your activities into the app.

Unlike SweatCoins, Achievement is compatible with other health and fitness apps.

There are about 20 fitness apps that are compatible with Achievement. You can connect it with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Garmin.

Don’t use any of those fitness trackers?

It’s still OK. Achievement has a stand-alone fitness tracker feature that can function on its own. It can also track your food and water intake, weight losses or gains, sleep schedules, and more.

So how does it measure your fitness or weight-loss progress?

When you log in your exercise, you can get six points. You can also input your food and water intake, sleep, and other fitness data.

Earn up to 80 points in a day for putting all those details in. You also get points when you share information on social media.

You earn $10 for every 10,000 points; that’s the minimum amount should you wish to redeem for rewards. Payments may be made through PayPal or Giftrocket. You will get your payment within a week from your request.

If you maximize your points every day, you can reach 10,000 points in four months. That’s around 30,000 points in a year, which is equivalent to $30 in rewards.

Don’t have enough fitness activities to maximize your points?

Earn extra by taking health and fitness surveys in the app. You can also participate in health programs and research studies, which may be featured from time to time in the app.

Achievement also gives you the option to donate your earnings to charity. This free app doesn’t only help you achieve your fitness goals, it also helps you help others in need.

Just make sure to redeem your points within a year of earning them. They are only valid for and will expire automatically upon the lapse of the said period.

3. Gigwalk

Not really keen on exercising?

This app is unique from the other fitness trackers. Aside from the usual exercise activities, you can earn points for doing extra tasks or gigs.

Do you love to walk around town? Perhaps visit some shops or go to restaurants and cafes?

With Gigwalk, you can earn points by walking to your favorite places. Once you download this free app, simply fill out your profile information.

So how much does Gigwalk pay?

On average, you can earn around $3 to $100, depending on the kind of gig you will be doing. Payouts are usually done through PayPal. At that rate, Gigwalk is one of the top apps that pay you to walk.

How does it work?

On the app, you can see a map that has red pins all over it. These pins are your gigs, which are usually created by brands so you will check them out. Your task is to go to these places.

To qualify for points, you will need to apply first for the gig. Once approved, you will be given further details and instructions on what tasks to perform. Depending on the gig, it could take minutes or hours to complete the tasks.

Looking for more apps that pay you to walk? 

4. Charity Miles

Did you know Charity Miles is connected with more than 40 charities?

With Charity Miles, you can use the money you earned from doing health and fitness activities to cause-oriented organizations. You can support and donate to groups like WWF, Feeding America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and many more.

Using GPS technology, Charity Miles tracks your daily activities. You can also log in all your exercise activities like running, cycling, or other indoor workouts. Simply open the app to ensure that your activities are logged in.

Do you want to stay fit and give back to charity?

Your exercise activities will be rewarded when you log into Charity Miles. You can donate your rewards to charity.

5. StepBet

Want to push yourself toward your fitness goals?

Here’s a unique fitness app that involves a bit of risk. Set your fitness goals and place a bet that you can achieve them. If you reach them, you win double the money. If not, you get nothing.

Will you take on that kind of challenge?

Place your bet in StepBet.

The thought of losing money might be scary for some. But if your resolve is strong, why not give it a shot. Placing a bet will motivate you even more, and the rewards will be greater.

Bets usually start at $40 with the period at six weeks. You will need to reach your weekly goals to optimize your winnings.

You can link the StepBet app with other fitness trackers.

6. Carrot

Do you need that added push to reach a number of steps?

Check out this “get paid to walk” app. It imposes daily challenges that require you to achieve a number of steps. Once you hit your goals and reach other daily or weekly objectives, you earn points.

Get your motivation to pursue your fitness goals with Carrot.

One of the wonderful things about Carrot is that it encourages group exercise activities. You can pursue your fitness goals with friends through mutual motivation and support.

Encourage your friends to reach a certain number of steps in a day to win points. In the same way, your friends will motivate you to accomplish your fitness goals, which means more points to you as well.

You can also earn additional points by answering health surveys.

With Carrot, you make money for walking and for motivating others to reach their goals.

7. Postmates

What if you can pursue your fitness goals and make good money out of your physical activity?

With Postmates, you can earn decent money by delivering items to customers of participating stores that don’t have any delivery service. This is a perfect opportunity if you live in an urban area.

Postmates is an app that actually gives you a job while disguised as a fitness tracker. Think of a walking courier. Or a postman.

You don’t need a car to make your deliveries. Walk around and hand the items to the recipients while on foot the whole time.

To create a Postmates account, you will need to pass a background check. Once approved, you will be given a welcome kit, which has a prepaid card that you can use.

When you’re ready to do deliveries, simply activate your account. This is set your profile to “live” and will give you access to available delivery jobs near you.

How much is the pay?

As a courier, Postmates lets you keep 80 percent of the delivery charge. However, your payment will vary, depending on the base pay for each leg of the trip. The waiting time for the order will also be computed by the minute in determining your pay.

On the average, Postmates couriers make around $15 per hour, which isn’t so bad considering you’re only in it for the walking activity and fitness goals. Plus, you get to keep the tips you make for each delivery.

All earning you make will be credited to your account within four to seven days after the delivery.

Isn’t this a cool way to earn money by walking?

8. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Are you an avid shopper at Walgreens?

You may want to get this app to earn points and cool rewards.

Go to Walgreens’ website and create an account for the Walgreens Balance Rewards. Then sign on to the app where you can link to any fitness tracker like MyFitnessPal or Fitbit.

For every mile you walk, you can earn 20 Walgreens Balance Rewards points. You will also receive extra points when you log in your weight and blood measurements.

You get a $5 coupon off your Walgreens purchases when you reach 5,000 points. Make sure to redeem your points once in a while; these points will expire within one year from the time you earn them.

However, if there has been no activity in your account, these points will expire in six months.

9. MapMyFitness

Are you familiar with the MapMyWalk and MapMyRun apps?

MapMyFitness is just like these two fitness apps. It offers fitness challenges and prized contests to motivate you to strive harder to reach your goals.

While the rewards and prizes are not convertible to cash, among the spoils include products from the popular apparel brand Under Armour. So if you’re into this brand, you’ll love this fitness app.

You can also connect your MapMyFitness account with other fitness apps like Fitbit.

10. Bitwalking

This fitness app pays you by how many steps you make. So the more you do, the higher the payout.

Check out Bitwalking. By its name, you know it’s one of those apps that pay you to walk.

Earn your “walking dollars” by making as many steps as you can every day. The more walking dollars you make, the richer you become.

You can use your walking dollars to buy things online. Or you can request to have it cashed out.

11. Rover

Do you own a dog? Do you love dogs?

This fitness app is as much an exercise motivation as it is a dog walking software. For dog owners (or friends of dog owners), Rover is a great app.

With Rover, you can keep track of how many steps you’ve made during your walk. At the same time, it lets you get in touch with dog owners who want to have their pups taken for a walk.

You can earn around $20 for a walk. Isn’t that cool?

Don’t have a dog? No problem. You don’t have to be a dog owner to enjoy the benefits of Rover. You can use this app to put up your rates and schedules to walk dogs.

How’s that for a side hustle?

With Rover, you get to spend quality time with your furry, four-legged friends and get paid to walk at the same time.

12. Higi

Looking for a fitness app that also monitors your blood pressure, weight, and body fat?

Check out Higi. It’s a walking and exercise app that lets you keep track of your vitals. Plus, if you’re doing well with your health, you get rewards for a good job.

Higi gives you points for every mile you walk. To additional points, simply perform other health challenges, which they post on a monthly and weekly basis.

There is no cash involved. Higi only gives out rewards, which you can use to secure great deals on your purchases.

Which of these apps that pay you to walk will you try first?

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