The Best Mystery Shopping Companies (To Find Mystery Shopper Jobs)
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The Best Mystery Shopping Companies (To Find Mystery Shopper Jobs)

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So what is mystery shopping?

How is it different from regular shopping or is it similar to being a shopping assistant?

In this article, I’m going to share all that you need to know about this particular job.

What is a mystery shopper?

If you fill in the role, you’re basically a secret shopper. You’re someone who will shop just like a normal, everyday shopper.

But why would anyone pay you to shop?

You’re probably thinking millionaires and billionaires are too busy to handle their own shopping that they’re hiring someone to do it for them.

Well, it’s not exactly like that.

Certain companies hire people to shop for them for market research purposes.

As the mystery shopper, you will buy items on behalf of the company. Then you will make a report, providing the company with the information they require regarding the purchased item.

Usually, the company will provide a list of tasks to fulfill along with several questions that you need to answer about the product or service you’re shopping for.

After purchasing the requested item, you will give your feedback and prepare a report, which you will submit to the company.

If you enjoy shopping, you might want to consider getting into these mystery shopper jobs. There are a lot of companies that are willing to pay people to shop for them.

What to expect from mystery shopper jobs

Mystery shopping is basically a market research job.

As a secret shopper, you will receive a list of tasks, which includes responding to queries about a product or service.

The company may also ask you about the details of your shopping experience. This may include rating the cleanliness of the shop you went it or the helpfulness of the people working there.

If you provide the information it requires, the company will pay you accordingly. In most cases, you will also be refunded for any expenses you incurred during your shopping excursion.

Mystery shopper jobs sound pretty fun, right?

So how do I become a secret shopper?

It’s quite simple.

You simply sign up with one of the best mystery shopping companies, which I will share with you in this post.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your tasks and start shopping.

Now, when I mentioned “best mystery shopping companies,” I meant to emphasize that you only look to the high-quality mystery shopping company websites. That way, you’ll be sure there are no scams.

The last thing you want is to encounter dodgy secret shopper companies that will only dupe you.

Imagine having done all the work and spending your own money to purchase the requested items for nothing.

Which is why you need to stick only to the reliable secret shopping companies if you’re interested in legit mystery shopper jobs.

Do you love to shop?

If you do, then this job is a dream come true for you.

In mystery shopping, you get paid to shop.

Isn’t that a fun way to earn extra cash?

Instead of spending money, you’re earning it. Plus, there is no buyer’s remorse after you made your purchases.

In fact, every purchase you make is money you’ll receive on your payday.

These mystery shopper jobs might be the most fun and easiest way to earn money. If there’s a hard part to all of this, it’s probably on finding the right mystery shopping company that’s trustworthy and won’t rip you off.

Lucky for you, I’ve done my research.

I’m sharing with you the best mystery shopping companies to help you find mystery shopping jobs.

The best mystery shopping companies

You’re probably wondering what’s the best mystery shopping company to work for.

Like most online work-from-home gigs, these mystery shopping jobs are also rampant with scams. Given this, it can get confusing which secret shopper companies to trust.

So I wanted to help you.

To mitigate your hesitation, I’ve created a list of the best mystery shopping companies, which I believe are trustworthy and reliable.

If I may add, these mystery shopper jobs will not replace your regular job.

While it may be a fun way to earn extra cash, it may not be enough for you to give up your full-time employment.

However, doing these legit mystery shopper jobs is a great way to score freebies and other cool stuff, in addition to any monetary compensation you may receive.

These freebies may include meals and snacks, trips to the amusement park, concerts, and merchandise.

Also, in these mystery shopper jobs, you may be required to shopping online, make phone calls, or visit offices. This is in line with creating reports or submitting feedback.

So here are the best mystery shopping companies to find mystery shopping jobs.

1. Perception Strategies, Inc.

Does healthcare interest you?

Then you might just be the mystery shopper that Perception Strategies, Inc., needs.

This mystery shopping company is in healthcare marketing and research. So it needs people to call and visit doctor’s offices.

A huge chunk of the task that the company will assign to you is doing observation work. You will go in and provide details of your experience during the visit.

Sign up to apply for the position. When accepted, you will undergo some training before you can receive your assignments.

Each assigned task may require you to make at least one phone call, which you need to perform within a week’s time from receipt of the assignment.

Perception Strategies, Inc., pays around $12 to $17 per doctor’s office. This is a good rate if you consider the task involved, which is making a single phone call.

Why is Perception Strategies, Inc., a trustworthy mystery shopping company?

It received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is a good indicator for the company.

2. BestMark

Would you like to conduct your tasks in hotels and restaurants?

Then you will love BestMark.

Clients of this mystery shopping company include the prestigious global and Fortune 500 organizations.

The work they will assign to you encompasses a variety of industries, covering hotels and restaurants, retail stores, banks and financial institutions, and casinos.

BestMark requires over 10,000 mystery shops every month. So there’s a lot of work opportunities when you sign up with this one.

To sign up, you need to be at least 21 years old and has a dependable means of transportation.

Other requirements include good written communication skills, detail-oriented, and have full internet access.

Payment for each mystery shopping task may vary, depending on the shops or establishments you visit or observe.

The good thing about BestMark is that it will reimburse you for the amount spent on your required purchases.

BestMark also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

3. Sinclair Customer Metrics

If restaurants, retail shops, and banks are your thing, you’ll also love Sinclair Customer Metrics.

The places you’ll visit and shop are similar to those with BestMark.

In addition to store shopping, Sinclair Customer Metrics also require phone mystery shopping.

And like BestMark, the pay also varies.

Sinclair Customer Metrics also received an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau.

A lot of mystery shoppers also speak highly about the company. So this one’s definitely worth a try.

4. Quest for Best

Another A+ mystery shopping company is Quest for Best.

You’ll be doing secret shopping tasks both online and in-store. From time to time, you may also be required to conduct phone calls.

A lot of the mystery shopper jobs with Quest for Best are available in the Midwestern and Southwestern regions of the U.S.

5. Intelli-Shop

Fast-food and fast cars, that’s what you can expect with Intelli-Shop.

This mystery shopping company is another recipient of the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It covers a variety of industries, which include automotive and fast-food.

Payment usually ranges from $5 to $10 per shop plus reimbursement for the necessary amounts you spent.

More Secret Shopper Companies

6. Secret Shopper

From multinational companies to start-ups, Secret Shopper covers them all.

The mystery shopping company doesn’t require experience before you can apply for the role. It accepts candidates from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Payment is around $12 to $25 per shop.

Secret Shopper has been around for over 25 years with a good reputation to boot. So you might want to give this one a try.

7. Second to None

Opened in 1989, Second to None is a reputable mystery shopping company pays you to shop with a variety of stores. Plus, you’ll also get reimbursement for your purchases.

The pay, however, varies, depending on the shops you go to.

With a good reputation built over the years, Second to None is one of the best mystery shopping companies to check out.

8. Market Force

If you think Second to None has a long business life, then you’ll be amazed at Market Force.

Did you know Market Force has been around since 1972?

So if you’re looking for the best mystery shopping companies, this one should be among the top of your list.

To become a secret shopper for Market Force, you need to be at least 18 years of age and with a high school diploma.

The amount of payment usually varies by shop.

Market Force is a bit strict when it comes to compliance with their shopping requirements. So make sure to follow all the instructions to ensure you will receive payment for work performed.

9. About Face

This is one of the high-paying secret shopper companies.

Check out About Face.

Payment ranges from $25 to $45, which may vary, depending on the shops.

As its mystery shopper, you will receive your assignments through email. There’s also a job board, which you can access and see all available shops.

10. GAPBuster

Did you know GAPBuster is a worldwide company, reaching to over 105 countries?

This mystery shopping company has a list of rules you need to follow. These regulations include a prohibition against identity concealment.

GAPBuster is also strict on honoring your commitments, meeting your deadlines, and submitting all the reports and responses on the dot.

11. A Closer Look

Established in 1994, A Closer Look is a reliable mystery shopping company that covers retail shops, motels, and restaurants.

So if you’re looking to score a free meal or a wonderful night out of the house, grab the chance to become a secret shopper for A Closer Look.

The amount of your payment will vary. You will also receive reimbursement for the expenses incurred.

To qualify for its mystery shopper jobs, you need to be at least 18 years of age.

A Closer Look will also need you to answer a pre-qualification test to see if you’re really serious about the job and that you can pay attention to minute details.

12. Amusement Advantage

Do you love to take a trip to theme parks?

Sign up for Amusement Advantage and become a secret shopper.

Amusement Advantage is one of the best mystery shopping companies. However, it only caters to amusement parks and entertainment facilities.

While the pay varies, the amount is usually enough to cover the expenses of one or two people getting into the theme parks.

However, it can be a nice gig if you want to score free rides and just simply have a fun day at the theme park.

Want to become a secret shopper?

If you want to earn extra cash and enjoy freebies, consider becoming a secret shopper.

As a reminder, one of the telltale signs that it’s a scam is when it asks you to pay a start-up fee right off the bat. When that happens, walk away.

Would you ever become a secret shopper?

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