Five Ways To Make An Extra $500 A Month

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You may not have heard of selling on Amazon but here is a brief summary of how to sell on Amazon FBA.

Ultimately, you have an online store that is run by Amazon. You find products at a discounted rate (clearance, stacking sales, thrifting, ect.), ship them to Amazon and mark them up to the prices they are currently selling for. When a customer purchases one of your items Amazon ships your item from their warehouse. Amazon then takes a cut for storing, shipping and marketing your product. You receive the remaining profit.

This really is a super easy business model, and can be really rewarding to run! It is much easier to start than an independent e-commerce site because you have the traffic and credibility of Amazon. You can easily make $500 or much more with an Amazon FBA business.

If you want to learn more check out this free three-part video series from The Selling Family. They make over $100,000 a year selling on Amazon FBA!


Technically you could start for very little, but I suggest having at least $500 to invest in inventory. You will also need to have some funds set aside for shipping the products to Amazon.

If you do not have money to invest you could sell items in new or gently used condition that are around your home as a way to get some “seed money.” If you have a small amount to invest, hit up the thrift stores in your area. Some of my favorite items I have sold on Amazon I sold on Amazon I got at my local Savers! (For example, the CD I got for $1 and sold for over $50 on Amazon. True story!)


Sometimes direct sales gets a bad wrap, but with the advancements in social media, you don’t have to host stereotypical in-home sales parties in order to be successful.

Many of these businesses can be marketed mostly or exclusively online. I have been invited to many “Facebook Parties” promoting different direct sales companies. It is a fun way to be exposed to new products while I still am in my jammies!

I became a consultant for a product that I love and although I no longer actively promote it I still occasionally get affiliate sales which is a fun (but small) passive income stream. If you invest time as a direct sales consultant, however, you can have great success! I know many moms that are a consultant for brands they love and they make hundreds to even thousands each month!


This depends on the company you choose to start with. Many companies have starting packages as low as $100. In my experience as a direct sales consultant, I bought their starter package and sold out within the first week. If it is a product that you love and believe in you will be excited to share it with your friends and family.


Are you organized? A social media whiz? Why not apply your expertise and become a Virtual Assistant? With the massive growth in online businesses, many companies are actively seeking out help with many of the tasks for their businesses. At a certain point, they hit a growth ceiling and need to hire help in order to expand. This is where you come in! If you have special skills like graphic design, customer service, or social media capitalize on these skills and create a Virtual Assisting business!

Did you know one in three businesses would rather hire out their social media management than do it themselves? That gives you a huge pool of clients to work with! To begin your business you can start on places like Upwork to get jobs as a freelancer.

As you build relationships and your portfolio you will be able to charge more and take on higher end clients. Most beginning social media managers/virtual assistants charge at least $15-25 an hour depending on their expertise (with more experience or skills you can charge much more!). If you charge similar rates you will only need to work 5-8 hours a week in order to make an extra $500 a month.

This is currently where I make the bulk of my monthly income. I work about +/- 10 hours a week and average $500-600 a month with my business. However, I have had months where I made almost $1000. It just depends on how much time I am able to commit within the month and the goals of the businesses that I work with.


Zip. Zero. Zilch! There are no upfront costs with this. If you can do basic clerical duties like responding to emails, organize files, do research etc. this is a great way to make a significant amount of income for your family. If you can commit more time you can make much more than $500 a month.


What are you good at? I know you have a skill that another person or business needs help with. This is where freelancing comes to play. Some common freelancing jobs include, content writing, graphic design and accounting/bookkeeping. You can create an account on freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork or Guru. You then can bid on projects that fit your skills and experience.

The great thing with freelancing is you can take on as much or as little as you want. You also are likely working in an industry that you are good at, so the time you spend won’t feel as much like work. You can easily make $500 a month with part-time hours. Based on your skills and how much time you are willing to commit there is great potential to make much more than $500.


One of the things that I love about freelancing is there is no cost to start! You simply market your skills and experience and start making money!


If you enjoy writing and sharing your passion with others blogging can be a great place to make money from home. Many moms are able to make hundreds and even thousands from blogging each month. Blogging does take dedication and the financial results may not be as immediate as the previously mentioned businesses, but it can be incredibly lucrative and fulfilling.

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You can start blogging for $0. If you choose a free platform like Blogger which offers a free option. However, if you intend to make money from blogging I highly recommend using a self-hosted site. The two things you need for a self-hosted site are a domain name and a website host. You can get your domain + three years of hosting for about $125 through Bluehost.

Two of my favorite blogging platforms are through WordPress or Square Space. With WordPress, you need hosting and a domain name. If you are just getting started I recommend using Bluehost. Later you can upgrade your web design for a paid template, but WordPress offers some beautiful free templates which are great to start with

With SquareSpace, there is a monthly fee associated with using the website, but it includes your web hosting. If you choose one of their yearly plans you will also get a free domain!

SquareSpace is super easy to navigate and has gorgeous templates included which you can modify to make your blog exactly how you want it. I chose to use SquareSpace for this site because of the simplicity of designing it myself.

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