7 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Internet Access Legally
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7 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Internet Access Legally

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Did you know you can get free internet access at home and in public?

In today’s digital age, connecting to the internet has become a personal must-have. It’s virtually a basic need; almost like clothing and home furnishings.

If you want to go shopping, you can find a lot of stuff in Amazon and other online shops that you may not see in physical stores. You can also pay your bills online.

For movie entertainment, there’s Netflix. If you want to grab a bite for your movie night, you can order your pizza and burgers online.

The internet is also a wonderful place that lets you connect with family and friends even if you’re miles apart. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter let you do that and more.

If you want to make extra money, the internet is a great place to look for a side hustle. Check out the many online jobs for moms that let you earn top dollar as a freelance writer or virtual assistant.

The internet has come a long way since it popped into the mainstream and became a household name. And because it’s become an integral part of everyday life, demand has surged. So has its price.

What’s the average cost for internet?

In most places, it will set you back around $50 a month to have an internet connection. But that’s just the promotional period.

Beyond that, the cost could reach $60 or more. If you want the premium package, expect to have an internet bill in the hundreds of dollars.

And to think, about a decade ago, the average monthly internet cost was just $10.

As internet speeds get faster, prices will just keep getting higher. No wonder a lot of folks take advantage of free WiFi in hotels and restos.

Looking for ways to get free internet access?

Did you know you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars every month to get connected online?

Luckily, there are ways to work around this quandary and save money on your monthly internet expense.

You’re probably wondering if free internet access is possible; better yet, is it even legal?

Guess what?

It is!

Enjoy free internet access without landing into any legal trouble.

Finding free internet connection (and legally too) is surprisingly easier than you think. There are tons of resources that help you get access online without having to spend a dime.

In fact, there are non-profit organizations that partnered with internet service providers to give low-income households access to use free internet.

One of these non-profit organizations is EveryoneOn.org. This group seeks to bridge the socioeconomic gap by providing free internet access to everyone.

EveryoneOn.org is part of the Connect To Compete program.

The organization understands the need to be connected on the internet, seeing as how there are social and employment opportunities online.

By providing free or low-cost internet, economically disadvantaged families get access to these opportunities, giving them the chance to compete against their financially capable peers.

Wondering how to get free internet access?

Are you still trying to figure out how to get free internet at home or in public?

Here are your choices. Let’s start with the options of getting free internet access in public.

Go to a place with free WiFi.

What’s a great draw for cafés nowadays?

Free WiFi.

So if you’re in the city, you’re likely to find establishments that offer free WiFi to their customers. In fact, even fast-food chains and grocery stores provide free internet access; gyms too.

If you’re working on your laptop and need to use free internet, you can just go hopping from one establishment to another. Go to the gym in the morning, sit in a café by midday, and enjoy a lovely evening at a quiet little restaurant by sundown.

On a given day, you get to sweat it out, grab a bite, and enjoy your brew while getting your free WiFi.

Of course, there’s a downside to this. Most of these places have restricted hours, which means when it’s closing time, then no more free WiFi for you.

A common example of a place with free WiFi…  

Check your local coffee shop!

Buy a cup of coffee and stick around in the coffee shop for hours. If you need to focus on some work, this place is the perfect spot. It’s got a vibrant feel yet you can work without being disturbed.

Most coffee shops provide free internet access. So if you’re looking to pursue online jobs as a freelance writer or virtual assistant, you can do so within the comfort of your tiny corner in the coffee shop.

Have you considered going to a coworking space?

With remote work’s popularity on the rise comes the increase in appeal for coworking spaces.

As people choose online freelance work over the conventional 9-to-5 set-up, they come looking for a favorable place that can let them focus on their work.

Can’t get any work done at home?

Coworking spaces offer a conducive atmosphere, giving the look and feel of a traditional office.

If you’re easily distracted and coffee shops aren’t your thing, coworking spaces might offer the perfect working environment for you. Plus, you get to meet other remote workers even if you’re not actually working for the same team or company.

Most coworking spaces have fast internet. And they have the amenities that a typical office has—great lighting, unlimited supply of coffee, conference rooms, etc.

However, you may have to pay for your time and space in these venues. But the benefits generally outweigh it. Working in coworking spaces get you free internet access, meet new friends, and all the perks you can find in an office setting.

Hotels also offer free WiFi and are open 24 hours a day.

Do you find yourself energetic and enthusiastic for work when in a busy and bustling place?

Perhaps you’d like to mix things up a bit and go to a nearby hotel. They’re open 24 hours a day and offers fast internet.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in for the night. You get free internet access at the lounge area, and it’s free to hang out.

Did you know some cities are providing free internet access to its residents?

About a hundred cities around the world are now introducing city-wide WiFi; over 80 of them are U.S. cities.

If you live in one of the urban areas in the U.S., you’re likely to enjoy free internet access.

It’s a great thing that many cities have recognized the integral role that the internet plays in day-to-day living.

But if your city has yet to provide carpet coverage, you can always go to these spots I’ve mentioned. You’ll be surprised how many local businesses and public places in your area are hooked up with free internet access.

Did you know you can get free internet access at home, and legally at that?

Nothing beats getting free internet access in your own home, right?

Imagine just spending a lazy day in your pajamas as you work on your tasks.

Got a deadline and you need to do an all-nighter?

With internet at home, you don’t have to go hopping from one establishment to another as each one closes for the day. You can just rest easy and complete your work within the comforts of your home.

Having internet at home also lets you browse the web, watch movies online, or check your emails.

Isn’t that convenient?

How to get free internet at home legally?

Did you know there are companies that provide free internet access?

Two companies that stand out are NetZero and FreedomPop.

Here’s what you need to know about these two internet service providers.


Want free or low-cost WiFi at home?

Look to NetZero.

Did you know NetZero was among those that pioneered the idea of providing free internet access more than 20 years ago?

This company is one of the oldest and trusted internet service providers. And it’s also one of the best options if you want affordable internet.

NetZero offers a free internet plan. However, it’s only limited to 10 hours per month.

If you need more data, you can upgrade to another plan.

At 1GB, the basic plan is around $18 a month. Its priciest plan is at around $80, which gives you 8GB a month. Please note, however, that NetZero adds a $3.95 monthly fee to access these internet plans (excluding the free internet service).

NetZero also offers a free mobile broadband plan, which gives you internet access up to 200 MB.

If you don’t use that much data in a month, NetZero is the perfect choice for zero-cost internet access.


Are you looking to get connected online without the steep monthly internet cost?

Save cash when you sign up with FreedomPop.

If you’re a heavy internet user who hasn’t heard of FreedomPop, there’s a lot you’re missing out.

Here’s a quick background of FreedomPop.

The internet service provider is based in Los Angeles, California. Its vision is to provide everyone free internet access. At the moment, the company is giving talk, text, and data plans at no cost.

If you want internet access at no charge, sign up for FreedomPop’s free plan. You get 200 MB of data a month for free.

Need more data?

You can get up to 4GB of data every month when you sign up for FreedomPop’s most expensive plan, which costs under $35 per month. Compare that with NetZero’s data plan, this one’s a better deal.

Check out these other ways to get free internet access.

Finding free WiFi can feel like hitting a gold mine.

You might want to check out these tools to help you find the WiFi spots near you.


It is what it seems. WifiMap lists down the locations of WiFi spots near you.

What’s cool about this app is that it provides not only a map of these places but also the passwords that you will need to connect to their WiFi.

Wondering if this is legit?

Yes, it is. WifiMap has been featured by major outlets including CNN, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Wifi Free Spot

Just like the one above, Wifi Free Spot features a list of free local WiFi hotspots.

This directory also features listings on a state-by-state basis. It also has a specialized index for hotels and inns, airports, and large companies.


Here’s another great app that lets you in on the nearest places with free WiFi. Plus, it gives you the passwords too.

InstaBridge identifies which WiFi hotspots work and automatically connects you while keeping you off those that don’t.

All Free ISP

Want to locate free or low-cost internet in your area?

Check out All Free ISP. It’s a database that features a list of free ISP dial-up access numbers in your area.

Simply enter your state or zip code. It will give you a list of service providers that offer free or low-cost internet access.

What’s great about All Free ISP is that it also gives reviews of all available service providers in the area.

Check out these other free or low-cost internet service providers.

Looking for other options for free or low-cost internet?

Here’s more.


Don’t mind getting dial-up internet every month?

With Juno, you get free internet access. The downside, though, is that it’s slow.

But if you’re looking for something faster, you can sign up for its accelerated dial-up internet at around $30 a month.

Before opting for the premium plan, I suggest you try the free version first. If you find the speed is too slow, that’s when you’ll upgrade to the faster internet.

Signing up with Juno is quick. And if you’re not happy with the service, you can cancel it anytime you want. There’s no locked-in contract.

Xfinity Hotspots

For this one, you’ll need to be a Comcast Xfinity customer to get free internet access; it comes bundled with the TV package or home internet subscription.

But if you’re not an Xfinity internet customer, you can still get Xfinity WiFi On Demand when you’re in range of a hotspot.

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Do you have tips on how to get internet for free?

Feel free to share any free internet service you’ve tried. We’d love to hear about it.

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