20 Legitimate Online Jobs For Moms That Pay Well

McKinzie Bean
McKinzie Bean
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I remember when I had my first baby I looked so hard to find something I could do from home, butgood online jobs for stay at home moms in the last five years there have been a ton of new online jobs for moms that have opened up.

If you are a stay at home mom but still want to earn some money, you can still do so through online jobs! There are lots of legit work from home jobs for moms that can help you achieve your financial goals while still being able to take care of your family at home.

Depending on your needs, schedule, and flexibility, there are good online jobs that you can try out.

The best stay at home mom jobs:


Being a mommy blogger is a popular online job for moms. This is because of the amount of flexibility that you can have. You can work whatever hours and days that fit your schedule or your family’s schedule.

When I first started my blog I would start working on my blog at 10:00 at night once everyone was asleep. It was hard work getting my blog started, but I eventually was able to grow it to make more than I did at my old full-time job.

Mom bloggers can earn around $500 – $50,000 in a month.

Another pro to being a blogger is that you don’t need to be a computer programmer or techie, you don’t even have to be a professional writer. The key is to write or blog about something you feel passionate about or what interests you. You may have some knowledge you want to share with other moms that can be helpful for them.

I get a ton of questions about how I grew my blog so I put together a few resources to help you get started!

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who does specific tasks for a company or client. You are doing the work and performing your duties from your home, hence the term “virtual”.

Everything is done online such as meetings, emails, writing, editing, researching, and many more. As a virtual assistant, your tasks could range from managing social media, ghostwriting, replying to emails, sending invoices, graphic design, editing, photoshop, scheduling meetings, data entry, customer service, and other admin work.

My very first online job as a mom was working as a virtual assistant for a small local company. I did social media management, influencer marketing, and customer service. I learned a ton and it helped me develop skills that eventually helped me grow my own businesses.

Many virtual assistants start at about $15, but as you develop your skills and especially if you can specialize in an area you can earn up to $50 an hour.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant check out this blog post that outlines how to become a virtual assistant.

Freelance Writer

If you are passionate about writing, then being a freelance writer could be a great option for you. Freelance writing is a great job for moms because it allows you to have the flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

There are also lots of businesses and even bloggers out there that need writers. You can write for blogs, magazines, social media, and media publications.

Some freelance writing sites you can check out are Babble, Narratively, Upworthy, to name a few. You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to succeed in this job. You can simply share your own knowledge and personal experiences and earn some money in doing so.

Some freelance writers can even earn up to $200,000 a year.

This guide will help you figure out how to become a freelance writer.

Online Tutor

If you have specific knowledge about a subject or have teaching or tutoring experience, you can apply to become an online tutor and earn from home.

One of the best online tutoring jobs out there is VIPKid. This company hires English tutors to teach Chinese kids online. You don’t need to learn another language, you would just need to have a bachelor’s degree and have some teaching experience.

The pay could range from $14 – $22 an hour. Another great thing is that VIPKid allows you to choose your own teaching schedule, so it’s perfect for a busy stay-at-home mama. Their peak hours are in the early mornings or late evenings so right when your little ones are asleep.

You can read our detailed VIPKid review here to decide if it would be a good fit for you!

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree yet but you are working on one try QKids. They do not require that you have completed your degree.

You can also go to Tutor.com for more tutoring job options. Being an online tutor can be a satisfying job to have especially if you like to help others and teach others as well.


If you are a grammar aficionado, have a great eye for detail,  and can spot grammar and spelling mistakes, then you can try becoming a proofreader online.

Depending on the company, they would have different requirements regarding your experience or skills. 

There are also free proofreading courses to help you out in case you want to learn more and improve your skills.

This free webinar is a great place to start!

Selling on Amazon

If you are a deal-savvy mom then this might be a great option for you.

There are two main ways you can find products to sell on Amazon, retail arbitrage or private label.

Retail Arbitrage is where you find things on sale or on clearance in stores (or online) and then sell it on Amazon for a higher price.

Private label will require more to get into, but with it, you purchase products in bulk straight from the manufacturer and sell them as your own products.

We sold on Amazon FBA a few years ago and made some good money from it. But for most people, I would recommend starting with retail arbitrage until you’ve learned the ropes and have a little bit more money to invest in products.

Once you have your products you ship them to Amazon and they list them on their site. When it sells they ship it to the customer for you and you get your cut of the sale.

When I was first getting started I learned a lot from the Selling Family. They have a free Amazon course that you can take that will walk you through getting started with Amazon. They were able to build up a business making over $100,000 a year via retail arbitrage.


As a dropshipper you don’t have to actually carry any products and the investment to get started is small. First, you will create a Shopify store (you can get a free trial with this special link), then you will do some research to find products that you can sell for a profit using Oberlo.

The items you will sell come directly from the manufacturer.

Generally, these manufacturers are in China. When your customer orders from your site then you go in and order directly from the manufacturer and they ship it right to your customer.

This is a great online job for moms because you don’t have to invest a ton of money upfront or carry inventory.

You can really sell anything you want to! Having an online store also means you are more flexible and you can still take care of your home and family at the same time.

You don’t need to be a computer expert to have an online store either. There are tons of beautiful themes and templates that you can use on Shopify to quickly make a gorgeous store.

Freelance Graphic Designer

This is a freelance job for moms that requires a higher level of skill.

You don’t necessarily need formal training or a degree, but you do need to know how to design. You can always take courses online to enhance your skills. This free course from my friend Kimi has a ton of graphic design tips if you want to market your services to bloggers.

As a freelance graphic designer, you need to know programs like Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others.

Nowadays, all kinds of companies and businesses would require a graphic designer and this work can be profitable for you if you would become successful at it. There is definitely a market out there for it.

You can also make a significant amount, especially if you have the experience and have built up your portfolio. You can charge around $25-$300 per hour and the average amount a freelance graphic designer will earn in a year is around $60,000.

What’s great about being a freelance graphic designer is that you can choose to accept work or projects or not, it’s all up to you and how much you are willing to take on.

Online marketing

There are a lot of online marketing positions out there that stay-at-home moms can take on. You can provide marketing services to companies like being a SEO strategist, content strategist, social media expert, Facebook ads manager and more.

These kind of jobs are good for you if you are into marketing and promoting products, services, and brands.

If you want to learn how to run Facebook ads for bloggers this free training is great.

Search Engine Evaluator

The role of a search engine evaluator is to make sure that search engines are always updated and accurate. It’s another one of those online jobs for moms that will allow you to work at any time you prefer.

You don’t need any special skills or training to be a search engine evaluator. All you need is a computer and good an internet connection.

Companies that hire search engine evaluators include Appen, LionBridge, among many others. When you have applied online, you will then be given an assessment test.

Roughly you can earn $12 – $14 per hour, depending on the company you are working for. There are also companies all over the world who are looking for search engine evaluators so it’s an in-demand online job.


Being a transcriptionist means you listen to audio files and record them as text in a document. This requires you to enhance your listening as well as your typing skills.

If you want, you can make a business out of this and offer your own services to earn even more. Transcriptionists are in super high demand.

Here are a couple of free courses if you think this is something you would enjoy:

  1. Free General Transcription Course
  2. Or learn about the specialized niche of legal transcription

Data Entry

This job entails you to follow directions and key in specific data that a company or business would require. You can easily do this from your home and you would just need the right equipment. It’s great work to do to give you extra income.

There is a big demand for this job but you have to make sure you do your research and find a legit company.

There is also a lot of competition out there for this role. Some companies you can check out are: Sigtrack, Quicktate, SpeakWrite, among others.

Chat Agents

Chat agent work involves work similar to customer service in a sense that you are basically helping customers and answering inquiries. The only difference is that everything is done online in the form of chat.

You would just need to work your way around the computer and also be willing to help others. Having the right helpful attitude can also go a long way since you are doing a sort of customer service job.

You can check out sites like The Chat Shop to find chat agent work opportunities.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves you referring a certain product or service to someone. If that person uses your link and buys that particular product or service, you can then earn a commission from it.

It’s an easy and convenient way to earn extra income because after setting everything up, you don’t need to meet deadlines, answer phones, reply to emails, or anything like that.

This means you can still have your own mommy time to do other things while having the potential to earn from your affiliates.

Some of my favorite affiliate networks to work with are: 

One great way to make money with affiliate marketing is by using affiliate links on Pinterest!


If you like the idea of dealing with numbers or finances as part of your work, then being a bookkeeper may work for you. As a bookkeeper, you will be taking down financial transactions, producing financial statements, creating financial reports, and basically organizing a company or organization’s accounts.

You can do this work either directly for a company, or you can create your own business and provide this service for clients. This will be kind of like freelance bookkeeping work.

If you have had no experience, you can always take free courses online to help you understand and learn more about the craft.

If you already had the experience, you can go apply to directly to companies like Belay or Accountingdepartment.com. As a bookkeeper, you can charge up to $80 per hour, while working for the companies mentioned above would let you earn around $16 per hour.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for you to use your creativity and sell items that you are passionate about, and make a profit while doing it. What’s great about it is that you can manage your own time and be flexible – something that is very important for a stay-at-home mom job.

Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is basically a “secret” shopper which requires you to do market research for certain companies. You would then make reports based on what is required of you. These are based on actual observations.

It’s also flexible enough for stay-at-home moms since you can choose to accept certain assignments or not. Some companies that you can check out for mystery shopping jobs are: BestMark, Intellishop, Market Force, Trendsource.

Social Media Manager

Social media is very popular nowadays and almost everyone has an account in different platforms. If you love to be on social media, why not make money out of it at the same time?

As a social media manager, your job is to manage a company or business’ social media accounts. You can create posts, respond to messages and inquiries, reply to comments, etc. It is flexible because you can take on as many clients as you have time for. 

You can earn around $1,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on how many clients and work you have.


If photography is your passion, you can definitely do it and earn some cash out of your hobby. If you have great quality photos, you can create an online portfolio and you can post your work on social media and sell them. You can also sell your photos as stock photography to companies like Shutterstock and iStock.

You can also offer services to friends, family, or small businesses.

Family YouTube channels

If you are comfortable being in front of the camera you can create a YouTube channel about a topic you are passionate about. As you get more views and followers you can run ads on your Youtube channel. As you build a loyal following you also can work with brands on sponsored videos. 

It’s flexible enough since you have control of your own time and you can work from home or anywhere else. You also have control of what content you would put out there.


Being able to provide income for your family while still being able to be there for your kids at home is something that a lot of moms strive for (I know I do!). There are tons of legitimate online jobs for moms that you can start quickly without a lot of start-up costs.

What is your favorite stay at home mom job on this list?

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  1. As a stay at home mom, I recommend “Medical Coding” as a wonderful work from home option. Yes, you will need training. You can’t just code medical records without having proper training. However, this is a real and promising career. I used to work for “Career Step” and they have an awesome Medical Coding course.


    Their training is done online and is self-paced. You could finish the program in 4 months but 6 months is probably more realistic. They do however give you up to a year to get it all done. Their program prepares you to become certified by the American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of Professional Coders. They are partnered with RCM Healthcare services a premier provider of staffing solutions for over 400 healthcare institutions. They get their graduates working from home right out of the program.

    The average salary for this career is about $40,000. Their entire program including books, instructors and job assistance is around $3,000 and they offer sweet payment plans.

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