How To Use Tailwind To Skyrocket Traffic To Your Blog
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How To Use Tailwind To Skyrocket Traffic To Your Blog

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Wondering how to use Tailwind? This ultimate guide to Tailwind will help you get started fast!

Social media graphic with image of Ipad and text How to Use Tailwind to Massively Increase Your Pinterest Traffic

I am a busy mama. I don’t have time to be on Pinterest all day and I know you have a life and can’t be on Pinterest all the time either. So how can we maximize our time so we can still kill it on Pinterest?

By using a Pinterest Scheduler!

My favorite Pinterest scheduling tool is called Tailwind. Today I’m going to show you how to use Tailwind plus some of my favorite features that have convinced me that Tailwind is a small business must have


Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved scheduling tool that allows you to schedule out your pins. Instead of spending all day long posting your blog posts you can easily sit down in an hour and schedule out all of your pins for the week. Pretty awesome, huh?


1. First, sign up for Tailwind here and get a coupon for your first month free.

2. Once you’ve created your account install the Tailwind chrome extension. It is free and will make scheduling your pins so much easier.

Creating Your Tailwind Schedule

When you sync your Pinterest account with Tailwind it will analyze your pins to determine what time of day is best for YOUR specific account to pin. There are general times that pins do better on Pinterest but this feature tailors them directly to your followers. This feature is invaluable!

In addition to their best-timed pins, they have additional suggested times. You also have the option to add your own custom times to pin.

As you add more times to your schedule it will give you more and more suggested times. You can add as many of these as you would like.

Screenshot of Tailwind schedule

Once you’ve created your Tailwind schedule there are a few ways that you can start scheduling your pins.

Pinning Individual Pins

1. Head over to your site (or someone else’s) and hover over one of the images. In the bottom left corner, a little button will pop up that says schedule.

Screenshot of Tailwind button

When you click on that button you have the option to schedule that pin to your boards.

Where it says “Type A Board Name” you can begin typing in the name of your board and it will pull it up. Or you can click your mouse in that area and then scroll through all of your personal and group boards.

Screenshot of Tailwind with Type a Board Name

In the middle section is where you can update your pin description. Make sure to have 2-3 sentences with strong Pinterest SEO to have the highest chance of your pin ranking in Pinterest search. Typically, I recommend 2-3 sentences and 2-3 hashtags for a Pinterest description.

Tailwind Tribes

Where it says, “Add to Tribes” that is referring to Tailwind Tribes which are collaborative Pinterest groups you can join. In these groups, you can share your content as well as share other’s content on Pinterest. It is a great way to expand your audience.

For a full tutorial view this post how to use Tailwind tribes.

Tailwind SmartLoop

Where it says, “Add to Smartloop” that is referring to Tailwind’s new Smartloop feature. This feature automatically recycles your pins for you. Simply add them to one of your loops and Tailwind will pin them for your on your predetermined schedule.

You can read my detailed tutorial on how to use Tailwind Smartloops here.

When you’ve added all of the boards you would like to schedule your pin to click on “Add to Queue Now.”

How to batch schedule your pins


I am a huge believer in batch business-related tasks. It saves so much time! Tailwind makes it SUPER easy to batch schedule all of your pins.

First, go to your feed or to a board that you want to schedule multiple pins from (this is great for repinning from group boards that have repin requirements). Once you are on that board scroll down so about 100 pins have populated on the page.

Then click on the Tailwind Chrome extension and a scheduling window like this will pop up. Select any of the pins that you would like to schedule by clicking on them. Once a pin is selected a blue border will show up around the edges and it will also show up in the bottom left corner.

Once you have selected all the pins that you would like click “Go Schedule” in the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of Tailwind Select Pins to Schedule with images of office supplies including computer and flowers

When you click go schedule a new window will pop up. This is where you add which boards you would like to schedule your pins to.

Where it says “Add Board to All” you can type in the name of a board and it will add it to all of the pins you are scheduling. This can be a major time-saver!

If you want to schedule your pins to different boards add in the boards directly below the pin where it says “Type a Board Name.”

Once you’ve added all the boards to your pins click “Schedule All” and it will add the pins to your Tailwind queue.

Screenshot Tailwind Add Boad to All with images of office supplies including computer and flowers


If you aren’t using a scheduling tool you most likely have your blog post go live and then you pin it to every group board you are a part of. In theory, it seems like a good idea, but this can come off as spammy and reduces the number of people who will actually see your pins.

Screenshot of Tailwind Schedule Preview

With intervals, you can set your pins to be spread out over the course of minutes, hours, days or weeks. This is a much more effective way to share your posts to group boards and other related boards on your account.

With your interval pinning, you can select to have it go to the open time slots in your schedule or to optimized times closest to your interval. I usually choose optimized.


Let’s say you have a pin that you want to schedule to multiple boards, or you may have similar content that was scheduled all in a row. This is where the shuffle feature comes in handy. By pushing the “Shuffle Queue” button you can shuffle your entire Pinterest schedule. This helps create a balance of the content you are sharing.

Screenshot of Tailwind Scheduled Pins and Shuffle Queue

But you may be thinking, “What about the pins I want to have posted at a specific time?” Then you can use the Lock function. This will lock your pins in place so they are not moved when you shuffle your queue.


Tailwind is one of my absolute favorite tools that I use to grow my blog and Tailwind pricing is super reasonable too.

Screenshot of Tailwind Pricing Graphic

When I teach about Tailwind I’m asked, “Does Tailwind cost money?” and “How much is Tailwind a month?”

With their annual plan, it works out to be 9.99/month. Or you can opt for the monthly plan that is $15/month.

Plus, with this special link, you can get a $15 credit you can use towards the monthly or yearly plan.


Tailwind is an incredibly powerful tool and they have loads of cool features, but not everyone uses the tool to its full potential.

Take a look at these features that help you use Tailwind to its maximum capacity.

Insane Analytics

When you sign up for a Pinterest Business account you do receive access to some amazing analytics, but Tailwind’s analytics system is on steroids. 

Tailwind has a clear and useful analytics tool that will help monitor all activity on your page. You can track the number of followers by week, viral pins, top performing boards and much, much more. You can monitor your metrics on Tailwind + they will send you an overview via email each week.

Board Lists

If you are like me you have a million group boards you like to pin to. Scheduling pins does save time, but this step can still feel like FOR-EV-ER (please, tell me you said this in your best “Squints” Sandlot voice.) With Tailwind you can create lists for boards that you frequently use together. Massive group board scheduling problem solved!

Screenshot of Tailwind Your Board Lists

Unlimited Pinning

If you get the month to month version you are only able to pin 400 pins per month, however, if you get the annual plan your pinning is unlimited!

Pin Inspector

The pin inspector shows you what pins are doing well. It shows the number of repins, likes and comments on your most recent pins. You are able to filter which pins you see by their category, board or if they are from your website. You also can search for certain terms.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector with one pin image of notebook, pencil and tea

Flagged Pins

Unfortunately, there are spammers out there and some links that look authentic will lead to trashy sites. Having these pins can be harmful to your ranking in the Pinterest smart feed. It is incredibly tedious to click through every pin to check if it links to spam content (this probably isn’t good for your computer either).

Tailwind, however, will flag pins that are missing a description, have broken links or are linked to suspicious content. From there you can either delete the pin or update it.

Board Insights

Another aspect of Tailwind’s analytics features is Board Insights. This shows you how well your boards are doing. Using this tool can help you tweak your strategy so you know which boards to keep pinning to and which you need to re-evaluate. Tailwind’s Board Insights are super helpful when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your group boards.

Conclusion: Does Tailwind Work?

I started using Tailwind for client accounts back in early 2016 and use it for both of my blogs. It is an absolutely amazing resource that every blogger should have in their tool-kit.

Want proof that Tailwind works?

Check out the growth of my Pinterest viewers within the first month and a half of using Tailwind. In that short window of time, I was able to boost my viewers and engagement by over 2,000% (you can also check out the typical results here). This has been incredibly influential in surpassing my goals for blog traffic and email subscribers.

Screenshot of graphic from Tailwind of monthly viewers and monthly engaged

Are you convinced yet that Tailwind is a business no-brainer? Then start your free trial and comment below which feature is your favorite!

McKinzie Bean
McKinzie is a mom of two, and a personal finance enthusiast. She loves teaching other moms how to save money, make money, and take control of their financial situation. She has started five profitable businesses and in college, she double-majored in Financial Planning and Psychology. You may have seen her in publications like Forbes, The US Chamber of Commerce, Yahoo Finance,, The Penny Hoarder, & more.

19 thoughts on “How To Use Tailwind To Skyrocket Traffic To Your Blog”

  1. hi

    thanks for the detailed blog post. I signed up to a tailwind and I uploaded my pins to some tribes and scheduled my pins to my boards using a smart loop. I’m not quite sure if I’m doing this properly tough….how do I get more traffic to my site? at the moment I’m getting about 20 to 30 views per day.
    I have around 40 blog posts on my site so far.
    can you tell me what you do to get this kind of traffic?


  2. hi, thank you for that. I kind of understand Pinterest though im new to Tailwind and im wonder what should be the repin ratio between my pins and other people pins ?

    1. Hey Ania!

      If you don’t have a lot of blog content yet it will probably be like 80% others content and 20% your content that you are pinning. Once you have more posts published and more pins to circulate you can gradually shift towards 50/50.

  3. Hi McKinzie,

    Thank you for your awesome content. I just started Pinterest and Tailwind few weeks back. However, I still don’t see much reshare and repin at the moment.

    Can I ask how many blog posts, pins, and group boards you had to get such high engagement in the first month? Currently I’m only have 11 tribes and 5 group boards.


  4. Hi Mckinzie, thats an amazing blog!

    I have a question that if I want to get more traffic to my own website then can I update the url (which was linking to some other site before) to my website ?
    if I do this, will my account be suspended ?

    1. Hey Nikhil!

      Great question. Yes, redirecting someone else’s pin to your site is copyright infringement and will get your account marked as spam and shut down on Pinterest. I would not recommend going that route. The best thing you can do is start creating your own content and making pins for your posts! Best of luck!

        1. No. You need to be the one that creates the graphic. Taking graphics and images is copyright infringement. I’d recommend using stock photos and creating your own graphics 🙂

  5. Thank you for this explanation of Tailwinds, I have heard so much about it, but hadn’t actually dove into it. Your explanation and direction is perfect!

    One question, I read somewhere that you should be pinning 30 pins per day? What is your take on that?

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