Money Games for Teens: Teach Your Teen Financial Skills
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Money Games for Teens: Teach Your Teen Financial Skills

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Are you looking for money games for teens?

Teaching kids the value of money at an early age is a smart decision. With these money games, teens can have a fun, educational platform for them to learn important life skills that they can’t afford to live without.

Teens need to develop financial literacy Skills.

Did you know about 22 percent of teenage students do not have the fundamental skills and knowledge in financial literacy?

This 2017 study by the Program for International Student Assessment only reinforced the need for improving financial literacy among U.S. teenagers.

But having the knowledge in smart money matters is one thing; using this knowledge in real-world scenarios through the application of sound money judgment is another.

Knowing and applying these essential skills are two halves that should come together.

Teens need to learn the basics of making fruitful investments, saving money, and avoiding consumer debt. Then apply their knowledge into making smart decisions.

Are there money games for teens?

Yes, there are a lot of games that feature enjoyable money games and educational activities to keep their interest and focus.

In this article, I’ve put together a list of the best money games for teens. These apps provide a fun, hands-on way of imparting the basics of personal finance to these teens.

From teaching them how to budget to setting financial goals, these fun money management games for teenagers will instill in them the importance of understanding the value of money.

Help your kids become good with money.

Are you looking for creative ideas for teaching personal finance skills to teens?

Learning about smart money management and personal finance takes a lifetime to get good at. And what better way to impart these essential skills to your kids than to have them start early.

Now is the best time to start.

Admittedly, teaching money matters and personal finance concepts to teenagers can get boring. And when they get bored, they tend to lose focus, and the subject becomes excruciatingly tedious to them.

How do you teach these important financial principles?

These financial literacy games for teenagers will provide the fundamental knowledge and skills in a fun and exciting way.

Teens can learn the basics of asset and debt management to financial investing. Through these fun and educational money games, your kids will know that personal finance can be fun and interesting.

The best money games for teens

There are hundreds of finance-oriented educational games available for teens. To make it easy for you to find one that suits your kid, I’ve gathered some of the best money games for teens.

Let’s start with the classic board game Monopoly.

1. Monopoly

Released by Hasbro, this classic board game accommodates up to 10 players. The goal is to drive the opposing players into bankruptcy.

Monopoly was originally a game published by Parker Bros. However, when Hasbro acquired the latter company in 1991, it also picked up the game. Today, Hasbro published other versions of the classic board game.

The players will take turns in moving around the game board. They have the option to buy the spot they landed on every turn unless it is already owned by another player; in the latter case, they will need to pay rent to its owner.

If there are more developments on the lot such as houses or hotels, the rent to be collected by the owner will be higher.

The players can also agree on their house rules, making Monopoly a highly dynamic, customizable game.

Monopoly is a fun board game for the whole family.

Monopoly Classic Game
  • Buy, sell, dream and scheme your way to riches
  • Players buy, sell and trade to win
  • Build houses and hotels on your properties and bankrupt your opponents to win it all

2. Sub Shop

Order up!

Get your tasty sandwiches ready and serve them to your hungry patrons in the Sub Shop. This classic board game can help instill an entrepreneurial spirit in your child.

In this game, you play the role of a business owner, running a fast-food chain. Your goal is to satisfy each patron of the shop and earn a huge tip.

Sub Shop contains 54 cards along with the zany customers, play money, and a kitchen service bell.

The game characters are artfully designed. See the silly bios of Butcher Bill, Cheezy Chaz, and Petey Pig along with other 40 fun facts about them.

If you’re looking for a fantastic strategy game that teaches kids the importance of earning money through hard work, get Sub Shop. It accommodates players of all ages and skill levels.

Sub Shop Board Game | Classic Sandwich Building Card Game for Families | Family Fun Tabletop...
  • ORDER UP AT THE SUB SHOP! Build 11 unique sandwiches and claim all the tips! Can you satisfy each unique patron of the Sub Shop? Named a Dr. Toy's Best Pick for 2015
  • WHAT'S ON THE MENU? Includes 54 cards, 9 zany & overcooked customers, play money, a real tablecloth game board, & a classic kitchen service bell
  • ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS: Grows with young players! Basic and Advanced rules accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. With elements of strategy and memory card games, this game is fresh and familiar enough to satisfy the appetite of gamers from all backgrounds!

3. Moneytopia

Let your teens learn how to manage their money in Moneytopia.

In this financial strategy game, they will need to keep track of their finances, pay their dues on time, and handle other important matters that can impact their finances.

This free-to-play game also offers video guides that teach the concept of compound interest and apartment living to teens. Truly an immersive and educational game that imparts real-world lessons.

4. Cashflow For Kids

Can teaching personal finance be fun for teens?

With this classic board game, yes, it can!

Based on the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad comes a fun game that teaches teens the fundamentals of investing, accounting, and finance.

Author Robert Kiyosaki designed this board game so kids can learn the basic concepts of assets, liabilities, and capital gains. He delivered in such a way that it’s easy to understand.

Cashflow For Kids features real-world scenarios for kids to practice their personal finance skills. They get to invest their money, acquire new assets, and address the perils of debts.

If you’re looking for money games for teens that encourages wise and prudent use of financial resources, Cashflow For Kids is a fun and enjoyable platform that will develop your children’s financial intelligence.

Rich Dad- CASHFLOW for Kids - Education Board Game for Children
  • Learn the differences between an asset and a liability
  • Practice real world investing with play money
  • Discover how money works

5. Act Your Wage!

This game will teach your kids to live within their means.

Act Your Wage! is a fun board game that forces them to keep their budget in line. If they need to spend, they can only do so if they have enough cash in their hand. The player who reaches the goal of $1,000 in their emergency fund wins.

6. Daytrader: A Financial Board Game

Want to teach your kids the basics of stock trading?

Strike it rich and hit the jackpot. Feel the ups and downs of the stock market experience like in the Wolf of Wall Street in Daytrader: A Financial Board Game.

This exciting board game will teach your teens the concept of buying low and selling high. It brings the same chills and thrills that one would experience when investing in the stock market.

Your goal is to pocket millions and be the first to retire. Navigate the unpredictable stock market and pile up your riches. Even if you have no prior knowledge of stock trading, you will enjoy Daytrader: A Financial Board Game.

Daytrader: A Financial Board Game
  • Keep all players engaged the entire game, every turn matters
  • Educational twist and exposes players to basic concepts of finance
  • Fun, illustrative design and impress the art-lovers

7. Stock Market Game

Here’s another stock trading game for teens.

Stock Market Game (available here) connects teens to the realities of the global economy through online stock market simulations. If you want to introduce your kids to the basics of investing, economics, and personal finance, this wonderful game is perfect.

Get involved in your kids’ development and awareness in finance and capital markets. This fantastic game provides teens with the fundamental concepts of financial math.

Stock Market Game features easy-to-follow lessons, instructional guides, projects, and fun activities. You also get access to a library of helpful resources.

8. Mogul: Real Estate Finance Management Game

Want to impart real-world skills in your teens?

Get it from Mogul: Real Estate Finance Management Game. Each spin brings new opportunities for profit and excitement.

This fun game lets you try your luck in the real estate business; from property acquisition to management and finance.

Get a big shot investor to transact with you or have tenants move into your properties. This real estate game will also have you collecting rent and earn bonuses and perks for closing awesome deals on properties.

No two games are the same. There are infinite possibilities, and the action is always filled with suspense. It is an open-ended game that never gets boring.

But the player who has a solid strategy, a tenacious attitude, and good business instinct wins.

Let your teens try Mogul: Real Estate Finance Management Game.

9. Cash Crunch Money Games

Here’s a game that will change your teens’ outlook toward money math.

Introducing Cash Crunch Money Games (available here). Not only will this brain-challenging game test your kids’ math, but it will also improve their financial literacy.

According to its creator Paul Vasey, a lot of students are usually intimidated by money because of the math that is associated with it. He sought to change that by making this fun game.

In Cash Crunch Money Games, kids can practice making better financial decisions to develop their money skills. After all, they will deal with money every day. So an improved understanding of money math will greatly benefit them.

10. Net Worth

Here’s a great card game that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in your teens.

This is a wonderful financial management game that teaches kids important lessons on assets and liabilities.

In Net Worth, your objective is to employ all available strategies to eliminate your debts while accumulating assets; all these while navigating through a volatile financial industry and a looming stock market crash (and perhaps prepare for recession).

The player that gets the highest net worth wins.

Net Worth offers a fun and exciting experience that teaches teens the key points to becoming financially successful in an adult rate race. It’s easy to learn and highly entertaining.

If you want money games for teens, Net Worth can build them up into budding entrepreneurs.

11. Cover Your Assets

Check out this family-friendly card game that can harness your teens’ enthusiasm and drive to win.

In Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets, your objective is to match or acquire assets. Be the first player to get a million dollars in the game to win.

This fast-paced strategy game will bring out the competitive spirit in your kids. It is best enjoyed when played by eight players. The more participants in the game, the more ruthlessly challenging and fun it becomes.

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Card Game | Fun Family-Friendly Set-Collecting Game | Enjoyed by...
  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: A passion for family time inspires these gamemakers
  • CLASSIC STRATEGY GAME: Competitive play where the 1st to reach 1M in assets wins.
  • FUN FOR ALL: Create lasting memories and playful competition anytime, anywhere.

12. Practical Money Skills Games

Do you want to test your skills in personal finance?

Exercise your brain with the fun and exciting money games for teens featured by Visa’s award-winning program Practical Money Skills.

The first featured game is Financial Soccer. It’s a video game with a World Cup theme that features multiple-choice questions. Want to play?

The second game in Practical Money Skills is Financial Football 3.0. This one has an NFL theme that features a classroom curriculum in personal finance.

Road Trip To Savings will test your financial decision-making skills as it relates to income and savings. Can you steer your way toward fiscal stability?

If you like jigsaw puzzle games, you’ll love the Cash Puzzler. Fit the pieces back together and complete the dollar bill image. This game also features fun facts about money.

Here’s a wonderful game that teaches teens about making good financial choices. Countdown To Retirement will have them starting their first job and make decisions that will impact their future.

Step into a multi-dimensional world in Money Metropolis. See how your virtual bank accounts grow or shrink, following the consequences of your life decisions.

13. Money Math: Piggy Bank

Want to teach your teens the importance of saving money?

Count the coins and save them in the piggy bank.

Money Math: Piggy Bank teaches teens the value of saving money, focusing on money math, financial accounting, and abstract addition.

14. Identifying Coins: Couch Fishing

Help your kids identify dimes, nickels, and quarters. Go fishing for coins within the comforts of your couch in Identifying Coins: Couch Fishing. This is the perfect game for kids who are looking to master coin identification.

15. Gen I Revolution: Online Personal Finance Game

This money game is designed for middle school and high school teens. It teaches important skills in personal finance while they compete against their friends.

Gen I Revolution: Online Personal Finance Game features 16 missions with challenges ranging from financial woes to exploring investing options.

16. Chair The Fed Game

See how economics work in this simulated environment. Watch how monetary policies work in advancing strategies and influence the U.S. financial market.

Take a peek at the world economy in Chair The Fed Game.

Conclusion: Best Money games for teenagers

What better way to prepare your teens with real-world scenarios with these cool games.

From tips for saving money to learning how to invest and grow resources, these money games for teens offer a great way to impart personal finance skills beyond the classroom setting.

Money on a desk with a calculator and the text money games for teens Money on a desk with a calculator and the text money games for teens

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