How To Sell Your Blog For Profit (Make Up To Six-Figures!)
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How To Sell Your Blog For Profit (Make Up To Six-Figures!)

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Did you know that you can sell your blog?

If you are bringing in revenue and traffic there are investors that want to buy your site! Blogging is a business and selling a blog is a legitimate way to make money online.

This year I actually received an offer for multiple six-figures to sell my blog (but, I’m not going anywhere 😉). Crazy to think that a little blog I started in my Grandma’s basement now is worth almost enough to pay off my house!

Haven’t started a blog yet?

Check out this tutorial how to start a blog! (It’s seriously massive – 15k words + videos!)

If you are thinking about selling your blog or flipping blogs for profit this is a good equation to keep in mind. Generally, when selling a site the purchaser will pay between 2.5-3.5x the amount of your previous 12 months profit.

The amount can vary based on how you monetize, your niche, how long you’ve been blogging, your domain authority, etc. but that is a good number to get you started!

One of my friends Jenn Leach the creator of Website Flipper’s University has been selling blogs for profit for years and was kind enough to share some of her tips with us today.

How To Sell A Blog

Q. How did you get started with flipping blogs?

A. It all started with my e-commerce store. I built and grew an e-commerce store over the course of a few years. I was overworked and unhappy so I decided to sell the store and move onto new ventures. The store sold!

Fast forward about a year later, I found myself blogging on my first blog. I loved blogging but wanted to move in a new direction with a new blog niche so I decided to sell that blog. The blog sold!

Today, over a dozen websites later, I call myself a website flipper. I love building something from nothing, growing it into a profitable asset and selling it for a profit. It’s very fulfilling and I’ve been able to take advantage of a lot of cool opportunities and meet some awesome people along the way.

Website flipping is fun side hustle but it can also be a full-time job. It’s relatively easy and affordable to get started. Once you learn the process, you can rinse and repeat and flip as many websites as you’d like!

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How Much Can You Make From Selling Your Blog?

Q. How much can you make?

A. I have earned over six figures flipping websites. My first blog flip earned me five figures.  Anybody can do the same.

How much you earn is determined by the perceived value of the buyer. Here are some traits that bestselling websites have in common:

  • Traffic
  • Income
  • Subscribers
  • Lots of content
  • Social media subscribers

I once earned 100 times my gross profit on a blog sale for a website that was less than 6 months old! The norm is 6-12 months net profit for aged sites (1+ years old).

How did I do it? The blog had all the above: traffic, income, social media accounts, tons of content and subscribers.  It was a well-rounded website and was a great overall package and a good purchase for the buyer.

The takeaway: how much you can earn is based on the website value.

How To Start Selling Blogs

Q. How do I get started?

A. My course, Website Flippers University gives you all the tools you need to succeed as a website flipper.

Over the course of 3 months, we will build, grow, and flip a website! The course is loaded with tons of content in 12 modules, walking you through it all:

  • Content creation
  • Getting email subscribers
  • Growth and monetization
  • Traffic generation
  • Social media building
  • And, more!

To learn more, take a look right here.

The Best Tools For Flipping Blogs

What tools and education do you need to start flipping websites?

You need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access. You’ll need a startup budget of $50 to purchase website hosting and domain. No special skills or expert knowledge is required. If you know basic computer skills and can follow along in the course, you can get started flipping websites.

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Tips For Selling Your Blog

Q. What tips do you have for someone that wants to sell a blog?

A. Here are my top tips for someone who wants to sell a blog:

  • Take your time: while the course will show you how to build, grow and flip a website in 3 months, you can take as long as you need until you’re ready to sell.
  • Ask questions: Unsure about something? Just ask.
  • Don’t skimp on the details: Don’t be in too big of a rush to sell and forget about the details. Make sure you have all the essentials built into your blog, like traffic tracking (Google Analytics), for example.

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