Best Work At Home Nursing Jobs In 2021
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Best Work At Home Nursing Jobs In 2021

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Searching for the top work at home nursing jobs?

As a registered nurse, you’re probably thinking that the only available jobs for you are at a hospital or any medical facility.

But guess what, your job prospects can go beyond the four walls of a healthcare institution.

Did you know you can put your nurse skills in work-at-home jobs?

In fact, nursing-related positions are very common in the field of remote-based work.

The current trend shows that more registered nurses are letting go of their conventional hospital roles and opting for non-traditional, work at home nursing jobs.

So from being a triage nurse to becoming a case manager for a Worker’s Compensation claim, these professionals are opting for nurse careers from home.

In addition to being a case manager, other prospects for nursing work from home include being a hotline nurse as well as a healthcare insurance advisor.

For some, it may be an unconventional move. But doing nurse work at home can be a rewarding option. These are just like the online jobs for moms that I featured in my previous post but are a bit more specific to those with nursing degrees.

Available work at home nursing jobs

Remote-based jobs are the trend in today’s employment.

There are many industries now that are making this move. They are shifting from having in-house personnel to a home-based workforce.

Among these industries is healthcare, particularly concerning the nurses.

Because we view nurses as professionals that provide in-person care in hospitals, it comes as a surprise to many people to learn that there are plenty of RN home-based positions.

Amazingly, there are many ways for nurses to practice their skills and develop a rewarding career, doing work at home nursing jobs.

Are you interested in transitioning to work at home nursing jobs?

Do you want to go from traditional healthcare to online nursing jobs from home?

In this post, I’ve gathered some of the top career options to consider.

If you’re a nurse, you’ll be happy to know there are a handful of career options to pursue outside of conventional healthcare work in a hospital or medical institution.

Wondering if there are nurse careers from home that will still put your degree to good use?

nurse working from home with laptop and phone

Check out these work at home nursing jobs.

Are you looking for telecommute nursing jobs?

Most of these work-from-home positions allow flexible schedules, which is perfect for busy moms like us.

So if you’re interested, here are some of the popular options for work at home nursing jobs.

1. Case Manager

I’ve mentioned this position above, and you’re probably wondering what are the tasks that a case manager usually does.

Think of a case manager as an intermediary.

In case management, your job will be to coordinate with patients regarding their personalized treatment plans and other related healthcare needs. You will be acting as an advocate on the patients’ behalf.

What’s more, as a case manager, you will also be handling the disability claims of patients. To this end, you will coordinate with insurance companies as well as collaborate with the patients’ doctors and employers.

A case manager’s ultimate goal is to ensure compliance among the involved parties by facilitating communication.

Since the bulk of the work can be done over the phone or through email, the job role is perfect for a remote-based set-up.

When it comes to case management, nurses are in high demand. They are the most qualified for the job role in view of their education, training, and knowledge in the medical field.

Plus, given their familiarity with the healthcare industry, nurses are the perfect candidates for this position.

So if you have a nursing degree, you might want to look into this. Case management is one of the best work at home nursing jobs.

2. Insurance Claims Specialist

Transitioning from a nursing job to filling the role of an insurance claims specialist may seem a natural one. That’s because of the familiarity with the healthcare industry.

As an insurance claims specialist, you will help insurance companies look into claims and help them decide whether or not certain illnesses or procedures are covered under their respective policies.

If they are covered under the insurance policies, you will then help determine how much money should the insurance companies pay to each claimant.

Having a background in nursing is a great plus for a candidate applying for the job role. Nurses have medical training and knowledge; plus, they have the experience to properly make informed decisions regarding these issues.

Did you know an insurance claims specialist enjoys more than just job flexibility?

You can also earn up to $64,000 a year while working from home. In fact, you can do the job as a side hustle. Isn’t that great?

So if you’re looking for work at home nursing jobs, you might want to look into this.

3. Medical Call Center Specialist

Most doctors and medical facilities need nurses to handle their triage by phone.

But because the functions of the job can be performed remotely, this is one of the best work at home nursing jobs.

So what does this role entail?

As a medical call center specialist, you will speak with callers, check in on the patients, and coordinate with the coordinate regarding the patients’ concerns.

In some roles, there are more tasks. Depending on the experience, you may need to perform administrative or other roles such as dispensing medical advice (as may be provided by the doctors in the form of a spiel).

Accordingly, you will help assess the symptoms and identify the highly recommended course of action.

Other tasks may include setting up appointments or assisting patients with at-home treatments.

Why do hospitals and doctors require a nurse to handle their triage?

Oftentimes, patients call and would want to get in touch with their doctor. If not to book an appointment, they have many questions regarding their condition or treatment.

With a phone triage system in place, doctors and hospitals are better able at meeting these concerns from their patients. And what better way to handle these issues than with a professional who is familiar with the healthcare industry.

Thus, someone who has a nursing background can greatly help in handling these pressing matters more efficiently.

As a nurse, you can provide valuable medical advice and assistance to patients in view of your education, training, and experience in the medical field.

4. Subject Matter Consultant or Course Developer

Do you have expertise in a particular field of medicine or nursing?

Then you could be a consultant.

With your knowledge, skill, and experience, some colleges, for instance, may tap your expertise and get you as their consultant.

These educational or training institutions can obtain your know-how to develop their curriculum, make textbooks, or create content for their nursing programs.

And if you have additional expertise (for instance, in the field of law), you may be a consultant on medico-legal matters.

To work as a subject matter consultant or course developer, some institutions may require a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. So you may want to look into that if you are looking at this prospect.

5. Health Informatics Specialist

With the advent of technology, there are more automated solutions that help improve the healthcare system. Here’s where you come in.

You can help reshape and improve patient care by working with companies that implement innovative solutions for a better healthcare system, moving the entire industry forward.

If you want to contribute your know-how in introducing new solutions to healthcare, then you may be interested in health informatics. It’s a constantly evolving field that offers plenty of room to grow.

Want to put your nursing degree to good use?

Explore the idea of health informatics. It’s a specific niche that greatly contributes to the overall improvement in the fields of medicine, nursing, and patient care.

6. Healthcare Recruiter

With your experience in nursing, you can be a good judge of the candidates who are vying for healthcare positions.

As a healthcare recruiter, your job is to find and screen applicants for medical and healthcare roles.

It’s like a job for human resources. But in view of your medical and nursing background, you possess certain qualities that make you a good evaluator.

7. Freelance Medical Writer

Do you have a good grasp of the English language?

If you have a way with words, then you could use this special skill along with your training and knowledge in nursing to become a medical writer.

As a freelance medical writer, your job is to produce medical papers, training manuals, and instructional materials for those in training.

Freelance writing is, by itself, a wonderful prospect for earning extra money on the side. So even if you still have your full-time nursing job, writing is a great side hustle.

To qualify for the role, you may need extensive knowledge of medical procedures and terminology. And it’s a huge plus if you have strong writing skills.

In addition to writing, you may also want to consider editing and proofreading jobs, still within the medical and nursing fields.

As the medical industry and the general public rely on well-researched and well-written materials, freelance medical writers (and editors and proofreaders) are in demand.

Where to look for work at home nursing jobs?

Nurses play a crucial role in delivering healthcare to the general public. They perform functions that are essential to treatment and recovery. So, as a result, people equate nurses in being confined to hospital jobs.

But with the advances in technology, particularly in the medical and nursing fields, nurses today play a wide variety of roles.

However, these roles may not be directly connected with the dispensation of patient care but still within the broad umbrella of the medical industry.

If you are a nurse, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of job prospects for you. Jobs that don’t necessarily mean you’ll be working in a hospital, clinic, or healthcare institution.

What’s more, there are plenty of work at home nursing jobs that let you earn a competitive wage and give you a fulfilling career.

Wondering where to look for these jobs that let you be a work from home nurse?

Here are the 12 best work at home nursing jobs in 2020.

1. Aetna

The company is one of the biggest in the health insurance industry. It also seeks to fill many positions within its organization, including work at home nursing jobs.

So if you’re considering getting into stay at home nursing careers, you might want to check with the current openings in Aetna.

2. Abbott

The company formerly known as Alere is one of the biggest providers of diagnostics and point of care solutions.

If you’re looking for online nursing work, you might want to check out Abbott.

3. Axis Point Health

Here’s what you need to know about the company.

Axis Point Health is a company focused on population health management. So it seeks to hire a lot of nurses on its advice line.

If you’re considering remote positions, get in touch with the company. It offers some of the best work from home nursing jobs.

4. Best Doctors

The company is a global benefits provider, serving over 40 million individuals all over the globe.

If you’re looking for RN side jobs from home, check out Best Doctors.

5. Bayada Home Healthcare

This home healthcare provider looks to hire clinicians, therapists, and nurses. It also employs non-medical personnel, performing administrative work, human resource duties, accounting functions, and customer service, among others.

If you’re interested in RN positions from home, you might want to check out Bayada Home Healthcare.

6. BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

This company is a partner of various healthcare organizations within the private and public sectors. To this end, most of its job openings are related to medical and patient care.

Check out BroadPath Healthcare Solutions if you’re interested in RN positions at home.

7. CCC

Looking for case management or nurse reviewer job openings?

Check out CCC for these RN side jobs.

Here’s a little about the company. CCC is a provider of technological solutions to various industries, including health insurance, automotive, and collision repair.

So if you’re working as a case manager for the company, you’ll likely encounter a lot of cases involving bodily injuries resulting from auto accidents.

8. Cigna

Serving over 95 million customers, this global health insurance provider offers tele nurse jobs from home.

Be a part of the 40,000-strong company. Check out the remote-based nursing jobs at Cigna.

9. eQHealth Solutions

Want to get into medical management?

Check out the available online nursing jobs from home with eQHealth Solutions. This company provides population health management and technology to healthcare institutions.

10. Humana

Here’s another health insurance provider that offers the best work from home nursing jobs.

Check out Humana. This company made the top 30 list on FlexJobs’s 100 top companies for remote jobs in 2018.

11. United Health Group

Looking for a telecommute role?

Get into the United Health Group. The company ranked 14th of FlexJobs top 100 companies for remote jobs in 2018.

12. Johnson & Johnson

This pharmaceutical giant is also a global manufacturer of medical devices.

More recently, Johnson & Johnson embraced the remote-based employment arrangement, offering location-flexible jobs in its departments.

Have you considered these work at home nursing jobs?

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