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McKinzie Bean

Hi, I'm McKinzie! I'm a mommy of two, married to my sweetheart and a finance junkie. I love teaching other moms how to save money, make money and take control of their financial situation. In college, I double majored in Financial Planning and Psychology because I love all things money and people. You may have seen me in publications like Forbes, The Penny Hoarder, Tailwind & more.

Four Ways To Pay For College When You Have No Money

Did you know that two out of three students graduate with student loans? And of those two thirds the average debt is $25,000?! That is like a brand new car, or my grocery budget for the next eight years.

You know I am all for education. I loved my college experience so much that I ended up going back and getting a second bachelors degree (nerd alert!). But you want to know a secret? With my two degrees and my husband’s bachelors we both graduated from college debt free!

10 Legitimate Ways To Make An Extra $500 A Month

Ultimately, you have an online store that is run by Amazon. You find products at a discounted rate (clearance, stacking sales, thrifting, ect.), ship them to Amazon and mark them up to the prices they are currently selling for. When a customer purchases one of your items Amazon ships your item from their warehouse. Amazon then takes a cut for storing, shipping and marketing your product. You receive the remaining profit.

This really is a super easy business model, and can be really rewarding to run! It is much easier to start than an independent e-commerce site because you have the traffic and credibility of Amazon. You can easily make $500 or much more with an Amazon FBA business.

Free Stuff On Your Birthday: 77 Places For Birthday Freebies

Looking for some free stuff on your birthday? Then happy birthday! Aside from your regular birthday gifts, you can also receive birthday freebies from various shops, restaurants, and websites. Who wouldn’t want to get extra free stuff on your birthday? Birthday freebies are perks that you can definitely find if you look in the right …

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