Trim Review: Is The Trim App Safe? Does Trim Work?
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Trim Review: Is The Trim App Safe? Does Trim Work?

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If you’re looking for a little push to help you save money effortlessly, you should consider signing up for this automated tool.

Check out our Trim Review and get to know more about this wonderful app.

Or click here to view their website.

What to expect in this Trim review?

A lot of us are looking for ways to save money. But we all know it’s not that easy.

So what better way to accomplish this goal month after month than to have a tool to give you the needed nudge.

This is where the Trim app comes in.

Also known as Trim Savings or AskTrim, this automated tool acts as your personal finance assistant.

To sign up is quick and easy.

Just click here and then either sign up via Facebook or email.

You will get access to the amazing features that can help you cut costs.

In this post, let’s explore this automated personal finance tool and check out its features to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

How does Trim work?

Do you have an internet or cable subscription that you’re no longer using?

Are you looking to trim your phone bill every month?

This financial app can help you cancel unwanted subscriptions.

This automated personal finance tool can negotiate with your service providers regarding your monthly bills; i.e., phone, internet, cable, etc. It can also help you earn credits from them.

In addition, the Trim money-saving app has a debt payoff calculator and financial goal tracker to help you stay on course with your monthly money goals.

Does Trim App work?

There have been a lot of personal finance tools to come out in recent years, helping us manage and reach our money goals.

As a result, there’s no longer the need to break out spreadsheets, ledgers, and books to see how much money we’ve spent in every period. In just seconds, we can see the cash flow by using these apps.

Trim is one of these personal finance apps.

With its useful features, the Trim app can bridge the gap so you actively manage your finances without much inconvenience. It’s like having a personal assistant to look after your money.

Cool, isn’t it?

Is Trim safe?

Before we get to the main gist on this Trim review, let’s tackle this very important question.

Is this app safe?

As with other automated personal finance tools, obviously, security is a primordial concern with the Trim app. After all, you will be sharing your bank account and credit card information to fully enjoy the features of this tool.

In its website, Trim mentioned having “bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and read-only access.”

So what does this mean?

When it comes to online security, 256-bit SSL encryption is the gold standard. That means your financial data is safe and secure.

Trim also uses a secure program called Plaid. This lets the app connect to thousands of financial institutions.

How does Plaid in Trim work?

When you put in your bank credentials into the Trim app, Plaid forwards them to the bank for authentication. Trim won’t see any of the information you supplied.

After the authentication process is complete, Trim will only receive read-only access so it can access your transactions. What this means is that Trim can only view but not take action with respect to your accounts or transactions.

The bottom line is that Trim is secure and safe to use.

Let’s get to the Trim review.

Now that you’ve had a brief overview of the app, let’s get started with this Trim review, beginning with a full account of the money-saving app.

What is Trim?

Have you ever wished you could have a personal assistant to help you manage your finances?

It would be great to have someone handle the annoying little tasks like keeping track of your expenses to squeeze in a couple of bucks as savings.

Or perhaps combing through your bills and see which ones you no longer need and cut off.

Better yet, someone who can contact your service providers and negotiate favorable deals on your behalf.

Well, guess what, you can have all that in a single app.

With this app, you get a financial management tool to help you get these things done.

Let Trim review all your spending.

Here’s how the Trim app can help you.

When you sign up for Trim, you get a holistic personal finance management system that helps you save money.

How, you might ask.

Here are the ways.

  • Assists you in canceling unwanted subscriptions
  • Negotiates the costs of your phone, internet, and cable bills
  • Recommends personalized solutions to help you reach your financial goals
  • Analyzes your spending patterns and keeps track of your money habits
  • Creates reports as it relates to your disbursements

How to join Trim?

To get started with Trim, click here then you can use your email address or Facebook account to sign up. You can choose to receive notifications via text or through Facebook messenger.

Signing up is free.

Screenshot of Trim App sign up page

But to fully enjoy its features, Trim may require you to enter your credit card and bank account information. Supplying these credentials can help the app scan for better deals on your behalf.

Right now, Trim is compatible with over 15,000 banks, credit unions, and financial institutions in the U.S.

So if the credentials you’re entering is with a U.S.-based financial institution, there’s a good chance your bank is on Trim’s list.

To get your best financial picture, it’s recommended that you enter all your bank credentials into the app. Don’t worry, the system is safe and secure.

Connecting all your bank accounts with Trim can help the app analyze your finances and effectively search for ways on how you can save money.

Let’s look at Trim’s main features.

As a money-saving app, Trim focuses on finding which recurring unwanted subscriptions are bleeding you financially. It will determine the areas where you can save on costs and help you make the most of your money.

Trim will automate the ways to save and more. Here’s how.

1. Trim will help you cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Are you still subscribed to the TV service that you no longer use?

Forgot to cancel your gym membership that’s left unutilized for months now?

You probably have at least one subscription that’s unwanted or no longer used. Whether you’ve forgotten about it or just didn’t have the time to cancel it, this will remain a recurring expense that will be charged to your bank account every month.

Sure, some of these recurring costs may be pretty cheap that it’s barely noticeable for you. But whether it’s a big or small expense, it can still add up.

And unless you catch them and bother to take immediate action, you will be bleeding money month after month for something you don’t use, need, or want.

Now, that’s just a waste that could have been avoided if only you took the time to cancel the subscription.

But what if you didn’t notice this; or perhaps you don’t want to deal with these things?

So you keep putting it off for another month until you’ve completely forgotten about it.

Failing to cancel these unwanted or unused subscriptions can really add up. Even if it’s just a couple of bucks a month, it will cost you up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Now, that’s money you could have used for something else.

This is where Trim can help.

Trim will scan your transactions and screen for subscriptions. After it has identified your subscriptions, it will send a report to you via text or through Facebook Messenger.

If you see something you want to unsubscribe or discontinue with your spending, simply reply “Cancel [name of the service].” Trim will stop that subscription for you.

Isn’t that convenient?

You don’t have to contact the concerned service providers to cancel your unwanted subscriptions.

2. Trim will help you negotiate the cost of your recurring bills.

After cutting off your unwanted subscriptions, Trim will help you reach a compromise with your recurring phone, cable, and internet bills.

Within the Trim app is a program called the Trim Bill Negotiator. Its function is to contact your service provider and negotiate for lower rates, thus, allowing you to save as much as 30 percent in the process.

To avail of this feature, simply provide the name of the service provider and your account number. And that’s it. You leave the rest to the Trim app to intercede on your behalf.

For its part, Trim will take 33 percent of what you saved annually.

To illustrate, let’s say your internet bill was originally $80 a month. But through Trim’s efforts, it went down to just $70 per month.

That’s 10 bucks in savings every month. Or $120 every year.

Trim will take a 33-percent cut from your $120 annual savings. This works out to $39.60.

So your $120 savings minus Trim’s cut; you still have around $80 in annual savings.

Sweet deal if you ask me.

3. Trim will recommend personalized financial solutions.

The Trim app will not only cut your unwanted spending and help you save money; it will also recommend banking, credit, and financial products.

It will also suggest credit cards that are apt for your credit score. In addition, Trim will also recommend savings account options that offer the best yield.

4. Trim will analyze your spending patterns and keep track of your finances.

Want to get a better picture of your spending?

Trim can help you track your finances.

This money-saving app has a financial dashboard that displays your net worth based on the bank accounts you’ve connected to it.

Would you like to know how much you’ve spent or how much money you have in your accounts?

Send Trim a text to obtain your balance updates. You can also learn how much you’ve spent using this feature.

5. Trim will provide notifications and reports on your financial activities.

You can receive communications from Trim via text or through Facebook Messenger.

If you want a specific report (e.g., your spending habits on a particular merchant or balance update), you simply send a quick text to Trim.

And did you know Trim will also provide notifications?

You can set up reminders when your bills are due. You can also get alerts when your accounts are getting low.

Now, isn’t that convenient?

Here are the other cool features of the Trim app.

Did you know Trim can help you get price-drop refunds when you buy something on Amazon?

This money-saving app will take care of the paperwork and legwork so you can conveniently get the difference in cost.

Trim may also offer cash back opportunities from time to time. This app will also help you find coupons for your online shopping.

Check out the Trim Debt Payoff Program.

This feature is one of the latest additions to the app.

The Trim Debt Payoff Program is a three-part personalized system that’s designed to help you pay off your outstanding obligations.

First, the Trim app reviews actual credit card balances based on the accounts you’ve connected to the app. It will tell you what dues to pay off and when.

Second, Trim will contact the credit card companies and negotiate terms that are favorable to you, focusing on the amount of interest.

This will be a recurring process as the app will negotiate every three to six months to get your interest rates down.

Lastly, Trim offers coaching and tips to help you with your financial obligations.

The Trim Debt Payoff Program is a premium service that’s available at $10 a month (with a 90-day refund period). So if you feel this feature is not working for you, you can get your money back.

Should you get Trim?

Are you serious about minimizing your unwanted spending and keeping track of your finances?

Then I highly recommend you get this tool. Let Trim review your spending.

This automated personal finance app will do the legwork for you.

No more annoying errands like contacting your service providers to cancel unwanted or unutilized subscriptions. No more negotiating for lower bill process or interest rates.

With Trim, you get a virtual assistant that helps you monitor your finances. So you can do other important things.

And the fact that this app is free to use makes it even more awesome.

If you’re looking to cut your expenses and save money, you should consider getting the Trim app download.

Have you tried Trim? Leave your Trim review below!

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