How To Get Free Money Right Now (25 Easy Ways)
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How To Get Free Money Right Now (25 Easy Ways)

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There are lots of ways that you can get free money right now or easy money in a short amount of time.

There are legit companies that offer free money, you would just have to know the different options you have.

If you are looking for ways to earn extra in the easiest and simplest ways possible, here’s what you can do to get free money today:  

Online Surveys For Free Cash

Taking online surveys has been one of the easiest and quickest ways you can get free money right now. You will basically get paid for giving your opinions and answering a few questions about certain products and services.

The key is to find those companies that are legit and that can pay well and payout fast. 

Here are some of our favorites you can check out:

Survey Junkie

Screenshot of Survey Junkie with white headphones and text take surveys get paid

This survey company is one of the popular ones that will pay you through PayPal for taking their surveys. They also have fun topics for surveys and with subjects like movies, music, food, consumer products, and many more.

After you have completed your profile, they would match you to a specific survey that you can take in order to gain points.

On average, a survey pays around $1 to $3. It isn’t a ton, but if you take multiple surveys, it can quickly add up. Plus, the surveys are short and easy to take. 

Their site is also really easy to use and anyone can easily navigate and use it, even if this is your first time doing online surveys.

Sign up for Survey Junkie here. 


Screenshot of swagbucks with join for free dropdown with text put cash back in your wallet

Swagbucks is a rewards and survey site that can also help you earn some money by doing things like taking surveys, shopping, watching videos, searching the web, and a lot of other tasks and activities.

These tasks are also pretty simple and quick to achieve so that’s easy money to be had. You can earn either cash through PayPal or gift cards. It is totally free to join this site and you can also get registration and referral bonuses.

Start earning with Swagbucks here.


You can get cash for watching videos and taking surveys. You also don’t need to spend a lot of time on the site. You can earn up to $50 a month for watching videos 15 minutes a day.

There is also a $5 bonus you can get when you sign up.

Using Apps To Get Free Money Right Now

If you are wondering what apps give you free money, you’re in luck because there lots of them!Social media of graphic with woman with hands in air and money flying around her with text need extra money? How to get $1,000+ in free money

There are different apps out there that not only help you get free money, but they even help you to save your money.

Some apps you just need to download and leave it there on your phone in the background. This is because companies make it a part of their marketing campaigns to promote their apps so they are willing to give you free money for you to keep their apps on your phone.

If you have extra time and storage space, you can check out some of these apps that will provide you with this passive income.

Here are some apps that can help you get free money:


This free app helps to track your financial transactions, subscriptions, and any expenses you may have. It then lets you know of ways you can cut back on some of these expenses or which subscriptions you should be canceling to help you save.

It also helps you negotiate with companies to lower your bills and help you save money. This app helps you to achieve your financial goals and get free money (by saving money).


This app gives you money for each step you would take. You are basically getting paid to get healthy by walking. You will then get the cash through PayPal. It’s a fun way to get moving and have the motivation to maintain an active lifestyle – the free money is just a bonus!


This TV rating company will pay you $50 every year, just for keeping their app on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or another device that supports it. It tracks your searches and compiles data and statistics.

It doesn’t take up much space and it won’t make your device slow. You also don’t have to worry about privacy issues since they use information anonymously. It is an easy and passive way of getting some extra income.


When you install this app on your phone, it will anonymously track your shopping habits. You will receive $3 every month that the app is installed on your phone.

Free Money From Companies For Signing Up

Sign up bonuses are ways for companies to attract customers. They are basically free money that they are offering you, but you don’t need to purchase anything or have a long term commitment. Once you sign up for these apps or offers, you can then get these bonuses. Here are some:


This rewards site offers $10 for when you first download their mobile app.


This is also a rewards app/program that will also give you $10 for creating an account. It will be in the form of an Amazon gift card worth $10.

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Dosh is a cash back app that can help you save from the shopping you would do. You can earn free gift cards as cash back super easily. You also can get a sign up bonus when you use this link. 


This is another cashback website that can help you get cash backs after you do your shopping. They offer a $10 signup bonus.


This cashback app is specifically for your grocery shopping and also offers a $10 signup bonus. They have a $5 bonus for each of your friend referrals.


You can get a $300 bonus if you are a new driver who reached 100 rides in their first 30 days.

Getting free money from the government

You can go to this site if you want to check for what they call “forgotten money”. This could be things like security deposits on apartments, account credits, reimbursements, and any similar things.

You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

This site has the same concept as wherein you can try to search for yours or your family’s missing money and assets.

Cash backs and refunds

When you have purchased something online, you can get cash backs or refunds that is basically free money for an item or product that you had to buy anyway. There are certain apps and programs that allow you to do this:


free legit money

This free app can help you get cash back on the items that have dropped prices after you have bought them. It checks your emails for your recent online purchases and sees which ones can be refunded to you.

What’s great is that you don’t even need to know about the price drop in order for you to get a refund.


This is a free app that you can use on your phone and scan grocery receipts in order to get free money back. You can get around $1 to $5 back after one grocery shop. There are also other ways for you to get cash back and these can be done by completing certain tasks.

If you are using coupons or like to use rewards programs, Ibotta is a great app to have to supplement this and increase your savings even more.

Get your Ibotta sign up bonus here.


When you shop online with Ebates, you can get cash back for the items that you purchase.

It’s super easy to do and if you do a lot of shopping it adds up quickly. I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars in cash back over the years from Ebates. Even if the amount seems little at first, it can all add up and go a long way for your savings and budget. 

You can get a free $10 gift card when you use this special link.

Making the most out of your idle assets

Rent out a room or space

If you have an empty room or space that is not being used, you can have it rented out for a period of time in exchange for some cash. You can do this through companies like Airbnb. Becoming an Airbnb host is a great way you can make use of an idle space and get money in return.

Renting out your car

If you have a car that you aren’t using, you can have it rented out using the app Getaround. It’s free to use the app and you can earn around $800 a month for renting out your idle car. Getaround also has a $1 M primary insurance coverage in case any accidents or damages happen.

Uploading stock photos

If you are into photography and have some good quality photos, you can make the most out of them and sell them to stock photo companies who would pay well for these stock photos. One of the most popular places to sell your photos is Shutterstock

If taking photos is your hobby, then this is the perfect way for you to do what you love, and get some free money out of it.

Selling things you don’t use

There lots of things you own or probably have lying around the house that you can go ahead and sell. By doing a bit of cleaning and looking around your home, you can definitely find different items that you can sell for some money.

Not only will you get profit from them, but you will also end up tidying and cleaning up your space. There are also lots of platforms online that you can use in order to sell your items.

Selling old clothes

By cleaning out your closet, you can find some hidden treasures that you can sell to get some money. You can go to sites like Poshmark, eBay, ThredUP, and many more in order to sell them.

Selling books and electronics

easy to get free money

You can sell your old textbooks lying around your house, especially if you’re not planning to read them anymore. When it comes to electronics, you could have a number of gadgets or computer discs in your home that doesn’t have any use anymore.

Sites like Decluttr allows you to get cash for your electronics, cds, dvds, cellphones, cameras, and many more. You can go to their site for detailed steps but essentially, you will get sent a prepaid postage envelope that you will use to send your items to them.

A few days after, you can then get paid for your item with the agreed upon price.

Other Ways To Get Free Money Today

Donate plasma

When you sell your plasma, you could be making money, as well as do a good deed for others. Some people have earned around $200 to $300 in one month from donating plasma. Make sure you understand and read through the proper procedures for donating plasma.

Doing your research on banks

There are banks that have high-interest rates, while others have high bank fees. It pays to do your research and look for those banks that can help you make the most out of the money that you are putting in.

Make Sure Your Free Money Is Legit

Sometimes, when something seems to good to be true, it is. It can be tricky to distinguish if it is legit free money or if there are strings attached. Here are some important things to remember when evaluating an offer or signing up with a company in order to recognize a “free money scam”:

You shouldn’t pay upfront fees

Keep in mind that a legitimate company that gives you the chance to get free money, will not ask for any fees upfront. If they are, most likely it is a scam.

Don’t give out your personal information

If someone is asking for your SSN, then this should be a red flag for you. Don’t give out any personal information to random people.

Government websites

When it comes to government websites, make sure they end in .gov or .edu to make sure that you are dealing with the right people and the official organization.

There are definitely a variety of websites, apps, and other ways you can get free money. But if you need free money right now the fastest way will probably be to sell something locally. If you can wait a couple of days many of the options above will work for you! 

What are your favorite ways to get free money?

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