How to Get Free Shoes Online (10 Legitimate Ways)
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How to Get Free Shoes Online (10 Legitimate Ways)

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Did you know you can get free shoes online?

Reading the title, I’m guessing you find it ridiculous.

But before you dismiss it as clickbait, it’s actually true. This isn’t nonsense.

You can actually get free shoes online.

In the previous post, I shared tips on how to get free clothes.

In this article, I’ll share tips and resources that you can take advantage of so you can score free sneakers and have them delivered right on your doorstep.

Are you looking to get these cool shoe freebies?

Let’s begin.

How to get free shoes

In all the methods discussed in this post, you may be required to perform certain tasks like a being product tester. But in all instances, you won’t spend a single dime to get these free shoes.

You may be wondering what is a product tester and the tasks involved.

Most shoe companies seek feedback from average consumers like us.

So to get an idea of what the buyer looks for in their products, they send out free stuff.

In exchange for the freebies, the recipient will give their feedback. This feedback is what the shoe companies will use to improve their products.

Here’s the usual process.

You will create a profile on the shoe company’s website. I highly recommended creating profiles on several of these sites so you get better chances of receiving free stuff for product testing purposes.

A lot of these shoe companies usually give you a few weeks to wear the shoes then provide them feedback.

After that period, you will fill out a questionnaire, giving the shoe company what you thought about their product.

As to what these shoe companies look for in their product testers, their qualifications may vary in terms of demographics.

For instance, brands that produce basketball shoes will typically go for people who play basketball.

But even if you don’t belong in that demographic, I would still suggest that you add your name into their database. It’s free and only takes a few moments to complete the registration process.

And who knows, if you get selected to test their new shoes, you can get cool freebies.

You’ll know if you’re selected because the shoe company will get in touch with you (usually through the email you used to register and create a profile on their website).

How awesome is that?

Snag a cool pair of shoes in exchange for your feedback.

What companies give out free shoes online?

Want to score free shoes by mail?

I suggest you add your name to their database. Here are some of the top shoe companies that send out freebies in exchange for a product review or feedback.

1. Adidas

Did you know this popular shoe brand wants to hear from you?

They need people to try their new shoes for free and test the products of the future. In exchange for the free stuff, they need feedback.

Are you up to the task and get freebies in the process?

Join with the product testing program of Adidas. It only takes a few minutes to set up a profile.

To start the registration process, go to Adidas’ product testing program website.

There are minimum requirements you need to meet before getting full admission into the program.

They include U.S. residency, able to read and write in English, having an internet connection and a valid email account.

You also need to indicate that you are at least 18 years of age and have not or will not test any competitor products.

Part of creating your profile is you need to provide your body measurements.

You will not share or divulge any information related to the product you received for testing.

Another requirement by Adidas is that you need to meet the minimum weekly physical activity set for your chosen sport.

When selecting candidates for its product testing program, the Adidas team will hinge it on demographic profile, location, athletic profile, and show size.

If you are chosen for a test, Adidas will send you an email. Should you decide to participate, the company will deliver the test product with instructions.

The usual length of the test period is two to four weeks.

You will keep a detailed log of your day-to-day activities. And to wrap up the product testing, you will answer an online questionnaire.

Adidas will also require the return of the test product.

The shoes may not be yours beyond the product testing duration, but you get to wear it for two to four weeks. And if you did good, your chances of getting new shoes for product testing will be high.

2. Brooks

Do you enjoy running?

Then you’ll love the Brooks product testing program.

This gives you the opportunity to try out the brand’s new shoes for evaluation and feedback.

Want to join this program?

To qualify, you need to be at least 18 years old and reside within the continental U.S.

The products that Brooks will share with you under this program are still unreleased to the public.

So by participating in the Brooks product testing program, you will not share or divulge any information, including images or videos, of the shoes you receive.

There are matters falling under the testing phase, so confidentiality will be appreciated on your part.

Brooks is an athletic brand. So it will most likely select people who are engaged in any type of sports or at least physically active.

However, runners have an advantage in the selection and qualifying process of the product testing program.

When you qualify for the program, Brooks will ship the shoes to you for free. And for you to send it back after the product testing period, the company will also pay for its return shipping.

Unlike Adidas, Brooks lets you wear the shoes for 90 days. That’s plenty of time to test out and enjoy the free sneakers.

Imagine if you qualify for another free Brooks pair right after the end of the 90-day period, that’s getting two free shoes within six months.

3. New Balance

Here’s another wonderful prospect to get free shoes.

For runners, New Balance is one of the most popular athletic brands.

Guess what, you can sign up to become a product tester and receive cool freebies.

If you qualify for the brand’s testing program, New Balance will send you new product prototypes. In turn, you will provide honest feedback regarding the shoes you receive.

New Balance will use the feedback you provide for research and development, improving the fit, quality, and performance of their shoes.

It’s easy to join.

Tell New Balance about yourself by filling up your profile on its website. Once you complete the registration process, you join an exclusive group of people in its product tester community.

The product testing team will notify you of available tests for new prototypes. Should you choose to participate in a particular test, you will receive the free shoes by mail.

Upon receipt of the items, you will log into the product test system and work on your feedback. New Balance encourages you to provide honest reviews of the product; this is how the brand improves its shoes.

If you’re looking to score free shoes from New Balance, you might want to check out this product testing program.

4. Columbia

If you’re into outdoor activities, then you probably know this shoe brand.

Not many people know this but Columbia has a product testing program that lets you test their hiking boots and running shoes.

As part of the testing program, you will perform a set of tasks, which you need to complete during a certain period.

After the conduct of the product testing, you will return the shoes to the company using its prepaid shipping labels.

To join the Columbia Global Performance Testing program, you need to be a U.S. resident. You also have to be active in sports and outdoor activities.

If you are a good match for the program, you will receive an invitation through your email.

You have full discretion to accept or reject the offer to participate in the program. In the event that you deny your participation, this won’t harm your chances of joining in future programs.

On the other hand, should you choose to join the product testing, there will be a mandatory online questionnaire, which you will fill up upon the completion of the program.


Have you heard about the ASICS Roadtester?

One of the biggest brands in athletic footwear also has a product testing program.

ASICS is one of my favorites. So when I learned about its product testing program, I became excited. However, it is not available for U.S. residents. So it’s kind of a bummer.

But if you happen to be in the U.K. and New Zealand, you might want to check out this cool program.

The objective in ASICS Roadtester is to let you wear free shoes and test them for quality, comfort, and endurance. Then you will provide your review on the items given to you.

The ASICS team, particularly the Roadtester community, will use your feedback to improve the brand’s products.

At the moment, ASICS has testing programs in Europe, which include Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Germany.

6. Reebok

Here’s a great program from another big brand that’s been making waves ever since.

Check out the product testing program of Reebok.

The brand looks into several factors in determining your qualifications into joining the product testing program; these include shoe size, demographics, location, level of physical activity, and athletic profile.

Once you qualify for a product testing project, Reebok will send you free shoes. You will try these items for a period of up to six weeks. After this period, you will provide your feedback.

The Reebok product testing program may require you to log your daily activity while you wear its shoes. Upon the conclusion of the product testing, this is where you will fill out a short online survey.

Not everyone may qualify for the Reebok product testing program.

Fitness enthusiasts are the much-preferred candidates for the product tester role. In addition, you need to meet minimum physical activity participation for your specific sport.

To join this program, you also need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the U.S.

And like the Adidas product testing program, you must not be testing any of Reebok’s competitor products.

As a way of saying thank you, Reebok will send you a free unspecified product for participating in this program.

7. Red Wing Shoes

Do you want to have high-quality work boots?

Check out the product testing program of Red Wing Shoes.

To qualify for this program, you need to be a resident near one of the company’s two manufacturing plants; they are located in San Jose, California, and Red Wing, Minnesota.

Red Wing Shoes wants to test how its shoes hold up under usual workplace conditions and what their comfort level is.

After a specified period use, you will return the work boots to Red Wing Shoes for analysis. At the same time, the company will ask you to provide a clear and detailed review of the product you received.

Red Wing Shoes will pay for all the costs relating to the shipping of the boots. In addition, the company will also compensate you for participating in the quality feedback program.

In many cases, compensation comes in the form of sending you back the boots you were testing on. You get to keep them after Red Wing Shoes completes its product research and development.

As of this writing, Red Wing Shoes only offers its product testing program to people who wear certain shoe sizes.

8. Under Armour

Did you know you can sign up your kids for the Under Armour product testing program?

Information about the program is limited on the website; it only prompts a sign-up page where you can type your email to register.

While it doesn’t say much, this product testing program is worth checking out.

9. Saucony

Here’s another great website for runners who are looking to score free shoes.

Saucony is looking for runners to join its product testing program. To join, you need to be at least 18 years old.

As part of its research and development, Saucony wants to learn about different running habits as it seeks to improve its footwear. These include the type of races participated in, the kind of terrain usually run on, and the run time.

Saucony will also want to look into other sports activities like aerobics.

10. Nike

Last but not least, Nike.

The infamous brand has two testing programs.

First is the on-site product testing; the second, remote testing.

If you happen to reside near a testing facility, you can just walk in and apply to become a product tester.

Remote product testing is what most people do. To join, you sign up online. If approved, you will receive a pair of shoes, wearing them for a certain period.

You will share your feedback upon the conclusion of the shoe testing period.

After returning the shoes, you will be eligible for another product testing project, which means another set of free shoes.

Do you know of similar testing programs that give free shoes?

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