13 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Concert Tickets
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13 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Concert Tickets

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Do you want to score free concert tickets?

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably like me — someone who doesn’t usually like to pay the full price. Whether it’s food or entertainment, I try to get freebies and big discounts.

So over the years, I learned a couple of tricks to make it possible for me to score less expensive stuff. And that includes concert tickets.

Wondering how to get complimentary tickets?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to go to concerts for free.

How to get free tickets to concerts

There’s nothing like watching your favorite artist or band playing live on stage. But if they are your favorite, it’s highly likely they are someone else’s favorite too. And since they’re popular, the cost of the concert tickets tend to be expensive.

It seems concert tickets and related fees are getting costly. If only there’s a way to get them cheap or for free.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see your idols on live on stage for less?

Well, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of ways to get those concert tickets without putting a huge dent in your budget.

Check out these tips on how to get free concert tickets.

1. “Absolutely Free Tickets” at StubHub and Ticketmaster.

Did you know there’s a section at StubHub and Ticketmaster that lets you score freebies?

If you’re lucky, many cities host free concerts from time to time. This is why both these websites have a section that lets you get dibs on absolutely free concert tickets.

You might want to check these websites to see what free concert tickets are available in your area. Better yet, download the app to get the latest updates.

2. Facebook groups and other social media contests and giveaways.

A lot of artists use social media as their primary platform to promote their music or brand. And part of their promotional activities is to give away free concert tickets.

So get into your social media accounts.

Log in your Facebook account. Get on Twitter. Open your Instagram. Put your social media skills to good use and get searching for the contests and giveaways.

From time to time, artists will put up schedules of their upcoming events. Check if one of their concert venues is near you.

So make the move on social media. Send out a request and add them in your account. Or follow your favorite artists. Keep an eye on Facebook contests that let you win freebies if you “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share” their posts.

Don’t forget to look for free stuff in Facebook groups. Type in “free concert tickets” on Facebook’s search bar. You’ll see a bunch of results that are specific to your area.

3. Fill up unsold seats.

Are you familiar with the SeatStir app?

Some artists want to their venues filled. A big number of unsold seats, especially those situated in close proximity with each other, can be an unpleasant sight for the performer on stage.

So seat filler companies will try to fill up the venue even if it means granting concert tickets at half the price (or even free).

This is where SeatStir comes in.

If you sign up as a SeatStir member, you can participate as a seat filler for shows and events in your area.

Want to get free concert tickets?

Simply select the concert you want to attend. SeatStir will inform you if you can qualify to attend the event for free.

4. Join online sweepstakes to win free concert tickets.

Did you know there’s an online lottery that lets you win free tickets to concerts, movies, and similar events?

What’s great is that these lucky picks are going on every day. So throw your name in and hope lady luck is on your side.

5. Check out Groupon for free or discounted tickets.

If you check on Groupon from time to time, you might catch your favorite band’s schedule playing in your area.

With Groupon, you’ll get huge savings the next time you want to see your favorite artists perform.

6. You can volunteer and help out at the concert.

Did you know you can get freebies if you volunteer at the event?

Freebies may include a free event shirt. There might also be some free food and drinks. But to top it all, you can get in the venue for free.

Most concert organizers need local manpower to help out with the logistics. So if you sign up as a volunteer, you can get in the venue with your admission free. And who knows, you might be able to access the VIP section.

If it’s a music festival, it’s even better. You get a lot of your favorite performers in one venue.

Volunteering in music festivals doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the work continuously. You can fulfill a few hours then enjoy the show.

The great thing about it is you can be in the venue even if you’re on your break. So you can enjoy the performance without having to work. If you’re lucky, your favorite artists will be playing during your rest.

In addition to free food and drinks and a free concert admission, you’ll also enjoy free parking. And if it’s a music festival, you’ll have free camping as well. Isn’t that an amazing deal?

7. Some employers offer perks.

Does your boss give out freebies and perks?

If you’re lucky, your employer may give away free concert tickets.

There might be unspoken perks you don’t know about; perks that are only whispered in corridors and fodder for water cooler chit-chat. There might also be emails flying around that you’re not in.

Wave that flag and let them know you’re interested. Who knows someone will approach you and give away free concert tickets.

8. Use your earned cashback credits.

Have you signed up for these apps for cash back?

With Swagbucks, you can earn cashback points on almost every purchase you make.

And if you check with Ibotta, all you need to do is upload a photo of your receipts to earn cashback credits.

There are more cashback apps that let you get more chances to win freebies and other cool stuff.

You can use these cashback credits to buy your concert tickets. So you’ll see your favorite band play at little to no cost.

9. Check Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

Are you looking for a goldmine for less expensive or free concert tickets?

If you look hard enough, you might be able to score these goodies.

For some reason, people drop their plans to see the concert at the last minute. Perhaps something more important popped up. Or there’s an emergency they need to attend to.

So they have no use for those tickets, offering them for less or for free.

Check these online places. You’ll be bound to encounter freebies or extremely discounted tickets.

10. Look for a cheaper ticket distributor.

Not all ticket distributors are created alike.

Some offer their tickets at prices higher than others. So do your research online and look for the ticket distributor that offers the cheapest price for their tickets.

And if you use your cashback points, you’ll slash the price even more.

I recommend going over StubHub for affordable concert tickets. You might also want to check out Tickets.Expert, CheapTickets.com, and TicketNetwork.

11. Bloggers may get in for free.

Some event organizers may welcome bloggers to blog about their events. It’s to increase publicity and to help promote their events in the future.

So if you’re a blogger, it’s possible to score free concert tickets or even get paid to blog about the event. You’ll get something similar to a press pass and get free admission.

12. Help spread the word about the concert.

This is connected to blogging about the event.

Some organizers may need help spreading the word about the concert. One of the ways you can assist them is by sharing the details of the event on social media.

You can also form a team and promote the concert the conventional way by putting up posters or distributing leaflets and brochures.

This way, you can earn free concert tickets for your services. And who knows you might get the opportunity to go backstage and meet the artists.

13. How to win concert tickets? Call your local radio station.

Want to get free concert tickets?

Do it the old-fashioned way. Call your local radio station.

See if your favorite band is performing in your area. When they do, check with the local radio stations if they have a promo that lets you get free tickets.

Most radio stations put up contests on the air. Most of these contests come in the form of trivia questions. If you get the answers correctly, you can win concert tickets.

Call in as many times as you can. The more calls you make, the more chances of getting through and speak with the DJ on the air.

I would suggest putting the radio station’s number on speed dial. Since calling the DJ is a game of “who calls first,” it’s much faster than manually putting the number on your phone to call.

You better hurry though. There are a lot of people just like you who are trying to get through the line.

In addition to free concert tickets, some radio stations may also offer free merchandise and other cool stuff.

Looking for ways to save on concert tickets?

Unable to win free concert tickets?

Not to worry. Your next best option is to look for cheap tickets.

Scoring them for less is a matter of knowing when and where to get them.

For instance, if you go to popular ticket-distributing websites like Ticketmaster, then you’ll likely get them at a premium price. But there are other outlets that let you in on a much better deal.

That being said, here are some of my best strategies to get awesome deals.

Stick to less expensive events.

Is there a particular artist you want to watch?

If not, then there are plenty of performers at cheaper events. You can swing by your local bar or check out music festivals in your area.

The great thing about these smaller events is that it’s easy to find good seats. Plus, it’s more intimate that way since the crowd isn’t too big.

You’ll be surprised there are a lot of promising new artists that are as equally talented as the big stars. And who knows they might breakthrough and go into the mainstream in the future. You can definitely say, “I’ve seen them during their early days.”

Buy your concert tickets as the events draw nearer.

Did you know ticket prices tend to go down as the event draws nearer?

When they first go on sale, ticket prices are at their normal rate. But as the hype goes up, so do the prices. Blame it on the scalpers who are looking to make a profit by selling their tickets at a much higher rate.

But as the date of the concert draws nearer, ticket prices will gradually drop. One of the reasons is that organizers want to avoid having too many empty seats in the venue.

When it’s just a few days to the event, resellers may tend to lower the ticket prices to accommodate people who may be interested in the event but find the initial selling price too steep.

Get alerts on ticket prices.

Want to secure your tickets at a cheaper price?

Get price alerts for concert tickets on your phone via the Stubhub app. You get to choose the events you want to see and their prices. As soon as those tickets become available, you’ll receive notifications.

If you’re dying to see your favorite band, snag those tickets while the ticket prices are low.

Do you want to score your free concert tickets?

Tickets for concerts and similar events can get outrageously expensive.

With these tips, I hope you can score your free admission (or at least buy those tickets at a less expensive price).

Want more free stuff?

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