11 Best Apps for Deals (Save Hundreds!)
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11 Best Apps for Deals (Save Hundreds!)

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If you’re looking to score great bargains on your everyday items, then you’ll love these best apps for deals.

The next time you shop, be sure to try them out to get the best shopping deals and other cool stuff.

Are you looking for ways to get fantastic deals?

Of course, you do. We all are!

Why pay the full price when you can grab a discount for your everyday items?

So if you’re looking to score awesome deals on your usual shopping items, you might want to check out these best apps for deals.

Not only will you save a few bucks, but you’ll also earn cashback and other rewards.

Let’s get started.

Find the best bargains with these best apps for deals.

Thanks to apps, it’s easier to find great deals for items that you use every day.

With today’s technology, you don’t have to spend a whole afternoon, cutting out physical coupons to use on your next shopping. No need to wait for days when your store goes on sale.

These best apps for deals made it easier than ever.

And it’s convenient too. You can spot all the great deals on your phone.

Check out these best apps for deals.

1. Ebates (Rakuten)

Want to score coupon offers and the best shopping deals?

Check out Ebates. It’s one of the best apps for cash back.

Did you know Ebates is a partner of over 2,000 stores, both online and actual, physical ones?

What’s great about Ebates is that you can earn cashback points and coupon offers. Then you can use these cashback points on your next purchase.

Are you using your credit cards on your shopping spree?

Ebates also offers cashback rewards on your credit card use. You can get an extra 3 percent on your purchases.

Do you want to get Ebates?

You can download it here (iOs or Android). It’s also available as an extension on your Google Chrome browser.

Upon joining Ebates, you automatically earn a sign-up bonus of $10. When you refer family or friends to use this best deals app, you will also receive referral payouts.

It’s $5 for the first person you bring in. And it gets higher. For the second person, it’s $30; for the third one, it’s $40.

When you have at least $20 in your account, you may cash it out. Payments are usually made through PayPal or check; in case of a check, you will receive it through the mail.

2. Ibotta

What’s great about this deal finding app?

You can save money on your shopping and earn cashback credits. It’s just like Ebates.

Wondering what to expect with Ibotta?

This deal finding app comes handy when you’re getting your groceries. And there’s more.

Did you know Ibotta is a partner of Best Buy and Groupon?

You can use this best deals app to buy electronics or if you want to dine in restaurants. Just pick the bargains you want to avail before heading out to shop.

And with your purchases, you can earn cashback credits too.

Ibotta offers a wide range of great deals, covering various brands and products.

Plus, it has over 280 supported shops where you can earn big savings every time you use Ibotta.

And when you’re done shopping, scan the receipts and upload the images to earn the cashback points from Ibotta.

It’s that simple.

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3. Groupon

Here’s a very popular coupon app that lets you score the best deals around the world.

Check out the featured bargains offered on Groupon.

You can look for the deals you want by simply browsing its selection by category or service. You can mark your favorite bargains and even share it with your friends.

Groupon has it all. From restaurants to theme parks.

Discover top dining spots, spas, and hotels in this deal finding app.

And if you want to shift from dining to products, just select the “Goods” category. From there, you can filter the results by picking on a subcategory, brand, or price.

Check back on Groupon to find the best bargains. There are new deals near you every day.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and your family to a wonderful experience, get the best deals today with Groupon.

4. Slickdeals

Get a ton of deals to choose from in Slickdeals.

This free coupon app lets you select the stores to shop and great bargains to pick. From Amazon and Zales to restaurants and spas.

You can browse the selection by category.

There are coupons that you can activate and use when you visit the actual store. As for the rest, you can just go to the retailer’s website to buy your stuff and get the bargains.

Waiting for a particular product or brand to go on sale?

You can create alerts on these deals based on category, store, or keyword.

Slickdeals also features an online forum that lets you read about contests, sweepstakes, and discussions.

5. The Coupons App

Get access to the best deals and big savings when you use The Coupons App.

Discover exclusive restaurant and shopping offers when you check out The Coupons App. The featured coupons in this site are always up-to-date. You can browse the local deals and bargain offers.

It’s free and easy to use. This site lets you in on powerful coupons, awesome bargains, and online promos from over a hundred thousand retailers.

You also get alerts on the latest promos at your favorite stores and restos.

The Coupons App provides notifications when there are deals near you. There are also calendar reminders that let you know when your saved coupons will expire.

Be sure to check out this deal finding app regularly. In addition to the wonderful deals, there are also weekly giveaways and fantastic freebies up for grabs.

Saving money with great deals has never been this fun and easy.

With The Coupons App, you can get your hands on these excellent bargains.

6. DealsPlus

Want to save money on products and services?

Check out DealsPlus.

Simply tap on a promo offer to view it. This deal finding app has a lot of great bargains to offer.

When you see something that you like, just save it as among your favorites. You can share your great finds with family and friends.

DealsPlus also offers coupons for actual, physical stores. View your favorite store’s page and sort all the available bargains.

Are you tired of clipping coupons off magazines and newspapers?

You can scour the best deals and promo codes on DealsPlus.

7. Retail Me Not

Do you want to score up to 70 percent of the best-selling clothing styles this season?

With Retail Me Not, you get access to a lot of money-saving coupons for your favorite stores.

You can check for local deals or browse great bargains by category, store, or brand.

Retail Me Not gives you the option to select online promo codes and in-store coupons.

If you see something you like, you can save that deal for later. You can also share your newly found bargains for family and friends.

Discover more great promos and deals by heading to your favorite store’s website within the app. If you want to know about the coupons on that particular deal, you can read comments from other users; you can also leave your own.

Retail Me Not also offers other extras. This deal finding app also features cashback credits on certain purchases. You also get gift card deals.

You will also receive alerts and notifications so you won’t miss a great sale on your favorite items.

8. Shopular

Get the latest deals and awesome bargains in Shopular.

This deal finding app features the top offers from the best-selling retailers. And with its notification feature, you’ll never miss a deal.

For the highly sought after deals and coupons, get them straight from your phone with Shopular.

Wondering what to expect from this wonderful app?

First off, you’ll get access the best bargains from the most popular stores across the country. Plus, you get alerts when your favorite products and brands go on sale.

Do you prefer only a couple of brands?

You can decide which deals to see in your app by customizing it.

What’s more, Shopular has a wonderful community of like-minded people like you who are looking to get big savings from their purchases.

Through its platform, you can interact with the other shoppers, sharing tips and tricks on getting wonderful bargains and huge savings.

Shopular is easy to use and offers a lot of great deals.

9. Coupons Buddy

Get the top deals and great cashback offers when you shop with Coupons Buddy. It’s a great app that combines all the top retailers in a single platform.

For the best products and top brands at affordable rates, go check out Coupons Buddy. At the moment, this deal finding app is only available for Android users.

Wondering what to expect in Coupons Buddy?

With Coupons Buddy, it’s like your getting the all top-notch bargains from other sources and into a single app.

The best apps for deals are rolled into one place. You can browse the bargains and promos from Groupon, Ebates, and DealsPlus in Coupons Buddy.

Plus, Coupons Buddy features its own exclusive deals.

You can view these promos and bargains by category. There’s fashion, travel, beauty, electronics, and more.

If you want to grab the bargain, just tap “Shop Now” to seal the deal. This will lead you to the store’s website so you can purchase it.

Coupons Buddy also sends out daily notifications to keep you abreast of the latest bargains and promos. There’s also a “Best Offers” category to let you in the wonderful money-saving deals.

If you want to score fantastic bargains and huge savings, you will love Coupons Buddy.

10. Checkout 51

Why is Checkout 51 one of the best apps for deals?

It’s got a lot of great money-saving offers, and it’s easy to use.

Plus, it lets you earn cashback points from your purchases. You simply take a photo of your receipt then upload the image to get your credits.

To get started, download the Checkout 51 app. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account.

Checkout 51 updates its list of bargains and offers every Thursday. So be sure to check out the site for new money-saving opportunities.

If you see something you like, just add it to your shopping list. You can customize your Checkout 51 account for easy browsing of the best deals and promos.

As for your cashback credits, all you need to do is upload a pic of your receipt.

Checkout 51’s app has a built-in camera feature that lets you take a clear image of your receipts. When you have finished getting a readable photo, just upload it using the app.

Once Checkout 51 approves your uploaded receipts, it will credit the cashback points into your account.

When you reach at least $20 in cashback credits, you can request a payout.

It’s quick and easy. That’s Checkout 51 for you.

11. Living Social

Do you want to save up to 70 percent on your next visit to your favorite restaurant, beauty salon, or spa?

Discover great deals and get huge savings with Living Social.

Here’s why Living Social is one of the best apps for deals.

This wonderful site is a great place to discover amazing things to do in your area. It lists down the fantastic spots to visit and experience while giving you opportunities for big discounts and excellent deals.

On Living Social, you can find awesome deals for local restaurants, spas, salons, and other establishments within your vicinity.

If you’re looking to travel, Living Social lets you in on the best deals. Whether it’s booking a hotel stay or scheduling a complete tour.

Want to get wonderful deals on concerts and live shows?

Living Social is a partner of different ticket sellers. You can get fantastic promos when you want to see your favorite band perform live.

Find the right promos with these best apps for deals.

Looking for the best apps to find shopping deals and awesome bargains?

With these awesome apps, you can browse and search for a ton of money-saving opportunities and zero in on the top deals.

Make shopping and saving easy with these best apps for deals.

The great thing about these sites is that you can use them all to secure the best deals available in your area. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest bargains. Plus, you can also earn cashback credits that you can use on your next purchase.

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