Free Stickers: 26 Companies That Send Stickers For Free
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Free Stickers: 26 Companies That Send Stickers For Free

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Do you want to score free stickers?

If you’re crazy about stickers and you want to get as many as you can without spending a dime, you’ll love what I have in store for you.

In previous posts, I shared tips on how to get free stuff on your birthday.

Even free concert tickets.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best ways to get free stickers by mail.

Did you know a lot of companies are giving away free stickers online?

In fact, these companies are just waiting for you to ask.

The process of getting these free stickers is simple.

Just follow the link to ask for stickers. If the company approves your request, it will send you an email, confirming your order.

Street sign with covered with stickers

Looking for companies that send free stickers?

Do you want free laptop stickers?

Perhaps free stickers from Nike or other popular brands?

Or would you like the cute designs like your favorite cartoon characters?

You’ll be surprised how many companies are looking to give away free stickers.

While each company has its own set of requirements before you can obtain their freebies, most companies will only ask for your email address.

Other companies, however, may require a self-addressed envelope; that’s where they will put your requested free stickers when they send them out to you.

Have you tried sending a free sticker request before?

Were stickers companies taking too long to get back to you?

That’s usually the case. Bear in mind there are a lot of people who will request a free sticker.

So it may take some time for these companies to process your free sticker request and respond to you.

What are the types of free stickers available?

Do you want preppy stickers?

Are you looking to get free outdoor stickers?

Or perhaps you want to grab free stickers from Adidas?

In this post, I’m going to share with you the different types of free stickers.

From stickers that advocate a noble cause to outrageous bumper stickers that tickle your funny bone.

Why do companies give out free stickers online?

For starters, it’s a good advertisement.

Giving away cool freebies is a great way to promote one’s products or services

With free stickers, it helps increase awareness of one’s brand.

One simply has to put the name of the brand and give it away. People, especially the sticker lovers, will gladly stick anywhere they choose.

The potential of building strong brand awareness is great with free stickers. Yet the cost is not that high.

Imagine putting that free sticker on a car bumper. More people will likely see it as that car travels.

With advertisement and promotion as the objectives, a company can easily achieve those even at a minimal cost.

Free stickers are better promotional tools than brochures, leaflets, and circulars.

I mean, how often do you see people holding on to those brochures after receiving them?

It’s more likely that these pieces of paper end up in the trash.

But with stickers, they are more likely to be around for a while.

How to get free stickers from companies?

Have you considered asking for free stickers from establishments that you frequently visit?

Say, for instance, restaurants. Especially the family-friendly ones, they usually have a couple of free stickers to give away to kids.

Or perhaps if you buy shoes. Once in a while, you can get free stickers from Nike, Adidas, and other popular brands.

Not fond of eating out frequently?

Don’t usually buy shoes or other clothing items that often?

You can request free stickers online.

And companies will gladly send those free stickers by mail.

What companies will send you free stickers?

Do you want to get your hands on those free stickers?

Would you like to know how to get free brand name stickers?

Here are some of the companies that will send them to you for free.

1. Annie’s

Are you a fan of organic food?

If you like to eat organic, check out Annie’s. It’s one of the top companies that specialize in producing organic food, which are quite delicious.

Annie’s best sellers include its mac and cheese and its so-called Cheddar Bunnies.

If you’re looking for a more natural and healthier alternative to common food items, you’ll enjoy Annie’s meals.

You can request stickers from Annie’s by sending them a letter addressed to their Berkeley, CA, location.

2. Morning Brew

Do you enjoy fun and wit in your morning news?

Grab your daily dose of financial articles and updates with light-hearted pleasure from the Morning Brew.

It’s a daily email service that makes financial news quick, easy, and fun to read.

Morning Brew gives away free promotional stickers when you refer your friends.

What’s more, you also get to win other freebies like a coffee mug, T-shirt, sweater, phone wallet, and more.

3. PETA Kids

Did you know the non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare gives out free promotional stickers?

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gives out these freebies through its sub-organization PETA Kids.

This children’s group focuses on dissemination information for the protection of animals.

To reach out to their audience in a kid-friendly way, PETA Kids sends free magazines in addition to the complimentary stickers.

The magazine, called “The Kid’s Guide to Helping Animals,” contains informative articles on how kids can protect animal life while promoting the advocacy on buying cruelty-free food products.

“The Kid’s Guide to Helping Animals” also contains quizzes and puzzles, which the kids will truly enjoy.

To learn more about the children’s organization and its free promotional magazine and stickers, visit PETA Kids’ website.

4. American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO)

Do you enjoy fishing?

You might want to check out this amazing clothing company that offers great fishing wear.

Get your shirts, shorts, and fleece jackets from the American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO).

And if you want its complimentary stickers, you can request from AFTCO by simply filling out its online form. By completing this form, the company will also add you to its email list. But you can unsubscribe at any time.

5. Alzheimer’s Association

Do you want to share your support for people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease?

This brain disorder is progressive and irreversible. It slowly destroys a person’s thinking skills and memory.

You can help raise awareness about the disease but getting one of its free promotional stickers and posting it inconspicuous places. Or you can stick on your personal items like your laptop.

One of its stickers says “End of Alzheimer’s Starts with Me.”


Looking for high-quality sports apparel?

Check out RVCA.

This amazing shop sells a wide range of casual clothing while focusing on sports and activewear.

If you’re into cool clothing, you’ll love RVCA.

You can also request the brand’s cute free stickers by going to RVCA’s website.

7. Billabong

Want to score free stickers from brands similar to RVCA?

Here’s another great prospect for you.

Billabong is one of the top brands when it comes to surfwear. This Australian company offers cute free stickers to U.S. residents.

Grab your surf-loving stickers by going to Billabong’s website.

8. Chicago White Sox

Wondering where to get free stickers of popular sports teams?

If you love baseball and your favorite team is the Chicago White Sox, then you’re in luck.

You can snag a piece of the team’s swag with its cool stickers.

Get them for free by sending the Chicago White Sox an email at

9. American Express

Do you run a business that accepts American Express credit cards?

Let your customers know.

If you need decals that you can post on your door or windows, get them from the company’s website.

There’s a wide selection of free signages available for you. Sign up today.

10. In-N-Out Burger

Since 1948, this iconic fast-food chain takes pride in providing delicious burgers, fries, and more the old-fashioned way.

No wonder it’s one of the all-time favorites of most people.

Did you know In-N-Out Burger gives away free promotional stickers?

You can ask directly from their staff on your next visit to any of their restaurant locations.

In-N-Out Burger also sells sticker packages through the company’s online catalog. You can visit its website to learn more.

11. Harley-Davidson

Are you crazy about Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

For enthusiasts, this brand is the pinnacle of motorcycle engineering.

You can snag a piece of its swag with a Harley-Davidson holiday sticker. Simply fill out the form on its website. Allow three to four weeks for the free promotional stickers to arrive by mail.

12. Autism Moms Know Safety

I have always been an advocate for noble causes. Whether it’s for awareness of a disease or to promote a movement.

One of the non-profit organizations I look forward to helping is Autism Moms Know Safety.

I sympathize with moms who have kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). More so for those with ASD children who tend to wander yet unable to recognize potential danger.

If you want to help raise awareness about the disease and support moms of kids with ASD, you can help spread the message through stickers.

Autism Moms Know Safety gives out free promotional stickers. What’s more, the organization also sends out free safety kits, which contain over 20 items.

13. Cotopaxi

Looking for activewear for the outdoors?

Check out Cotopaxi. This brand features T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jackets, and more. It also has outdoor gear items like laptop cases and backpacks.

Do you want free outdoor stickers?

Go to Cotopaxi’s website and send a free sticker request. Y

You’ll get a sticker with its logo, which is an image of a llama.

14. Heely’s

Would you like to bring back the roller-skating trend of the early 2000s?

It never went away; it’s just waiting for the right time to blast back into the scene.

One of the top manufacturers of roller shoes and accessories is Heely’s.

Grab your skating-theme promotional stickers by sending a request. Follow this link to fill out the contact form for your freebies.

These free roller shoe stickers will go well with your free skateboard stickers.

15. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Are you fascinated with birds?

If you’re a big fan, you’ll love the cute free stickers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

You can request a free sticker that says “I [heart] birds.

To sign up for the free decals, follow this link for the online form.

16. Oklahoma City Thunder

Are you a fan of basketball?

If you happen to love the Oklahoma City Thunder, then you’ll love the free promotional stickers that are up for grabs.

Snag these freebies by sending the team an email at And who knows, you might even score other cool stuff.

17. Element Skateboards

Are you looking to score some free skateboard stickers?

You’ll love what Element Skateboards has to offer.

To request a free sticker, follow this link to fill out its online form.

Allow up to six weeks for the free decals to arrive.

18. Rip Curl

Looking for cool surfwear and sports apparel?

Rip Curl is a great brand that sells casual everyday wear while specializing in surf and snow apparel.

Before, Rip Curl would send free decals when you send the company a request a free sticker. Now, it no longer responds to the sticker request.

But with every purchase, Rip Curl includes a free sticker pack.

So if you want to score these cool decals, you can when you buy from this brand.

19. Sperry

Since 1935, Sperry built a legacy of excellence and effortless style in all its products.

From boat shoes to loafers, Sperry produces timeless footwear that transcends boundaries and time.

With quality, comfort, and reliability in mind, Sperry remains one of the top heritage brands.

Would you like to get a free sticker pack from Sperry?

Visit Sperry’s website to score these cool decals.

20. Salomon

Here’s another awesome brand that produces ski and snowboard equipment.

Salomon is one of the biggest brands when it comes to sports apparel.

Want to grab your free Salomon decals?

Reach out to the brand by sending an email to its customer support at

21. Merrell

Looking for high-quality footwear for running, hiking, and everyday wear?

Merrell delivers awesome styles to suit your active lifestyle.

Want to snag these cool Merrell stickers?

Visit the brand’s website.

22. Oakley

Have a go at these cool shades and apparel.

Check out Oakley for the latest in awesome everyday wear.

If you want to score cool Oakley stickers, visit the brand’s website for details.

23. Pepsi

One of the biggest and most recognizable companies in the world is Pepsi.

Want to score free stickers from the brand?

A lot of people have had luck when they requested for free promotional stickers. Visit Pepsi’s website for details.

24. Under Armour

Did you know you can get free Under Armour stickers when you send them a request?

Check out the brand’s website.

25. VANS

Do you love this shoe brand?

Want to snag its cool decals?

Check out VANS website to learn more.

26. Adidas

I mentioned this shoe brand earlier.

You can get free stickers from Adidas if you send a sticker request from the company’s customer service.

In most cases, they will reply to get your mailing address and other contact information.

Have you found any other companies that send score free stickers?

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