Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes: Is It Legit?
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Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes: Is It Legit?

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Wondering if a “work from home stuffing envelopes” job is legit?

I glanced upon an ad, which mentioned about stuffing envelopes at home.

“Now that’s peculiar,” I said to myself.

I usually know better than to pay attention to these types of advertisements. But for some reason, this got me curious.

I had to know what this job entails or how much it pays.

Is it a scam? And if it is, how does this scam work?

The curiosity just got the best of me. I was hooked. I had to find out and dig up the dirt.

The ad mentioned some kind of “kit” that interested individuals can use to do this type of work from home stuffing envelopes.

“This must be a scam,” I said again. But how does it work? I wanted to go deeper and find out more.

Before I proceeded with the ad, I made assumptions in my mind.

There was a mention of a “kit” that one can use to perform the work. So this is probably where the scam lies. You’d have to buy this “kit” and the scammer earns his keep. Then that’s the last thing you’ll hear from the latter.

But that’s not how it actually plays out.

So how does work from home stuffing envelopes work?

I did my homework on this.

I did a little bit of research and googled how the entire thing works.

Have you seen ads that say “Make $100 a day by placing ads”?

Well, that’s how the whole “work from home stuffing envelopes” operate.

Here’s the process.

You sign up with a particular company, working from home stuffing envelopes. It asks to pay the start-up fee,

Then you receive a flyer in my mail, which you are supposed to copy and mail to different people.

Wondering what this flyer contained?

It’s telling people how they can work from home stuffing envelopes and earn some sort of compensation in return.

So how much is the promised compensation?

For a start-up fee of $30, you will get a small commission for every person that also signs up for the stuff envelopes jobs.

This kind of job relies on scamming people to fall for the ruse in the hopes of earning easy money.

So you’re not really paid to work from home stuffing envelopes.

Rather, you are “hired” to trick more people into signing up for this type of work and pay the start-up fee.

There are no envelopes to stuff. Quite frankly, there’s no product to sell. And it’s obvious by now that there is no legitimate business to promote.

It’s clear that my role was to scam other people into signing up for this stuff envelopes scam.

The more people I bring in, the more money this company earns.

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

In today’s world, you have to be smart about things.

If working from home stuffing envelopes is really legit, wouldn’t everyone do it?

Think about this for a minute. Everyone would be happy to do the work at a promised pay rate of hundreds of dollars a day.

So why isn’t this line of work a craze?

But at the rate, companies would quickly run out of money. Imagine a hundred people at a rate of $100 or more each day. These companies are just bleeding money for something that a machine can do.

With the right technology, machines can perform stuff envelopes jobs at a much faster pace and with better efficiency. What’s best, companies will enjoy big savings because they won’t have to pay several people to do the work.

Did you know there’s a paper folder machine that can do that job really, really fast?

It can fold over 9,000 pieces of paper, not in a day but in an HOUR. Multiply that by eight hours and you get more than 72,000 pieces of paper on a given workday.

Now, why would a company pay several people that will potentially cost several thousands of dollars a day when a machine can do the work faster and more efficiently?

Nobody is crazy enough to pay people to perform work that a machine can do much better.

Did you know there are even government warnings about this type of scam?

If you want to make money online, forget this “work from home stuffing envelopes” thing.

You are being duped, and at the same time, you are duping other people. It’s a vicious cycle that must end, and it starts with you.

Is work from home stuffing envelopes legit?

No skills required, no degree necessary, no specialized knowledge needed, and no hard work expected?

Sounds like a scam to me.

Forget the easy way out. It doesn’t work, or if it does, it’s most likely illegal, and you’re unjustly enriching yourself at the expense of others.

There are a lot of ways to earn your keep a decent and honest way. If you’re just willing to learn and work hard for it.

Find honest and lawful work.

Here are legit alternatives to work from home stuffing envelopes.

Good news! There are plenty of job opportunities for you to try instead of stuffing envelopes at home.

Most of these jobs have been performed in a traditional 9-to-5 office setting; only this time, you can perform the work at home in a virtual capacity.

For instance, you can work as an accountant online, performing bookkeeping functions, preparing tax returns, and other related tasks.

A ton of these conventional office jobs has already been adapted for online work from home.

If you’re interested in these jobs, here are some of them I highly recommended instead of the “work from home stuffing envelopes” scam.

Check out these work at home jobs.

You can sell items online.

Are you deal-savvy?

You’ll probably do well with online selling.

The go-to websites in the past were Craigslist and eBay. But those were the days until Amazon and Etsy swooped into the arena.

Try these ideas instead:

Of course, there are several more online selling platforms that you can go to.

Today, there are many websites that cater to different niches. For instance, Etsy features handmade items like crocheted scarves and hand-sewn items. You can also sell drawings and calligraphy on this site.

Or you can do affiliate marketing.

Can you write product reviews very well?

With affiliate marketing, you earn commissions when sales are generated through your product reviews or referrals.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to maintain an inventory of your own goods. Simply set up a blog and create content that aims to promote products.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t involve answering phones, replying to emails, or meeting deadlines. It’s easy to do and very convenient especially for moms like us who have other things to do.

This means you’ll have more time attending to other stuff.

Do you have a background in accounting?

If you’re comfortable with the idea of handling numbers or finances on a daily basis, then online bookkeeping and accounting might be for you.

Your tasks will include preparing financial statements and reports and organizing the company’s accounts.

You can choose to be a freelance bookkeeper or accountant or be hired directly by the company.

Did you know you can earn between $16 and $80 an hour as a bookkeeper?

What’s great about this is you’re working from home.

Learn how to be a bookkeeper here.

Have you considered doing social media?

Many companies have now realized the powerful influence of social media in day-to-day commerce. Which is why they have integrated several of these platforms as part of their business machinery.

If you love to be on social media and very good at it, why not make a living doing this type of work?

As a social media manager, your job basically entails handling the company’s accounts.

You start by creating posts and replying to messages and comments.

Wondering how much you can earn doing social media work?

Around $1,000 to $10,000 a month.

If you’re interested in this line of online work, familiarize yourself with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These five social media websites are the top and widely used platforms today.

Working as a social media manager is great since you can take on as many clients as your schedule permits.

Are you passionate about writing?

Then this could right in your alley.

Freelance writing is a great option for you. It’s perfect for busy moms because you get the flexibility, allowing you to work around your schedule.

There are plenty of work opportunities for freelance writers. If not online magazines, newsletters, and media publications, a lot of businesses need writers to produce content for their websites and social media platforms.

Or you could start your own blog. As a blogger, you can work your own hours and days. Or if you feel like it.

When I first started out as a blogger, I would start my “day” at 10 in the evening because that’s when everyone in the house was asleep.

As I grew my blog, I transformed blogging into a full-time job that I made more money from it; more than my regular day job.

Whether you’re a freelance writer or a blogger, you really don’t need to be a professional writer. However, what you need is persistence and passion to write. It also helps if you want to gather more knowledge and share it with your audience.

Wondering how much does a freelance writer earn?

Some of the most successful freelance writers make up to $200,000 per year.

As for blogging, I know some mom bloggers who earn up to $50,000 in a MONTH.

Would you be interested in working as a virtual assistant?

If you’re not familiar with the term, a virtual assistant is similar to an assistant in a typical office setting. Only this time, you can perform the tasks from the comforts of your home.

So what are these tasks?

A virtual assistant helps in replying the emails, managing social media, scheduling meetings, and attending to customer service.

Any work that a typical assistant does in a traditional 9-to-5 office environment pertains to that of a virtual assistant.

I once worked as a virtual assistant; it was one of my first online jobs. My client was a local company. I handled their social media accounts and customer service.

Wondering how much can you make as a virtual assistant?

A lot of virtual assistants start at $15 an hour. But if you have the experience and expertise, specializing in particular fields, then you can earn up to $50.

You might want to consider digital marketing.

In line with writing and social media work is digital marketing. This is one of the best positions that stay-at-home moms can do.

Digital marketing encompasses SEO and content strategies, social media, and online advertising.

If you are proficient in marketing and promoting brands, you may want to add this skillset into your CV.

The Bottomline: There are plenty of work at home options aside from the scams.

As a mom, we want to be able to provide for our families. Whether as a full-time job or just a side hustle, there are a lot of online jobs that we can take on.

Legitimate online jobs, not the dodgy scams like work from home stuffing envelopes require you to pay a start-up fee and dupe others into signing up.

As I’ve mentioned, f it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably illicit or a scam.

No prudent or sensible businessman would pay people working from home stuffing envelopes the promised rate of $100 a day.

There’s a paper folder machine that can do the job faster and more efficiently. And it’s quite cheaper too compared to getting a hundred people to do the job.

Don’t be victimized by these scams. And don’t let yourself be used as a tool to carry out these scams.

Be smart. The next time you see someone offering work from home stuffing envelopes, you’re all the wiser.

Other work from home options: 

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